Hawaii's 2016 GOP Candidates:
Thrown to the Wolves
by Team Hellreich
Aloha, Hawaii Republicans:

After two years of fundraising from unsuspecting donors who believed their monies would actually be used to help elect Republicans in Hawaii, the con game run by party leaders has been exposedThe proof is overwhelming that the Hawaii GOP has been infiltrated by liberals and incompetents who have no serious intention of doing what's necessary to win. Instead, they merely wanted to create the illusion of political activity in order to mask the diversion of donor funds toward extravagant administrative overhead.

As promised, here is the indisputable proof that your financial contributions have been fraudulently DIVERTED and WASTED on administrative overhead instead of being used to elect Republicans in Hawaii. There are several smoking guns which prove that your money is being wasted on overhead, like a fake charity which never uses a penny for its actual mission.

For starters, only days ago, the Hawaii GOP leadership officially made a stunning admission which confirmed the accusations from HIRA that donor funds were being squandered.

After a lot of party squabbling and in-fighting about the state party's lack of a campaign in 2016 to win elections, Fritz Rohlfing was asked the direct question why GOP candidates were receiving no support, not even non-financial assistance in boosting awareness of their campaigns.

Rohlfing's vice chair provided the party leadership's official answer:

Yes, vice chair Nancy Monohan's admission -- which is 100% true -- came only DAYS ago. It turns out that the Hawaii GOP is like the most fraud-based charity imaginable.

Read the full e-mailed official statement from state party vice chairwoman "Fancy Nancy" Monahan on behalf of state chair Fritz Rohlfing for yourself from just days ago in which Monahan confesses to how donor funds are actually used by the con artists at the Hawaii GOP. No, the Republican cause is not being advanced. No, candidates are not being helped. The money is going towards OVERHEAD only. Monahan even admits they divert YOUR donations away from better uses during election season; like paying for building maintenance fees instead of a "media consultant". Worse, Monahan suggests that the Republican candidates are being ignored for promotion by local party leaders in revenge for their fellow LDS 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney being "barely (never) even acknowledged" by the Hawaii Republican Party (HRP).

But there's MUCH, MUCH MORE evidence that your generous donations to the corrupt Hawaii Republican Party are being wasted and diverted to overhead rather than being used to win elections.

But first, look at the specific promises which party leaders have made to donors.

In Fritz Rohlfing's solicitation letter sent on July 29, 2016, Rohlfing pleads for money for specific use in campaigning: "We must raise another $8,550 to meet our goal of $15,000 to fund our get-out-the-vote effort for the upcoming Primary Election." [ If you are on the party's mailing list, chances are high that you received this solicitation by e-mail or by letter.] In a second solicitation four days earlier, Rohlfing promises that," Your donation will help us to mail, phone bank, coordinate, and organize Republicans to turn out in droves on August 13." Rohlfing ups the ante by promising that, " Your donation will go immediately towards extending and expanding our get-out-the-vote efforts in Hawaii, and your donation could be the one that pushes us to victory! Please chip in right now!"

Well, what Fritz didn't tell you is that the promised " phone bank" was turned off by the Hawaii GOP a long time ago. And the promised "mail" and 'coordination' and 'organizing' of Republicans "to turn out to vote in the Primary Election" was completely bogus. No mailer. No organizing. No coordination. No "get-out-the-vote-efforts in Hawaii" to even "extend" and "expand" on. Nothing was being done. Instead, the State Elections Office reported that only 43,000 people voted Republican across the entire state of Hawaii. Party leaders had no serious plan to spend a penny on helping Republicans win, even though they specifically raised money from unsuspecting donors for the purpose of "victory".

Not coincidentally, the $15,000 amount the party sought in the solicitations above is the identical amount of the party's monthly overhead. That's right -- the promised campaigning by the Hawaii GOP leaders didn't materialize . . . not because donors weren't generous enough -- but because the money raised was merely to fund the outrageous overhead demanded and authorized by corrupt party leaders.

