Wednesday May 20, 2020


I wanted to know, if I am training a three-year-old filly to respond to my hands, can I use the Dually halter and the driving lines or long lines with a saddle instead of a surcingle?



Dear Tasha:

There is no problem using a saddle. Watch my videos so you can fix the stirrups under the horse so that they can be used as guides for the long lines.

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From Ryan S., The Movement 2020

"Bucket List" event
I have seen Monty twice, and in my opinion this event should be on your bucket list. Every few centuries a revolutionary comes along who changes the way we see, think and the way we act. Monty is one of those people.

From Dave H., Verified Buyer

Dually Halter works like magic
We were having trouble with our 14-year old gelding, he was not wanting to load on the trailer when his buddy wasn’t going along... Watching Monty’s very helpful trailer loading videos on Monty’s Online University convinced me to purchase a Dually Halter for a remedial horse... After a few sessions of new learning (for me and the horse) the trailer was no longer an issue for our horse... Thank you Monty!


Test yourself each week as I challenge you to answer the question below. I mean this. Sit down and write an answer. Don't wait for my answer next week. If you have been reading my Weekly Questions and Answers for the last six months, you should be in a position to do this. Send your answer to my team at:  
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~ Monty 

I know this will not be responded to or only the auto-response that you always send. That’s OK - I don’t need a response, but I hope Monty might see this or be told about it - though on the other hand, he’ll probably get lots of messages like mine. I hope so.

I’m a psychotherapist and have worked with trauma for 25 years - often due to family violence of one kind or another - and I’m filled with respect for you, Mr. Roberts. You allowed the Sister to influence you when you were young, and developed a way of knowing who to trust, especially Mrs. Roberts and the Queen. You have lived, I’m sure imperfectly because none of us is perfect, an exemplary life. I’m so grateful for your work with horses and humans, and feel quite sure that represents your attitude to all living creatures.

Your life is a blessing to all of us.


Ron Ralls was inducted into the NRCHA Hall of Fame and is close to achieving $1 million in career earnings. Old friends, Monty and Ron catch up about being home, training and loving every minute of it. Monty also chats with Chris Cox who has been conducting clinics and demonstrations for over 18 years, been a successful trainer and travels worldwide spreading his message, hoping horsemen will come to understand and appreciate the horses in their lives.