Haverford Business Developments
October 2018
Vibrant Communities Assessment
Come to our Annual Meeting this Tuesday night to hear from Jeff Siegler of Downtown ReDevelopment Services. Jeff is Partner and Principal Planner at the Pittsburgh firm, and he will be visiting Haverford to complete a two-day Vibrant Communities Assessment. 

Come hear what suggestions he has for our community!
Results of our Consumer Survey: What do Residents Want?
As HPED and Haverford Township make plans to enhance our town and foster economic growth, we seek input from both residents and businesses in the community. The Consumer Survey conducted by HPED this summer, gave residents an opportunity to voice their priorities, needs, and their hopes for the Township. Over 400 residents completed the survey between 7/15 - 9/15. The complete tables of scores can be seen using the link at the bottom of this article.

Respondents were asked to rate the importance of several issues that relate to revitalization and quality of life. Based on the survey, the top concerns of residents are Traffic Congestion, Streetscaping (sidewalks, lighting, benches, trash cans, etc.), and Variety of Businesses. The next most important issues were Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety and Greening (Planters, Gardens & Trees).

Many residents commented on specific areas of the Township that they thought needed beautifying or expressed a desire for the Township to exert greater control over unattractive facades, sidewalks, and signage.

When asked which older business districts we should focus on first, Eagle Road came out as the front runner, followed by Oakmont Village and Oakmont South. Issues mentioned regarding Eagle Road were traffic, a lack of planning, the need for trees, and pedestrian safety.

One resident expressed many of these sentiments "Businesses along Eagle Road need some to follow some sort of code. There is way too much random-ness to the building designs permitted, the parking situations, the business facades (set forward and backward like crazy), and the cheap signage allowed. The general aesthetic is disjointed and messy, particularly between Darby and Lawrence Roads. Mature trees planted along Eagle might improve the sight line and provide cohesion."

Many residents expressed appreciation for the improvements in the look of the Township over the past several years. One noted "I do think in general the Township is making a good effort to spruce up landscaping, median strips, sidewalks. I have noticed a big improvement." Another commented "I have noticed some beautiful "greening projects" on Darby Road. They are stunning! I think they add so much to the beauty of our township and the quality of life of our neighborhoods. To me, it says the Township cares!"

When asked what businesses and stores that they want to attract to the Township, 58% asked for an upscale or artisan grocery store like Trader Joes, and 52% would like a movie theater. Other notable requests were a bookstore (33%), clothing store (30%), concert venue (27%), organic/health food grocery store such as MOM's (27%), and a seafood market (26%).

Respondents were also asked about new restaurants that they would like to attract, and 38% asked for a Mexican restaurant. Other frequent requests were a family restaurant (32%), fine dining (31%), seafood restaurant (24%), coffee shop (24%), and microbrewery (23%). One resident pointed out " I would like to see a continued variety of restaurant and brew pubs which has proven to be much of the reason for the success of other downtown concepts like we see in Ardmore and Media Borough."

One person noted "Keep doing what you are doing and the businesses will come!"

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey! To see the complete list of scores, click the link below:
Participate in the HPED Business Survey!
Are you a business owner in Haverford Township? HPED is conducting a survey for business owners about business needs and preferences to guide us as we work to support our business community. Please forward this link to other business owners!

HPED Welcomes House Cup Coffee
Welcome to House Cup Coffee Roasters and owner Brian Niles to 95 S. Eagle Road, next to the Manoa Fire House! 

A bit of a “renaissance man,” the former musician and music teacher also has experience as a college administrator and a marketing consultant. Most recently he used his Master's Degree from Penn to found TargetX, developing software to assist colleges with enrollment management. Over the past 17 years, his company grew to 100 employees and two locations, and Brian came to a crossroads in his career, eager to try something very different.   
“I’ve been a fan of coffee since I was very little, sitting on my mom’s lap and sneaking a sip of her black coffee when she wasn’t looking,“ explains Brian with a grin. Once he made the decision to embrace his passion of coffee, he spent a year studying the art and science of coffee roasting and researching the business model of a café. He was trained and certified as a roastmaster at the Vermont School of Coffee.

House Cup Coffee Roasters was launched formally in 2017.  “It was a very important year in my life -- a year when I sent my daughter, Sarah, off to college -- and when my wife and I welcomed our son Xavier, into this world. I feel blessed to work in Havertown, where I can be close to my family, plus have the opportunity to invest in and give back to my own community.”
Brian has decided to focus on the craft of roasting rather than open a café at this time. Several varieties of House Cup Coffee is sold online, by the bag or through their subscription service. Customers in Haverford Township can get free delivery to their door.  

