Introducing Hawaii's Political War Memorial for GOP Incumbents since Miriam Hellreich Took Over in 2001

Aloha, Republicans:

In hopes of keeping 2018 from being flushed down the drain by poor state party leadership from longtime party boss Miriam Hellreich and her current crop of puppet officers yet again, HIRA hopes to raise awareness about the consequences of the Hawaii GOP sticking with its losing formula by taking you on a trip down memory lane.  It's our sincere hope that party leaders will be inspired to take their jobs seriously by thinking about what happens when they don't.

To help make the point as clearly as possible, HIRA presents a political 'war memorial' in remembrance of the massacred GOP incumbents ** whose political careers were cut short during Hellreich's reign of mismanagement and her state party's perennial decisions to throw Republicans to the wolves while effectively aiding Democrats.   [**only losing incumbents are listed here, as the massive list of GOP challengers since 2001 would take up too much space.]

Maybe these names and faces since 2001 have some meaning to you.  Maybe they don't.  But just imagine if most of the defeated Republicans were still in office today.  Hawaii would be a better place with Republicans in the majority; something which can't happen with a two decades long losing streak.
We've truly arrived at a point where == based on the overwhelming and incontrovertible evidence presented by HIRA -- there can be no argument that our state party's leadership and its entire approach for years and years has only been beneficial to Democrats.  The horrifying downward trajectory is a pattern which began one year after Miriam Hellreich took over in 2001 and continues to the present day, eight election cycles later; continuing downward under the continual leadership of Miriam Hellreich for the past 16 years straight.

This is no way to become a majority party, but it is a way to become extinct.  Hawaii Republicans now hold only 5 of 120 elected offices in Hawaii because GOP leaders intentionally refuse to make a case against Democrats and mount a fight against the majority party.

Hellreich's puppet officers come and go.  This year, along with political novice Shirlene Ostrov, Hellreich dredged up some guy named Mark Blackburn who is obsessed with silencing HIRA's common sense observation that insanity at the Hawaii GOP is the unreasonable expectation of better results in 2018 while pursuing the same RINO direction, the same RINO inaction, and even adopting the same RINO party budget which diverts all financial resources from proven campaign strategies to the perennial acquisition and maintenance of expensive real estate for the benefit of the Oahu League of RINO Women.  Somehow, Blackburn believes that pointing out this folly constitutes an "attack" on HRP which merits a class action lawsuit; as if Blackburn is protecting a beloved organization with a strong brand and a winning record.

What's most fascinating about Hellreich apparently getting Ostrov and Blackburn to totally embrace her failed policies that only help Democrats is that Ostrov herself was political carnage just last year.
After only receiving 20% of the vote in her congressional race last year, you'd think that Shirlene Ostrov would understand the hopelessness of Republicans hoping to beat Democrats without a strong party organization, a great ground game, sustained voter ID and GOTV efforts, direct mail, telemarketing, canvassing, and a bold agenda; not to mention working tirelessly to improve the GOP image while degrading the Democrat image.  Yet, Ostrov's budget for the state party is 100% for expenses related to the real estate being purchased by the state party for the benefit of the Oahu League of RINO Women.  Alas, nothing has changed.
With party leaders telling us they have no plans to alter their course, who in their right mind would step forward and run as a Republican in Hawaii with a party seemingly run for the benefit of Democrats?  With GOP incumbents regularly losing their seats and GOP challengers simply not coming close or even getting any traction as a direct result of a state party which stands down 2/7/365, is Hellreich puppet Shirlene Ostrov deliberately trying to keep the average Republican candidate's share of voters down to 26% again in 2018?

The strategy of Miriam Hellreich and the Oahu League of RINO Women of starving and abandoning the GOP victory campaign every single year in order to buy an office space for the Oahu League and its overlapping party officers with the state party has led to this predicament.  Just as there are people in this world who'd let the kids starve in order to live in a luxury home . . . there are party bosses who'd let candidates get wiped out each election in order to afford a suite of luxury offices.

Visiting a war memorial gives most people a deep appreciation for the casualties suffered.  HIRA's new memorial above, dedicated to fallen Republican incumbents since party boss Miriam Hellreich's continuous reign began in 2001, conjures up painful memories of the Vietnam War which history has revealed our political leaders didn't really have the stomach to fight to win.  That same lack of determination to win has been evident since General Miriam Hellreich took over; sending brave yet ill-equipped and ill-supported candidates to their political deaths, year after year; resulting in an enormous number of needless casualties and extensive carnage.

HIRA sincerely hopes that Ostrov will break from Hellreich's record of failure by completely prioritizing victory in EVERYTHING the state party does between now and November 2018, just 15 short months from now.  The Hawaii GOP must rise to the occasion.   For this to happen, the governing State Committee members must stop acting like Hellreich's zombie army, going along with the official program since 2001 to keep the state party weak and dysfunctional.

If they take their responsibilities seriously, we could have a two-party system.   The news headlines are on our side, the statistics are on our side, and the public is desperate for the opposite kind of leadership that Democrats have provided.  But voters won't be impressed driving past a fancy office on Kapiolani Boulevard.  We need to be serious about taking our message to voters via every avenue possible.  And this all-out campaign needs to start yesterday .

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