Reunion Music Society
NOVA Annandale Symphony Orchestra
January 25, 2021
New videos
After Joseph Haydn returned to London in 1794 (having recently met Beethoven, whom he thought showed promise), he wrote many of his best works, including a series of spirited trios for two flutes and cello.

In this video our musicians perform London Trio No. 1. It was produced by Mitch Bassman (also playing flute) from independent recordings made by the musicians. Click here to watch.
American composer Anthony Plog is a prolific writer of chamber and orchestral music.

In this video, also produced by Mitch Bassman (now on clarinet) from independent recordings, we hear the first two of Plog's Four Miniatures for Viola and Wind Quartet. Click here to watch.
Class meetings resume this week
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Music 148/248 class will again be virtual this Spring. We will meet on Zoom every Wednesday evening, starting on 27 January at 7:30 p.m. (NVCC changed the course calendar - hence the revised start date for the class.)

Everyone is welcome to join, not just MUS 148/248 students!

Last Fall we had over a dozen ensembles playing together online and socially distanced, from string quartets to wind ensembles, brass groups, and jazz ensembles. For the Spring, we will repeat this successful formula.

Ensembles will work on their pieces during the week and report back to the group each Wednesday. They collaborate by:
  • Players independently recording themselves to a click track; the recordings are merged later.
  • Players meeting in real time from home, using online collaboration technology.
  • Players meeting in outdoor venues, socially distanced, weather permitting. (No indoor meetings!)

Mr. Johnston, the instructor and Music Director for the orchestra, will email Zoom invitations about 15 minutes before the class starts. Emails will go to people who were active last semester. If you wish to join the meeting and you do not get an invitation before the class starts, email Mr. Johnston; he will send you an invitation and add you to the active list for Spring.

The agenda for the first class meeting will be to discuss the plans for the semester, organize ourselves into ensembles, and begin to choose music to work on. Note that we have a new initiative, the Diverse Music Working Group, who will present suggestions for great chamber pieces by women, minority, and lesser-known composers.

If you haven't enrolled in MUS 148/248 yet and you wish to, there may still be time. For questions, contact Mr. Sager in the Annandale campus Languages, Arts & Social Sciences Division, (703) 323-3107, .
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