August 9, 2023 | Issue 78

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Mindfulness Activities

Daily Meditation & Contemplative Practice Offerings: Breathing breaks, reflection journaling, monthly morning practice, midweek mantras, mindful drawing, and meditation. This is a virtual offering from Pratt Institute and is free & open to all.

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It's been called 'the greatest museum of prehistoric art' - but few tourist know it exists

Tassili n'Ajjer National Park in Algeria is home to some of the most spectacular rock art in the world, dating back over 10,000 years. The park is a vast sandstone plateau, with over 15,000 drawings and engravings depicting animals, humans, and abstract symbols. The art provides a fascinating glimpse into the lives of ancient peoples who lived in the Sahara before it became a desert.

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Video: Being Comfortable Saying No

Artist Keren Lowell shares a positive experience turning down an opportunity because it didn’t offer fair compensation.

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Applying for Grants: Choosing Work Samples

Want to know how to choose the best work samples for your grant application? This article from Creative Capital provides essential tips on how to select work that will showcase your talent and creativity, and help you get funding for your next project. It also includes advice from grant experts on how to make the most of your application materials. If you're applying for grants, this article is a must-read!

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Article: Mastering the Art of the Request

In this article from Harvard Business Review, Matthew Babrick shares strategies for issuing requests that elicit concrete, actionable responses. Babrick argues that the art of the request is an essential skill for leaders, and he provides a number of practical tips for making requests that are clear, concise, and persuasive. This article is great if you're looking to improve your communication skills and get more done.

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American's For the Arts Job Board

The Americans for the Arts job board is a great resource for those looking for jobs in the art sector around the Untied States and Canada. There are currently over 700 job postings on the database at this time.

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Call for Application: Nest Heritage Craft Prize

The Nest Heritage Craft Prize is unique for its recognition of skill and technique, and celebration of cultural value. The Prize winner will demonstrate technical mastery, as well as a thoughtful connection to cultural tradition through a one-of-a-kind handcrafted piece. Artists living and producing work in Texas are eligible to apply. Acceptable crafts include pottery, enamelwork, quilting, woodworking, leathersmithing (boots, belts), basketry, lampworking and glassblowing, silverwork, embroidery, textile creations, and visual arts.

Deadline: August 21, 2023

Grant Amount: $25,000 (also $2,000 to 4 semi-finalists)

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Call for Applications: Studio Residency + Knight Artist Housing Stipend

The year-long Oolite Arts’ Studio Residency Program provides artists with the time, space and resources to reach new levels of excellence. Oolite Arts Studio Residents receive free studio space at the organization’s headquarters on Miami Beach, access to digital media equipment, exhibitions and financial support, in addition to critical connections with arts leaders, exhibition opportunities and financial resources that can lead to career-changing opportunities, and a community where artists can learn from each other and experiment with new work. Artists from any state are eligible to apply, but there will be no housing offered. Yearly stipend is only available for artists living in the Miami-Dade county.

Application Deadline: August 16, 2023

Program Offerings: Studio space with 24 hour access on Miami beach, $12,000 if you are a resident of Miami-Dade county

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Call for Submissions: The Laundromat Project - Create Change Fellowship

The six-month-long Create Change Fellowship program is for artists and cultural producers who are interested in developing and deepening a collaborative, community-based, and socially-engaged creative practice. The Fellowship is philosophically grounded in peer-learning around art making, power analysis, and community building. Eligible candidates must live in one of the 5 boroughs of New York City.

Application Deadline: August 19, 2023

Honorarium: $1,000

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