March 9 - Subway/NUT Day
March 11 - 5th grade ECO-Science Fair 1:30-2:45 Church Basement
March 16-20 -- Spring Break
March 23 - Pizza/Spirit Day
March 27 - Fish Fry 5:30-9:00pm
Emma Lashley - STC Class of 2014
Bloomington High School South

Indiana University

St. Charles gave me the tools to succeed. The school will always have a large piece of my heart because truly it has made me who I am today. I was given the space to grow in all educational aspects, and I was nurtured and guided by some of the best teachers the world will ever have. At St. Charles I was pushed to be a better student and a better person. I was taught excellent study tactics that have carried on throughout high school and now into college. It was at St. Charles that the love of learning, teaching, and growing was instilled into me. Middle school was so important to the development of who I am. It was really in Mrs. Arther's math class where I began to realize how much I loved math and just how awesome it is. It wasn't until the second semester of my freshman year that I realized that I actually missed math and decided to pursue a minor in mathematics, and I have loved it. It has been challenging, but at St. Charles I was taught that when something is challenging you don't give up, and even though it is challenging the reward is so great!
I am currently a sophomore at IU studying Informatics with a specialty in Business and a Minor in Mathematics! Outside of my class-load I am involved in several different activities. I joined a research lab that has to do with Privacy and Security my freshman year, and it has been amazing to learn how to do research and learn more about different topics in privacy and security. Now I am a paid undergraduate research assistant, and I have loved being a part of it. I also am involved with an organization on campus called Serve IT, this is a for-credit internship that works with non-profits and provides them with technological help. I am serving under the Teach IT branch where twice a week I am at a Boys and Girls Club teaching different coding aspects to K-5th grade students! This internship the past year has been such a blessing because it has given me the chance to blend my love of technology and serving others. I am also involved with Hoosier Catholic at St. Paul's, while St. Charles will always be my home, I have loved the things that St. Paul's does for the college community with it being so close to campus and hosting the Newman Center. I am involved at St. Paul's by leading a bible study and attending a bible study weekly, attending daily mass, and serving the Hoosier Catholic community on the CORE Team. The CORE Team plans and organizes different events for the community each week, and we meet weekly to discuss past and future events. Outside of all of that crazy busy stuff I love to run and hang out with my friends and do various different activities.
Students, Teacher, and Class of the Month
Our lower elementary student of the month is Gavin Egler. Gavin has the sweetest heart and works hard to live all that we teach here at St. Charles. Gavin's desire for friendship and a relationship with God motivates him in his thoughts, actions, and words. Even when faced with difficult situations in friendships, Gavin will come back to the group with a positive attitude to continue building his friendships. Gavin is a great role model, great helper and hard worker. Gavin always does his best to follow our school’s FLIGHT path by following Jesus, being thankful every day, and leading others through his actions.
Congratulations Gavin! 
Our 3-5 student of the month is Nico Babbs . Nico Babbs is one of the most positive students at St. Charles School. Never is there a day when he is not bright-eyed, curious, and ready to learn, all the while with a smile on his face. Nico participates fully in all class lessons, whether in science, gym or reading. He often shares with the class how great it is to be learning. His comments are often "Wow, this is so interesting,' or "This is so fun!" His positivity is infectious and even makes his teachers feel good about the lessons they are teaching. He is also kind to others in class and at recess. This kindness extends to all ages as he greets others in the hall, in buddies or at all school events. Nico is always willing to listen to a friend with a problem and offer positive advice. When someone is having a bad day, he is the first to try and cheer them up. Overall, Nico Babbs is the type of student that I love to teach! He is curious, helpful, willing to make a mistake (and being positive when a mistake happens), and generous of his time to others. When he is in the room, the class is better off- he brings out the best in people! Congratulations Nico!  
This month we have a middle school duo as our students of the month. Our middle school students of the month are Alice Racek and Rebekah Arnold . Alice and Rebekah are two dedicated, caring students who always aim to do their personal best whether that is in the classroom or on the basketball court. These two ladies spear-headed the 6th grade fundraising efforts for our field trip to Cincinnati. Alice researched fundraising ideas and set up a lunch meeting to review the best options. She also created all of the bake sale posters throughout the school and created a sign-up sheet for donations. Rebekah created the Excel spreadsheet with the final list of bake sale contributors, and each of them took the lead in explaining the project to their respective homerooms and soliciting baked goods from their peers. I appreciate how well these two ladies work together and everything they do to make St. Charles a better place. Their bright smiles, insightful questions, and classroom participation add value to the learning environment each day. Keep up the good work!
Our February class of the month goes to both 4th grade homerooms - Mrs. Levy and Mrs. Greer’s classes ! In the words of Mrs. Mitchell: I see the 4th grade as a combined class, and they are respectful, hard working, and work really hard to be good friends to each other. In moments of conflict, we can often work together to compromise and students are willing to apologize, forgive and move on! Furthermore- this class has been tasked with helping me set up the lunchroom after their Mon/Wed classes, when Mr. Scott has been called away. I have asked for their help a lot this month, including both days this week. They have embraced this opportunity to SERVE in our building, and every single student helps. Between placing tables, putting them down, setting up garbage cans, wiping down tables, and other jobs- these 4th graders are ALL ready and willing to step and serve. They often ask if they can help, even when not needed. I am really proud to call each and every 4th grader one of our own!
Our Teacher of the Month is Mrs. Murray . Mrs. Murray has multiple job titles at St. Charles. She works in our library reading to our students, helping students learn how to check out books, and supporting media learning as well. She goes out of her way to make sure kids feel loved and accepted. While those things truly do help to make her special on their own, we find her passion and love for sharing her library with her students our favorite of her qualities. Mrs. Murray goes out of her way to make connections with kids that share her passion for reading, and works hard to excite kids to create that spark! Mrs. Murray then changes her title after school each day as our extended care director. Her dedication to the program is admirable. Her consistent caring and nurturing demeanor have helped the program find balance and is a welcoming place for our students that extend their day with her. And don't forget the roll as the Grinch each December. Mrs. Murray shows each of us how to live with our heart and treat others with the respect and kindness they deserve . She can change her voice 5 different times in the same story, she creates special memories at Christmas with her love of the Grinch, and works hard to stay current with the trends and changes in children's literature. We are all grateful for Mrs. Murray's quiet energy, her warm smile, and her willingness to share her love of reading with our students!
Art News
1st Grade Romero Britto Inspired Dogs
Elementary Science News
Third graders were looking at how energy transfers in collision. They were also exploring how variables like ramp height and the size of the ball affect the distance the cork will travel after a collision.
The fifth grade will be participating in the St. Charles Eco-Science Fair on Wednesday, March 11th from 1:30-2:45pm in the church basement.  The Eco-Science Fair is a bit different than our traditional science fair, as the topics are all GREEN - like composting, renewable energy, recycling and more! We hope you can all come! After the St. Charles Eco-Science Fair, the fifth graders will then be able to present their projects at the ECO-Challenge at the Indiana State Museum. The Eco-Challenge is on April 24 and is open to schools across the state of Indiana. Students will be competing in their category for recognition and prizes. We know our HAWKS will do great!
We just hosted the  Energy Endgame  energy-saving program at school and have an opportunity to start saving energy in our own community! WE HAVE ALREADY HAD 27 FAMILIES SIGN-UP! We are more than a quarter of the way to our goal of 100 families and $250 for the science department! THANK YOU! If you haven’t yet, you can sign-up for your FREE energy efficiency kit and reduce your home’s carbon footprint – and help our school win cash rewards! Request your kit by going to , calling 1-855-386-9548 or mailing in one of the postage-paid forms we sent home. We just hosted the  Energy Endgame  energy-saving program at school and have an opportunity to start saving energy in our own community! WE HAVE ALREADY HAD 27 FAMILIES SIGN-UP! We are more than a quarter of the way to our goal of 100 families and $250 for the science department! THANK YOU! If you haven’t yet, you can sign-up for your FREE energy efficiency kit and reduce your home’s carbon footprint – and help our school win cash rewards! Request your kit by going to , calling 1-855-386-9548 or mailing in one of the postage-paid forms we sent home.  