Nope, you will NOT find the Republican Party of Hawaii spending your donations on essential expenses to increase the prospect of GOP candidates winning in 2016, even though they tell you repeatedly that this is where your money will go.

An analysis of the spending -- all of which is disclosed in required reports to the State Campaign Spending Commission (CSC) and the Federal Elections Commission (FEC) -- reveal that not a penny is going towards the promised support for candidates in 2016. The biggest expense is purchase of a luxury suite of overpriced offices in an expensive part of town. It's such an outrageously expensive office that the monthly 'maintenance fee' is DOUBLE the price of the already expensive mortgage.

Here is where your $15,000 per month in donated money is actually going. According to reports from the CSC and FEC, your contributions are going anywhere but toward ' helping get Republicans elected' . . .

Party spending in July 2016: $14,870. So where exactly did your money go??

Property taxes
Cable TV + internet
copy machine
$734 (monthly rental)
e-mail account
one staff member
payroll tax
health insurance
refund of donation
$1,000 (illegal contribution from known Kym Pine associate)
misc. printing

That leaves ZERO $$$ for candidate support -- no communications, no electioneering, no get out the vote, no messaging, no advertising, no doorhangers, no telemarketing, no voter registration, no direct mail, no radio, no social media ads, no canvassing, no TV. GOP candidates have been thrown to the wolves yet again in 2016.

Even worse news? Yes, the party put off paying some of its monthly bills until the next month. More overhead?? YES. they postponed pay the monthly cost for another bookkeeper ($1,500 per month), exhorbitant monthly building maintenance ($3,000 per month), office supplies and more. So, your funds will get wasted the following month . . . using money they told you was to 'get Republicans elected'. Yes, you thought your donations were going to help elect island GOP candidates in 2016. But that is NOT what is happening!!

That's right. You will NOT find expenditures listed for candidate support, advertising, sponsorships, coalition building events, rallies, door-to-door, robocalls, or any of the costs you would associate with a political campaign by a political party. That's because ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS ARE DIVERTED TO OVERHEAD.

Just days before the Hawaii GOP's official admission that funds raised by the party are going solely to overhead, state chair Rohlfing appeared to show continued interest in conning GOP donors with another "fundraising" event for the promised purpose of electing Republican candidates in 2016.

Rohlfing's August 2nd invitation to a $150 per person fundraiser at the Pacific Club promised that his "Chairman's Luncheon" was connected to the purpose of "activating Hawaii Republicans to win in 2016".

With featured speaker and Obamacare supporter Gene Ward on hand to (presumably) opine about his support for giving tens of thousands of illegal aliens in Hawaii driver's licenses so they can compete for paying jobs with lawful U.S. citizens here, Rohlfing fails to make clear what his Vice Chair Monohan freely admitted -- that this money won't see the light of day because it's been diverted:   "Unfortunately, all our money goes to a building."

HEAR IT FOR YOURSELF: Party leaders made explicit promises. Standing in front of Fritz Rohlfing , Miriam Hellreich , Barbara Marumoto and Nancy Monahan , here's what Pat Saiki promised at the Hawaii GOP leadership meeting ( known as the 'State Committee ') just last year . . .

Like a 100% fake charity that blows all its donated money
on OVERHEAD like fancy offices, salaries, and perks,
Hawaii's Republican Party WASTED YOUR FUNDS
without even slightly increasing the chances of victory.


*** Stay tuned for even more evidence ***
PROOF that the Hawaii GOP's leadership
never intended to support 2016 candidates.

Mahalo for your attention to these critical issues which will affect all of us for generations to come -- especially when party leaders systematically waste two years before every election for as long as the RINO's of Team Hellreich hijacked our party.  Your feedback is always welcomed by HIRA and you are invited to e-mail us at info@hawaiirepublicanassembly.com.  Thanks again!

Sincerely yours,
President, Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA)
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