Aloha Republicans:

While watching the local news on TV, listening to the radio, surfing social media, or reading the newspaper. have you noticed that our state and county Republican Party organizations are not mounting an opposition?  Not trying to win at all?  Not making the case to unseat Democrats?  Not setting the agenda for the campaign?  Not laying out a vision for a Hawaii led by Republicans?  Not selling voters on what we'd do differently if they trusted Republicans in 2016?  Not fighting Democrats by reinforcing the negative headlines and bad statistics which would obviously help make our case?

Well, HIRA just found out WHY.   And you deserve to know exactly why.  And it's another bombshell.

The shorter explanation is this :  Over the weekend, state and county party leaders officially announced that they have thrown in the towel on 2016 and that they hope to pull it together in time for the 2018 elections -- two and a half years from now .

The longer explanation is this :  Over the weekend, at this past Saturday's July 9th State Committee meeting at the luxurious GOP headquarters (where donor funds are routinely wasted on massive administrative overhead) , it was reported by state chair Fritz Rohlfing that attention is now turning to 2018.  Why?  That's because, with the November 2016 elections less than four months away , GOP candidates for state, county and federal offices shouldn't expect much help from the Hawaii Republican Party.   Hellreich , Rohlfing , Hickling , Mukk , Marumoto , Saiki and the rest have completely dropped the ball and are bracing for defeat .
In fact, party treasurer Mary Smart told everyone in attendance that the Hawaii GOP is on track to run out of money before the end of 2016.  Full-time party finance director
George Simon was laid off due to lack of funds ( even though his job was to raise money ) and the party's volunteer finance committee chair John Henry Felix bailed on that job to become a board member of HART.

According to a financial report by political analyst and HIRA national director Willes Lee , the Hawaii GOP is spending donor funds like a corrupt nonprofit which lavishes 95% of monies on administrative overhead rather than on the mission of the GOP to promote Republican solutions and get our candidates elected.  Last month, Hellreich and Rohlfing only raised $8,285 yet spent more than double that $19,262 on overhead alone.

That's right!!  Zero spent on electioneering , zero spent on communication , zero spent on candidate support or even support staff hires (i.e. field canvassing directors).  Instead, Hellreich and Rohlfing blew all $19,262 on OVERHEAD :  executive director salary ($3,355), payroll taxes ($2,167), health insurance ($696), other insurance ($830), building mortgage ($1,476), building maintenance fees ($5,637), bookkeeping assistance ($1,500), accounting services ($539), cable/internet ($557), "digital consulting" ($900), equipment rental ($734), e-mail service ($150), printing ($68), more equipment rental ($734), and office supplies ($323).

THAT IS WHERE DONOR FUNDS ARE GOING NOT to elect Republicans, NOT to spread our message, NOT to improve our Republican brand in Hawaii (or to degrade the Democrat brand), but to keep the doors of a barely-used luxury suite of offices open .

But even if the Hawaii GOP had more money and less overhead, party leaders wouldn't know how to use more funds.  You see, even though the job of our state party and each island's county party is to foster a political environment in which GOP candidates have an improved chance of winning, multiple executive party officers admitted to the party's state committee that they have again FAILED to conduct basic, essential strategies and tactics for victory . . . strategies and tactics for 'voter contact' which Republican organizations in the other 49 states take very seriously and the Hawaii GOP does not .  In fact, Hellreich and Rohlfing are deliberately ignoring the best advice from the RNC, RNCC, RNSC, and state parties nationwide on how to make the case against Democrats.


 NO VOTER REGISTRATION CAMPAIGN:  Though promised by Miriam Hellreich that  a serious Hawaii GOP voter registration drive would start years ago, absolutely nothing has been done to fulfill this promise and increase the pool of GOP voters;

NO VOTER IDENTIFICATION CAMPAIGN:  The arduous, party-wide process of door-to-door and phone canvassing by house district and precinct volunteers supervised by Hawaii's four county GOP organizations to find out which registered voters are likely to vote GOP is nonexistent.  In 2015, Rohlfing made dozens of his RINO buddies sign an agreement (a 'memorandum of understanding') in which these Hellreich-approved placeholders acting as district chairs promised to actually do some work other than merely drinking the coffee and eating donuts at party meetings.  But, their promise to organize precincts and improve party lists was all bluster;

NO GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) CAMPAIGN:  Up against the well-oiled GOTV operations of Democrats and their allies, Republican candidates will be sitting ducks during early voting, mail-in voting, and on Election Day.  While Democrats substantially increase the votes received by their candidates by many percentage points through a system of actively reminding their "Identified" voters to cast ballots, the Hawaii GOP has effectively told its state, county, district and precinct organizations to stand down like the rest of the desperately needed 'ground game';

NO POLITICAL OR ISSUE 'MESSAGING' TO VOTERS:  No money is being expended to help make the Republican case or spread the Republican message -- even though all the arguments are on our side and all the statistics and headlines make Democrats look terrible.  No commercials, no ads, no rallies, no social media, no nothing at all.

NO COALITIONS FORMED WITH PRO-GOP ORGANIZATIONS:  No business groups, conservative groups, Tea Party groups, liberty groups, gun groups, anti-tax groups, or any groups at all have been recruited to help the Hawaii GOP or its candidates to raise funds or do any messaging or GOTV.  In two years since the last election, the Hawaii GOP has failed to make any meaningful new friends.