 Thank you for your help!  
 ~Mrs. Maxwell
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St. Charles Service Project for the month of March

St. Charles is proudly partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington and their spring Pop Up Shop to support the Ferguson Crestmont Center. Just like last year,   they are looking for gently used or new spring and summer clothes for children ages 5-18. Although spring and summer clothing is their priority, they will accept fall and winter clothing items, as well. We will have boxes set up outside the front office towards the end of this week as we begin to collect items. 
Please join us...

We always sing at the 10:00am Mass with warm-up at 9:40am.
March 8 & 29
April 5 & 26
May 10 & 17
Athletes of the Week
Congratulations to our athletes of the week!

These athletes were chosen for exhibiting the virtue of assiduous within their respective teams. Good job Hawks!

Audrey Moore (fourth grade girls volleyball)
Ghita Oskouie (fifth grade girls volleyball)
Addie Racek (fifth grade girls volleyball) 
Alice Racek (sixth grade girls volleyball)
Sarah Nicola (MS girls basketball)
Ava Robbennolt (MS girls basketball)
Erin Mooney (MS swim team)
Luke Miller (MS swim team)

Go Hawks!  
Track and Field Call Out
The St. Charles track and field season is just around the corner and we invite ALL 4th-8th grade students to join the program! If your child is interested in track club or the middle school track and field team, please email Coach Arther before spring break through Jupiter or email:

TRACK AND FIELD IS NOT JUST ABOUT RUNNING!  This is an opportunity for your child to learn new skills and develop habits for a healthy lifestyle! Kids of all shapes, sizes and abilities are welcome! Kids will have fun outside with their friends while they jump, throw and run!

The season will run March 23 - May 13 and there will be two programs:

4th & 5th grade - TRACK CLUB
An introductory program which will expose the kids to all the different events of track and field at a developmentally-appropriate level. Practices will be on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm. Most practices will be held at Bloomington North High School track. We are asking that track club athletes attend any given two practices a week. Track Club athletes will participate in three track meets against other Catholic schools during the season.

