Dear Client,

Suddenly and unexpectedly a “pause button” has been forced in our lives and now we are all trying to figure out what this new normal means to each of us. It is different for everyone but one thing for sure, we are now mostly home alone, with a spouse, small children and even adult children and it’s 24/7. What if the pause isn’t so bad, what if we look at it as more space to do the things, we don’t normally have time to do? We can unclutter closets, clean out the garage maybe even paint a room and it can also be an opportunity to improve our listening skills.

During the years of practicing mindfulness, I’ve gotten better at listening to others, but this “pause” has created a great deal of space for me and I’m finding that I am listening more mindfully and more deeply to others. Even with social distancing we are still connected to family and friends either by phone or some form of video chat and still conversing.

I notice my listening has become deeper as I have the time to really hear what the person has to say to me. Listening is one of the greatest gifts we can give each other. These are the things that have made me a better listener:
First and foremost is listening from the heart. When I do this I notice,

  • It allows for silence and reflection. I notice the conversation slows down.
  • I become present to the other in such a way that they feel safe to speak what’s in their heart.
  • I listen with curiosity and wonder.
  • Sometimes it’s not necessary to speak or ask questions instead I’m just present with the other person.
  • As I listen from my heart, I then notice I can also speak from my heart making it a more deep and meaningful conversation.

As I listen from my heart, I feel and hear the other person better. I’m not in judgment, I’m not in a hurry and I feel more present with the person and paying attention to what they are saying.

We can make use of this “pause” in our lives by finding other ways to connect and maybe even reconnect with those we love. I hope you will give it a try. 

Stay safe & healthy,
Mattea e wo

 Massage Day, it is my favorite day of the week