Hawaii is calling for Doctors!
SilverSage Physician Services is growing fast in Hawaii.

If you know any one interested in working part time, full-time or a year to year contract, let us know!

Come to Hawaii
it's calling your name!

Positions available
on Maui,
Oahu and the
Big Island.
Which of the Hawaiian Islands
Suits You Best?

We put salt on our Margaritas not our sidewalks.

Come warm up in Hawaii!

What is Aloha?

Aloha is one of the most beautiful and powerful words in the world:
For the Hawaiians, it is “ The Aloha Spirit” – a unique way of living, the ultimate lifestyle,
It’s the secret to a full and happy life:
Aloha is not only a word, it is a way of living, an attitude and expresses guidelines to help us in our lives – kindness, patience, compassion, respect, togetherness, affection, empathy, peace, & love.
Aloha means we are able to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness and differences each of us bring into this world. Honor and respect your family, friends, and all the people who pass through your life. Aloha does not pass judgement on others for it always trusts, always hopes and always protects.
It is that aloha, caring and spirituality that allows us to build on each others strengths and join together on this magnificent journey we call “ Life” .
Are you interested in joining our SilverSage Team?
SilverSage is looking for Doctors,
Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants.
The Thriving Physician: How to Avoid Burnout by Choosing Resilience Throughout Your Medical Career
By: Wayne Sotile, PhD; John Foley

Few professions are as physically and emotionally challenging as the practice of medicine. 
If you know a Physician, NP, PA, or Long-Term Care Facility interested in our
support and services
please share this information with them
share their information with us
and we will be happy to contact them.
We aim to provide Excellence to the Post–Acute and Long-Term Care community by partnering with patients, families, and facilities to create and maintain excellent care and healing relationships.
Dr. Frank Lemes
on Oahu (Kailua) - loves surfing.
Lauren & Kevin Cooley - love the beaches in Kona, Big Island Hawaii.
Dr. Jennifer Real and husband David,
on the Big Island (Hilo) -
love X-treme mountain biking.
Dr. Kenneth & Sharon Scott
and Dr. Toby & Jenni Smith - love dining in Hawaii.
 Please Contact Us:
Dr. Kenneth Scott
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Toby Smith
VP & Chief Medical officer
Tennessee Office  
P.O. Box 25523
Chattanooga, TN.
O: 423-815-1632
F: 423-763-1008
Hawaii Office
P.O. Box 6421
Kaneohe, HI
O: 808-468-4410
F: 423-763-1118