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Voting while social distancing
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Absentee voting has been extended to April 28. Your ballot form must be postmarked by April 27.
If you have not voted: You must request a ballot FIRST by doing one of the following:
desk with printer
  1. Fill out the following absentee ballot request form. Download form here.
  2. Print the PDF, sign, put the completed form in an envelope dropped off to the location.

One Government Center
Suite 300
Toledo, OH 43604

Mailbox at house
Voters who can’t print their own form may also simply write the following information on a blank sheet of paper and drop off at the location below.

One Government Center
Suite 300
Toledo, OH 43604

Click here to download information needed on sheet.
Cell phone
Call the Board of Elections (419) 213-4001 to request a ballot. The ballot will then be mailed to you.
In-person voting will only be available for individuals with disabilities and
those who do not have a home mailing address.

April 28, 2020
6:30 a.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Early Voting Center
1301 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH 43604
Accessibility: In Person Voting, April 28
  • All machines at the Early Voting Center are accessible
  • No need to call in advance
  • If you have mobility issues, a person can walk into the Early Voting Center and inform the poll workers someone needs assistance and a bipartisan team will come out to the vehicle and deliver your ballot.
  • You may bring a voting assistant with you - they cannot be
  • Your employer
  • An agent of your employer
  • An agent of your union
  • Any candidate whose name appears on the ballot in your precinct.
  • Question: Where do I drop off my request for ballot and completed ballot?
  • Answer: Both the request for ballot and completed ballot can be dropped off at the location below:

Lucas County Board of Elections
One Government Center
Suite 300, Toledo, Ohio 43604

Shown below is the box the election material goes in.
  • Question: Do I have to pay for postage?
  • Answer: The postage is already paid for this primary election if you chose to mail your ballot.
  • Question: What if I requested a ballot but decided to vote in person on April 28 because I am person with a disability?
  • Answer: Let the Board of Elections know you have requested a ballot and you will need to complete a provisional ballot.
  • Question: What if the Board of Elections doesn't receive my ballot by April 28?
  • Answer: The Board of Elections will accept ballots until May 8 from the mail.
  • Question: What if I don't live in Lucas County?
  • Answer: Provided here is the directory of all Board of Elections in Ohio
  • Question: Can I get a printed ballot request form from another organization?

  • Answer: Yes - all northwest Ohio Kroger locations should have paper ballot requests. Download list here of local faith communities that have paper ballot requests.

One Government Center
Suite 300
Toledo, OH 43604

Phone: (419) 213-4001
Fax: (419) 213-4069

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Visit this site if you are looking for:
  • FAQ
  • Info about requesting a ballot
  • Ask a question to the state
  • Check your registration
  • Track you ballot
  • Voters with disabilities information
  • Share the "I Voted" sticker virtually
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