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According to yet another national publication , it's long past time for Hawaii's GOP to start over from scratch with all new leaders, a new platform which isn't neutral on issues, and a sincere Republican direction which seeks to fix 60 years of Democrat-made problems in the islands.

That's right, the major league national conservative website TheStream has published HIRA's own Tito Montes' revealing article specifically about the downward spiral of Hawaii's mismanaged and left-wing oriented Republican Party .

Entitled " Hawaii: Home of the RINO, " this article (free to read online) is a fascinating bit of journalism -- especially when you consider how the nation's top Republicans and conservatives thousands of miles away are assessing the declining Republican movement in Hawaii at the hands of island liberals posing as GOP 'leaders' .

Now, with even more national media attention scrutinizing the defunct Hawaii GOP's massive problems, it becomes even clearer than ever  why the official state party is in a state of panic about the rise of the conservative Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) and of conservatives in general.

It seems that the only place you'll find anyone praising the failure of the local GOP are its two beneficiaries:  (1) the local Democrat Party; and (2) the kind of ambulance-chasing Democrat union lawyers whom party leaders have decided are worth blowing their 2016 election campaign budget on -- not to mention the exorbitant overhead and mortgage.

Yes, YOU can help HIRA fix what's wrong with the defunct Hawaii GOP .  With your generous support, HIRA will succeed in putting the Republican Party of Hawaii back on the right track while defending against the party's misguided lawsuit to shut down HIRA for good.
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fix our party and to perform the work our party refuses to do:   Educating voters about 60 years of failure by Democrats so we can get Republicans elected .

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