Having Trouble Sourcing Onion?
Domestic onion yields are down to many factors including widespread drought conditions, wildfires, and ongoing challenges associated with water access and distribution. This has caused sourcing issues for many of our customers who use onion in their products.

If you are in need of a reliable onion supplier, look no further than Dongsheng Foods USA. They have maintained their promise of year-round availablity with the ability to contract according to volume and pricing; to ensure you get the correct amount of product needed, when you need it. They are dedicated to customer service, item consistency, and assured availability by offering the following:

  • Regional warehousing with multiple locations across North America
  • Timely pallet deliveries with container delivery as an option
  • Regular market and crop updates

Their dehydrated onion, and garlic, products are available in either conventional or organic options and can be powdered, granulated, minced, chopped, etc. Dongsheng Foods USA, goes to great lengths to ensure their rigorously tested, air-dried onion, is not only completely safe, but fully representative of the natural color, aroma and pungency for which onion is famous. All of their products are made with the highest attention to detail and quality, and their vertically integrated, farm-to-table approach ensures an uninterrupted chain of custody. You can trust Dongsheng Foods USA's 60 years of industry experience.

If you are in need of a reliable onion supplier, give us a call today to discuss your needs and order product samples!
Dongsheng Foods USA Products
Dehydrated garlic comes in many cuts, including powder, granulated, minced, chopped, and roasted. Also available frozen and organic.
Need onion? Dehydrated onion comes in all the same cuts as the garlic, as well as frozen or organic. Add some savory sweetness to your products.
Frozen & IQF Green Onion
Just like their other product, Dongsheng Food USA's IQF green onion is available in conventional and organic options.
About Dongsheng Foods USA
Dongsheng Foods USA brings over 60 years of industry experience to the table. A California corporation based in Sunnyvale, they have warehouses conveniently located throughout the U.S. (including the Dallas/Ft. Worth area) and maintain oversight of every aspect of their products, from the farm all the way to the consumer. Their plant been awarded a BRC “A” rating 9 consecutive years, and is Global GAP and HACCP compliant. Everything they offer is 100% Natural, Non-GMO, and Gluten-Free, using no preservatives or additives.
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