If it has been six to eight weeks since your early spring fertilizer application, then it’s the perfect time for Green-Up Weed & Feed, a precise combination of lawn food AND broadleaf weed control.  Green-Up Weed & Feed controls OVER 250 broadleaf weeds, while the National Brand only controls about 70. Apply Green-Up Weed & Feed when the air temperature is 85° or lower and the humidity is low. Additionally, remember to apply it to a damp lawn so that the herbicide sticks to the leaves of the weed. Avoid rainfall and irrigation for 48 hours after treatment.  Raining or watering before this time will wash the herbicide off the leaves and render the herbicide less effective.  For similar reasons, stay off the lawn for the same time period.  You may water – and resume normal traffic - after the 48-hour time period is over.