NO FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO CANDIDATES:  All funds which could have been used to help promising 2016 Republican candidates to win their races has been diverted to the acquisition of pricey real estate for Miriam Hellreich's expensive suite of offices on Kapiolani Blvd.

Four years ago, a very successful politician (former governor Ben Cayetano) ran for mayor against Democrat Kirk Caldwell and suffered a crushing defeat because of a combination of the Democrats' air game and sophisticated ground game.  [FYI:  a much less successful politician (three-time loser RINO Charles Djou) is running against Caldwell this year.]

Now, we all remember the positive Caldwell TV commercials and the negative PRP TV commercials aimed at Cayetano from four years ago.  Less talked about is the ground game.  Our rivals at the Democrat Party do NOT need to guess how the vote counts will look on election night because they take 'voter contact' extremely seriously.  After all, they have skin in the game: tens of thousands of jobs at stake plus zillions of dollars at stake.  Democrats, PRP, Ironworkers, Carpenters, HGEA, UPW and others work all year long on their voter lists.  They know which voters they have, which ones to get out to vote, and they keep tabs on any Republican political activity they need to worry about.

Our party is not at all prepared for the coming onslaught of the 2016 campaign in the mayor's race or any other.  After all, the contest for mayor is not "Djou vs. Caldwell".  Instead, it's Djou versus Caldwell + Democrat Party + PRP + Carpenters + Ironworkers + HGEA + UPW + The Media + more.  That means armies of paid activists and volunteers with smart phones, maps and ritzy campaign pamphlets and sending them door-to-door to sway voters.  Hellreich shockingly announced at the State Committee meeting that the smartphone canvassing app is NOT being utilized by the Hawaii GOP, even though it's being paid for by the RNC. [The RINO zombies on our party's State Committee and Executive Committee didn't even flinch after hearing this news as they wolfed down donuts and coffee.]

Four years ago, PRP alone used doorhangers and walkpieces and mailers, in ADDITION to the Caldwell campaign's own messaging and the Democrat Party.  You see, Democrats and PRP already know which doors to knock on, which phone numbers to call, because they do their jobs and they do their homework.  Unlike party officials with the Hawaii GOP who barely even show up for quarterly meetings merely to vote they way Miriam Hellreich wants them to and then go home and do nothing for the next three months, Democrats in Hawaii really act like they want to win.

Democrats and their coalition partners have party volunteers from their state committee to precinct activists identifying voters and getting them out to vote.  Plus, they have separate people on political campaigns doing the same work.  And they have ACTUAL coalitions ( like PRP and many others ) also doing the same work.  And they surely don't leave their messaging to chance by being silent on issues, on legislation, on values, or whatever.  The Democrat coalition agenda is being pushed at all times .

 Now in 2016, even though GOP state chair Fritz Rohlfing is utterly clueless and a total RINO puppet , he knows just enough to realize that he's already thrown the 2016 election by being feckless, ineffective and a pawn in Miriam Hellreich's desire for eternal control of our party .  That's why Rohlfing is already talking about "2018".  In fact, that's precisely why he tried ( and failed ) to convince delegates at our party's state convention two months ago to authorize him to cancel next year's state convention, in order to keep himself in office through 2018.  Why??  Because Rohlfing and Hellreich know they are taking Hawaii Republicans down in flames and Fritz has about as much chance of being re-elected as President Jimmy "malaise" Carter in 1980 following the hostage crisis.

For the past decade or longer, the Hawaii GOP has been suffering our own hostage crisis; being held hostage by a cabal of closet Democrats, progressives and RINO's led by Miriam Hellreich, who today is currently enjoying all the perks of being the head honcho of our flailing party since 2002.  2016's GOP candidates have been thrown to the wolves.  So just imagine how happy it makes Democrats that Hellreich and her 'leadership team' at the Hawaii GOP have already thrown the election of 2016.  Democrats are ecstatic.
HIRA wishes that dropping the ball wasn't what Hellreich, Rohlfing and his associates had in store in 2016GOP challengers need all the help they can get to go up against the ruling Democrats.  They need party officers from top to bottom to build a powerful organization which leads the fight statewide to unseat the Democrat supermajority.

Recently, state party chair Fritz Rohlfing and his overpaid assistant Marcia Tagavilla appeared as guests on Beth Fukumoto's morning radio show hosted by longtime Mufi Hannemann supporter Mike Buck .

Rohlfing and Tagavilla used the occasion to issue hilarious denials to HIRA's accusation that the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP) was planning to throw state and county Republican candidates to the wolves in 2016 without support . . . unlike GOP state parties elsewhere .

But, sadly, as you can see, the 'accusation' denied by Rohlfing and Tagavilla is 100% true . They have no clue how to make the case to the public for tossing out Democrats and choosing Republicans instead.  Setting them up to fail like salesmen for a company which refuses to do any marketing or advertising.

It's a truly horrible way to start the campaign season.  But HIRA sends you this urgent message because we are committed to letting you know the truth. False hope doesn't win elections. Real hope in politics comes from having the right message, strategy, commitment, and proper allocation of resources. Hellreich and Rohlfing have wasted another two years.

Stay tuned for MORE shocking news and leaked info from last weekend's State Committee meeting.  Yes, it gets worse.  Until then, study the chart below and get to know how Hellreich's leadership is destroying the Hawaii GOP.


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