He also supplies numerous restaurants with coffee, including McGillicuddy’s and Brick & Brew, and Brian is working on a Firehouse Blend for the Manoa Fire Company. “Working with local restaurants is a win-win proposition. They get the freshest locally-roasted coffee available and can work with me to create a unique coffee blend to suit their palate. Now that word has begun to spread about our coffee, we’ve been adding a wholesale client every week.”
Never one to be idle, Brian has begun creating cold brews, nitro brews, and whiskey and bourbon barrel-aged coffee. He will also be launching a line of compostable K-cups this fall.

To give their coffee a try, stop in during one of their Coffee Labs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00-10:00 am for a free cup to sample, or visit their website at www.housecupcoffee.com
HPED Launches Art in Windows Project
Deena S. Ball is a landscape painter known for her innovative use of watercolor in combination with a textured ground and specialized surfaces. She received her BA in Art history and Studio Art from Colby College in Waterville, Maine and continued her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and Tyler School of Art. Deena maintains an active career as a teaching artist both for adults and children. She teaches at her studio, Wayne Art Center and Community Arts Center in addition to numerous workshops for various arts organizations throughout the Northeast. For more information regarding current exhibitions, upcoming shows, teaching engagements, and commissions, please visit www.deenasball.com 
The Haverford Partnership for Economic Development (HPED) has launched a new program initiative to enhance the attractiveness of storefronts in the community’s business districts – Art in Windows.  This new service connects owners of underutilized storefront windows with local artists to fill display spaces with attractive works of art.

The first completed project is now on display at Camp Twin Creeks, 16 E. Eagle Road in the Oakmont Village business district in Havertown. The featured artist is locally-based, nationally-renowned water color painter Deena Ball. Deena’s love of nature, science and art comes together when she paints outside. She is a student of nature who is constantly amazed at the natural world. She paints to help others see, respect, and conserve the beauty in our natural world.

Camp Twin Creeks is a two-week summer camp for children aged 7-16 years located in West Virginia with a home office at 16 E. Eagle Road in Havertown. According to Director, Iain McClements, “Campers enjoy a wide range of classic outdoor activities in a stunning, natural environment and return home having gained independence, new friends and a renewed social ability after spending all this time away from screens and electronics.” 

Regarding the new Art in Windows project Iain added, “Being a productive member of the local business community is important to us and being invited to host a local artist in our store window is a great opportunity to further that mission. Displaying Deena's work is a great way for us to support her and also the Oakmont business district.”

The Art in Windows initiative is coordinated by Don Kelly and Rudy Miller of HPED’s Window & Facades Committee. Store owners interested in availing themselves of this service or artists wishing to participate should contact Don Kelly at donaldkelly@aol.com.
Library Business District Update
The streetscape project on Darby Road near the Library is nearly complete! The project addresses storm water management issues, pedestrian and traffic safety, business district beautification and lighting. The raised planting beds will be planted with trees, shrubs and perennials, and will collect storm water and divert it to underground basins.
Community Camera Partnership Program
In an effort to proactively address crime and also keep residents safe in Delaware County, District Attorney Katayoun Copeland launched a countywide community camera partnership program for homeowners and businesses to register their camera systems.

Through the District Attorney’s Criminal Investigation Division, the program, known as DA DelCAM, will provide a valuable tool in the fight against crime countywide. It will also serve as a proactive measure to ensure the safety of vulnerable residents and locate missing persons, such as children and older residents.

“For law enforcement, video surveillance is one of the best forms of evidence, and it is also a helpful tool in locating and protecting some of our most vulnerable residents, such as a child who may have wandered off or run away from home, someone suffering from drug addiction or mental illness, or an older resident who may be suffering from dementia who strays from their residence,” said Copeland.

Through this program, law enforcement will have the capability to know where cameras are located throughout the county and access footage quickly and solve crimes faster while also empowering the public to help law enforcement fight crime in their own community. Those who register their camera system will receive a letter from the District Attorney and DA DelCAM emblem to post to show they are participants.

“Sharing video surveillance systems with law enforcement is a great example of community-law enforcement partnerships and we believe this is a step forward as we investigate crimes in our community and work towards reducing gun violence,” said District Attorney Copeland.

Delaware County residents and businesses are encouraged to register their surveillance cameras online through the District Attorney’s secure website. Participation in the program is strictly voluntary, and all information will be kept in a secure database that will only be accessed by verified members of law enforcement.

For more information, and to securely electronically register a camera system, businesses and residents can visit the District Attorney’s website at www.DADelCAM.com
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What is HPED?
HPED has been working on behalf of our business districts since its inception in 2010. From business district beautification projects to business networking events, from public information sessions on new development to presentations to the Board of Commissioners to request project funding, our goals have been the same - to foster the development, breadth and growth of our business districts while maintaining and enhancing the inherent charm of our community.  

For more information about HPED, visit our website at www.hped.org.