The 2021 Haven House youth group truly stretched their wings this Summer and explored the world around them - creating memories they will never forget!


The summer kicked off with a "Screen-Free" No Technology Weekend! Our kids experienced nature distraction free and enjoyed sleeping under the stars, telling campfire tales, singing camp songs, swimming & cooking over an open fire using cast iron just like the Pioneers did when exploring our area!


Throughout the Summer, there were trips to local museums such as Pioneer Town, Fort Uncompaghre & Museum of the Mountain West where the kids fully immersed themselves in life before technology! They experienced hands-on education such as blacksmithing, axe throwing & flint and steel fire making.

Visiting Ancient Worlds


Delving into our ancient world was a favorite activity for the group with a trip to the Dinosaur Journey Museum where the kids came face to face with authentic dinosaur fossils and studied the local land and its inhabitants millions of years ago!


Ridgway Railroad Museum


Pirate Ship at Moon Farm


Delta Historical Society Museum

50 Mile Summer Challenge!


Part of the fun we had this summer was hiking an AMAZING 55 miles, going from the Uncompahgre Plateau, to the Grand Mesa, from Grand Junction to Ridgway, and everywhere in between. 


Each hike offered team building and educational opportunities while having a ton of fun doing it, with dancing and high fives at the completion of every hike to celebrate!

A Love for Reading & Our Community!


Once a week our kids learned the importance of giving back by volunteering at Sharing Ministries. They put their backs into it with gardening and also helped pack up food boxes for the needy in our community!


In addition to Sharing Ministries on these days, we were welcomed at the library to check out books about our theme for the week (bonus points towards a pizza party if they found a book specific to where we were going that week!) and get some quality reading time in.

Experiments in Science & In Fun!


Eureka! Science Museum was also part of our excursions, where the kids found out about the laws of physics by designing their own rollercoaster model and completing a challenge of keeping their ball on track and finishing a loop-de-loop. We investigated hands on in Eureka! to discover the way water flows and tried our best to execute a simulated moon landing in a moon rover!


We closed out the summer with a Summer Fun Field Day where we got to play on the bounce houses, slide down the slip-n-slide and enjoy a delicious spaghetti lunch. We ended the day with an Ice Cream Social provided by Mary and Anne of the Ouray Giving Girls. We truly pushed our own boundaries and made it a summer to remember!

These are just a few highlights of the fun & learning that took place with our Summer Youth Group. Many of our children have gotten to experience things they never would have without the generous sponsors who made it all possible. Our Youth Program continues throughout the year and we invite you to join with us in offering all of our children more precious moments through giving. To learn more about our Youth Program and to make a tax deductible donation, please click on the button below.

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