6th-8th grade - TRACK TEAM
This is the more advanced program in which athletes will concentrate on and compete in specific events -- distance running, sprints, hurdles, relays, long jump, high jump or throws. The coaches will help both the returning veterans and the new kids select which events to focus on. Practices will be Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 5:30-7:00pm. Most practices will take place at the North track. Kids will participate in 7-8 track meets against other middle schools, both public and Catholic. Please note that when the North track is not available, we will practice at St. Charles from 3:30-5:00.

A schedule will be ready to share with interested families by the beginning of March.There will be a parent meeting at the end of our first official practice on Monday, March 23. We will meet in the bleachers at North at 6:45pm and the meeting should not last more than 15 minutes. We are also looking for parent volunteers to help our coaching staff this season. Lori Miller and Heath Norrick lead our elementary group and Tori Arther and Mary Zinkan are the lead coaches for the middle school team. We would love to have willing parents join our coaching staff. We are always looking for field event help as well!

We look forward to hearing from you,
Coach Arther and Coach Zinkan
Summer Sports Camps 2020
Camp registration is now open for St. Charles Summer Sports Camps! Please see the links below for more information. Contact Mr. Wattley with questions.

Elementary Girls Lil’ Hawk Basketball Skills Camp (grades 3-5), June 1-5 (M-F)
9am-2pm- $120

Elementary Girls Lil’ Hawk Volleyball Skills Camp (grades 3-5), June 8-13 (M-F) 
9am-2pm- $120

Elementary Boys Hawk Basketball Skills Camp (grades 3-5), June 15-19 (M-F)
 9am-2pm- $120

BOYS Middle School Hawk Basketball Skills Camp (grades 6-8), June 22-26 (M-F)
9am-2pm- $120

Elementary Girls Lil’ Hawk ALL-Skills (Volleyball and Basketball) Camp (grades 1-2),
July 9-10 (TH,F) 9am-12pm- $50

GIRLS Middle School Hawk Basketball Skills Camp (grades 6-8), July 13-17 (M-F)
9am-2pm- $120

Elementary BOYS Hawk Basketball Camp (grades 1-2), July 20-22 (M-W) 
9am-12pm- $75

Girls Middle School Volleyball Camp (grades 6-8), July 27-31 (M-F) 9am-2pm- $120

Coaches Needed
St Charles Coaching Positions Available for 2020-2021 season. We have several open positions. If you are interested in volunteering within our program, please send Steven Wattley an email expressing interest to
Middle School Volleyball: Head Coach and Assistant coaches positions available. The season runs from the middle of July to the middle of October
Boys Elementary Basketball: Head Coach and Assistant coaches positions available. The season runs from middle of October to the end of January.
Girls Middle School Basketball: Assistant coach position available. The season runs from the end of October to the middle of February. 
Girls Elementary Volleyball: Head Coach and Assistant coaches positions available. The season runs from the beginning of January to the first of March.
Lenten Retreat at St. Charles Church
Dr. Ken Howell  presents “ Living the Sorrowful Mysteries ”. 

The sorrowful mysteries are a portal into a deeper spiritual life. By opening up a clear vision of Jesus, these mysteries help us enter a life of serious prayer. Open yourself up to this five part retreat to help guide you through a meaningful and fruitful Lenten season. We will be meeting every Wednesday evening from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall, from March 4 th  through April 1 st . Each Wednesday’s talk will center around one of the sorrowful mysteries and how our own sufferings can bring us to intimacy with Christ. 
RSVP to Rose Johnson by calling  812-334-1664  or email
There is no registration fee for this retreat but goodwill offerings will be accepted.

There will be a Soup Supper before each session starting at 5:30 p.m.
Jazz Girls Day - March 7
Jazz Girls Day is an event specifically designed to invite girls and young women into the world of jazz. It includes games, clinics, jam sessions, performances, and panel discussions to help give girls a break from the male dominate jazz world they encounter on all other days. The whole point is to provide role models and a safe space so that girls can consider taking up jazz, and specifically, jazz improvisation. The event was initiated by SFJazz seven years ago and will be presented on March 7, 2020 at the Monroe County Public Library in Bloomington, IN with an evening concert at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater.

Girls ages 12-18 are invited to participate for free thanks to the generous support of the Musicians Union, Yamaha Music, the Propylaeum, Casio, Altus Flutes, and many more.

Signups are open now at
For the Holy Catholic Church... for Pope Francis... and for all those who lead us in our Catholic faith...that they will remain in unity with each other... and with the Holy Father.
For Archbishop Charles C. Thompson... as he leads the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.

For all faithful servants of the Gospel, dedicated holy priests, sisters, brothers and deacons, who will dedicate themselves to your people and their needs. We pray especially for all seminarians and those who are discerning religious life that they will answer the call without hesitation. 

Let's pray for a change of hearts to end abortion in this country, and around the world. We pray for our leaders to make good decisions that support life. Lord, help our culture respect life from conception to natural death.
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