Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church
5:15-6:30 PM All Church Meal: Beef and Mac Casserole, Green Beans, Salad and Dessert. Adults/Teens: $3.50, Kids Older Than 3: $2.50, $12 Fam Max - Bldg D- FH
6:00 PM Children's Choirs (A/C), Breakaway 
6:45-8:05 PM AWANA (6:45-8:10) (A/C), Bible Studies(E) (all info at hayshills.com/biblestudies), Celebration Choir (D), Together in Prayer - Prayer Meeting (D-FH) 
6:45-8:10 PM
7:30-9:00 PM
Middle School (6th-8th Grade) Bible Study and Worship
High School (9th-12th Grade) Bible Study and Worship

Sign up online or come by the office!

Add these to your calendar:

Members' Meeting Jan. 19 

Baptism Sunday morning Jan. 26, contact aaron@hayshills.com or david @hayshills.com

Prayer Meeting on Jan. 26 at
6 pm in Bldg D Sanctuary

Class will be held in Bldg D-FH
It is not too late to join -- please come 1/19!
Security Volunteer Training Breakfast
Saturday Jan. 25 8:30 am, Bldg E
immediately following Carpenter's Helpers  
We need new volunteers contact 
Lunch with the Pastor is on January 26, in Building D Fellowship Hall, immediately following the second service (noon).  Please RSVP to Jennifer at jennifer@hayshills.com

Core Beliefs is on January 29, in Building E, at 6:45 p.m.  An RSVP is not necessary, however, please contact Pastor Aaron if you have questions at aaron@hayshills.com

Registration is open!
Central Texas Life Care has job openings for a Front Office Coordinator and Development Director.  They are looking for someone who loves the Lord with a heart for saving babies and souls to make an eternal difference.  You can find the job descriptions linked here:
Front Office Coordinator
Development Director
Discipleship and Education
by David Sweet

We had over 60 at the "Tell It" breakfast Saturday, sharpening our understanding of the gospel and learning how to deliver the good news.  Please let me know if you would like to be part of a private Facebook group in which we talk about our praying and planning for our delivery of the gospel.  Helpful ideas, articles, videos and testimonies will be shared. david@hayshills.com

Hays Hills member Luis Cabrera was saved as an adult in Miami listening to the radio while driving. He was a Cuban immigrant who lived in a worldly way. But his car radio dial was broken and he was unable to change stations and so kept listening to the Christian station that was playing a sermon. With nothing else to listen to he heard the whole sermon and  came to faith in Christ. Like CS Lewis he left on his trip spiritually dead, and arrived at his destination with life.   Luis likes to have the gospel in tract form available for fellow runners at the Town Lake trails. He sets up a card table and gives out free cold water and invites questions about the gospel or the faith. Here's a brief video of his advice on gospel telling.

"I was hungry, and you fed me."  Thanks to our team that helps feed the needy families and the homeless in East Austin at the Austin Baptist Chapel:  Glinda Blank,  Barby Bowles,  Sandy Baker,  Dorothy Eddings,  Ruth Hansen,  Linda Hewitt,  Anita Stubblefield,  Jim & Jean Auchey.

Baptisms will be Sunday morning, January 26.  Please contact Pastor Aaron or me if you need more information. 

Student Ministry
by Greg Burney

Student ministry has a lot of great things coming up! This coming weekend is our High School Winter Blast retreat! If you have a high school student who has not signed up it is not too late! We will be heading to Highland Lakes camp to have a great weekend spent doing a lot of fun and crazy activities as well as great times of Bible study and worship! To register a high school student visit tinyurl.com/hsmwinter20.
Super Sports spring break camp for K-5th is right around the corner! The sign up is now live! Super Sports is a VBS style sports camp. We will spend the week teaching basic sports skills and teaching kids about the Gospel! This year we are honored to offer Super Sports at the lowest price ever! Kids can sign up for only $39 each! Visit BudaSuperSports.com to get more info!
Upcoming Student Ministry Events:
Jan 18-20 - HSM Winter Blast 20
February 2 - HSM Super Bowl Party
February 9 - HSM Bible Studies Begin!
March 1 - MSM Laser Tag Tournament!
April 5 - MSM/HSM Bigger or Better
May 3 - Hays Hills Backyard BBQ
June 14-19 - HSM Battlecry Camp 20
August 10-13 - MSM Camp

Children's Ministry
by Ethan Graves

HHCM is starting off the new year strong thanks to the Lord's kindness and your prayers + support! Thank you for loving the kids of our church! 

The picture to the left is our group of TNT (3rd-5th grade) at AWANA. We started back last Wednesday with 54 kids 5 of whom are new faces :). This semester, in addition to memorizing scripture, we will learn more about who Jesus is and how to study the Bible. There is a huge opportunity to be involved in the lives of our kids by coming from 6:45 to 7:13 and listening to them say scripture verses. If you are interested in serving in this way, please email me at  ethan@hayshills.com
From Pastor Aaron

We have the great privilege to set apart time in our services on Sunday to set apart two of our members, William and Margaret Harvey, for the gospel ministry as hospital chaplains. We'll have time for the elders and our members to lay hands on them and pray for them as we ordain them to this ministry. I'm thankful for the ways the Lord is ministering through them!

Then at our members' meeting, this Sunday at 6pm, we'll be providing an update on our search process for a minister of music and creative arts, discussing continued interim plans, and recommending some changes to clarify how we handle interim staffing.

Be in prayer for our students who are headed to Highland Lakes for their winter retreat. I'm praying for the Lord to use the weekend in the lives of our students to give them a clearer picture of the enormity of God's love for them.
Prayer Requests

We are very sad to report that church member Art Gurley passed away early Monday morning due to complications from gall bladder surgery.  Sad for us--but now he has pure joy!  

For the Lord to continue to bless our church with faithful elders and deacons who meet the qualifications of 1 Timothy 3.

That as a church we might "bear fruit in every good work and increase in the knowledge of God." (Colossians 1:10)

For our search team to be led to the person God would have to serve as our Minister of Music and Creative Arts.

Whittaker family, as Garrett has been deployed (stateside) for a year and Sethie is due in mid-Feburary. 

Carole Turner was in ICU last weekend due to heart issue.  She received a pace-maker and is at home.

Bob Straub recovering from complications with ulcers and low blood levels.

Our Christian sympathy is extended to Harry Stracener in the loss of his sister.

1/19/20 6:00 PM Members' Meeting
1/22/20 9:30 AM Women's Bible Study: Better, Bldg D
1/25/20 8:30 AM Security Training Breakfast, Bldg E
1/26/20 Both Services
12:00 PM
4:30 PM
6:00 PM
Lunch with the Pastor (RSVP to jennifer@hayshills.com)
Parent Roundtable, D-Fam Min Room
Prayer Meeting
1/29/20 6:45 PM Core Beliefs
2/9/20 6:00 PM
Racial Reconciliation, Bldg D - Sanctuary
Speaker: Dr. George Yancey
6:00 PM
Silver Servant Valentine Banquet
Women's Retreat