Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church
Wednesday Night Activities

5:15-6:30 PM All Church Meal:Chicken Noodle Casserole, Green Beans, Salad, Dessert. Adults/Teens: $3.50, Kids Older Than 3: $2.50, $12 Fam Max - Bldg D- FH
6:00 PM Breakaway (fine arts class for middle school), Children's Choirs
6:45-8:05 PM AWANA (6:45-8:10) (A/C), Rite of Passage (for 6th graders) (D), Core Seminar: What Christians Believe (E), Women's Bible Studies(E) SUPER BASICS (E), Celebration Choir (D)
6:45-8:30 PM 7th - 12th Grade Bible Study and Worship

Help needed this Friday at 6:30 PM in setting out tables and banquet chairs for the women's Heart of Christmas.  And then help needed Saturday night at approximately 9 PM in tearing it down. 
Contact David at 512-845-3864 if you can help!
Jewelry, baskets, and more, will be available in the foyer for purchase on Dec 2 and Dec 9.

Register Today!


Opens this week!

Bring your Christmas cards to the Foyer
Be sure your cards are addressed to church members or regular attenders and include First and Last Names
Drop your cards in the "mailbox"
Drop your donation for "postage" in the box near the mailbox
Donations go to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Then, come by the post office in the Hub hallway and look in the bin for the first letter of your last name to see if your family has Christmas cards!

Email Ethan ( ethan@hayshills.com ) with any questions. 

Please contact the church office (jennifer@hayshills.com) if you would like to be added to the program for this special time on January 20, Sunday, during the service(s).

College/Career Group Winter Retreat
January 12-13  
Freedom 14 Conference Center
Wimberley Texas 
Contact david@hayshills.com 
Cost: $50.  Early bird price $40 if at least $20 is paid by December 2nd

Children's Ministry News
by Ethan Graves

On 12/8 we will hold a follow up Q and A for the discussion Aaron lead  covering "How to Talk to Your Kids about Sex." For Elementary  students, only 4th and 5th Graders will be allowed to come. If you  would like your 4th or 5th grader to attend, please click here to
register them and sign the permission slip. Children will only be  allowed to come if they have a parent/guardian signed permissions  slip.

Spiritually and numerically the Lord is blessing our ministry  immensely. The growth has brought multiple opportunities to serve.   Some opportunities include, Sunday am check in help, Bible Life  Substituting (lots of opportunity here), AWANA handbook leaders, and  some administration roles. If you are interested, please let me know.

Make sure to look at our HHCM Facebook page for regular updates and  especially watch it on Thursday when I do our resource giveaway.

We will be back for AWANA this week (11/28) The theme will be Double  or Nothing again since it was voted club favorite. AWANA store will be  next week (12/5). Our AWANA Christmas party will be on Wednesday  12/12. Then we will break for the rest of the year.

In Children's Worship we are spending time talking about God's  covenant to Abraham and his family. Yesterday, we talked about Isaac,  Jacob, and Esau. We focused on how God uses uses patterns in how  events happen to teach us. Here is a helpful video about how to talk  you your kids about the patterns in the Bible. We will talk more about  Jacob and Esau on Sunday.

Save the Date:

12/5 AWANA Store

12/8 Parent Equipping Child Q and A Follow Up

12/12 AWANA Christmas (last week for the year)

1/4 5th Grade Movie Hangout

1/9 AWANA starts back

1/13 Journey to Manhood 5th Grade Boys Event

1/26 HHFM Family Hangout

2/17 Parent Equipping How to Teach Your Kids about Money Management

2/23-24 Journey to Womanhood 5th Grade Girls Event

by Tim Snowden

Student Ministry News
by Greg Burney

Hopefully you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! As we shift into full fledged Christmas season we are looking forward to HHSM taking part in the Lottie Moon mission's offering. Wednesday December 5th and 12th we will be collecting money to support missionaries. Please send money with your students!

HHSM's week of Christmas craziness begins on December 8th with our Jr. High Party from 6-8pm in the high school room. Wednesday, December 12th is our annual "HHSM Goes Holly Jolly" where our normal youth night will be transformed into a fun night of Christmas snacks, games and songs. To finish out the week our High School party will be on December 15th from 6-9pm at my house.

It's time to sign up for the 2019 HHSM Winter Retreat! We will be going to Great Wolf Lodge January 19-21 for an awesome weekend of fun and Bible study! Sign your student up ASAP as space is limited! Tinyurl.com/hhsmwinter19

Looking forward to a great December at HHSM!

Important Dates:
December 8th - Jr. High Christmas party 6-8pm in the High School Room
December 12th - HHSM Goes Holly Jolly during normal Wednesday night
December 15th - High School Christmas Party 6-9pm at the Burney's
December 19th, 26th - No HHSM
January 2nd - No HHSM.
January 19-21 - HHSM Winter Retreat

Discipleship and Education
by David Sweet

I know a verse that you need!  

It may be the verse that will help you most, but you are least likely to obey:


Hebrews 3:13 " But encourage each other daily, while it is still called  today , so that none of you is hardened by sin's deception."

That word encourage also means to exhort or warn. 

This verse--along with many others in Scripture--reminds me that we are prone to drift backward away from the Lord and Savior.  We are prone to trade spiritual growth for outward moral improvement.  We are prone to live without the gospel and the Lord front and center.  And we ourselves are vulnerable to the deceitfulness of sin.

And so, because we leak spiritually, it is absolutely necessary for us to encourage one another and exhort one another.  Because sin blocks spiritual life, we need to help each other!

We are good at showing up on Sundays and getting our feeding, but we aren't very good at sharing with and encouraging others.  Do you have a friend who can encourage you and whom you can encourage for this faith walk?  Be on the look-out!

Another one of my kids' classmates died in a car accident.  It seems like there have been a dozen or so in the past year or two.  And then there are the suicides that are more prevalent.  (Much more prevalent statistics show).  This raises the URGENCY of our mission to proclaim the gospel well--with excellence!

Let me know if you know a single adult age 18-28 who might could use an invitation to fellowship.
CLC News
by Mitzi Hudgins

We are so excited at CLC to return refreshed from our Thanksgiving break, and we are ready to learn!  This week I would like to introduce you to the teachers of one of our three Pre-K classrooms, Mrs. Bonnie Rohde and Mrs. Denise Thornton!  This is their 16th year of teaching at CLC, and the children in the Giraffes classroom always have so much fun! 
This week they are learning about their five senses and that God gave us our senses to enjoy the beautiful world that he made.  Thank you, Mrs. Bonnie and Mrs. Denise for your dedication to the CLC ministry and the love you show to the children!  

At CLC we have also begun practicing for our upcoming nativity play.  What a blessing it is to hear the children singing Christmas songs and sharing their joy in the Christmas season!  You are welcome to join us at 12:00 on December 18 for our play and experience the true meaning of Christmas through a child's eye!  May you be blessed this week! 
From Pastor Aaron

Sunday begins my favorite time of the year as we kickoff the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for World Missions. Last year, through your generosity, we not only set a new record for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, but were able to send an additional $50,000 to our Neighbors & the Nations at the end of the year:

Austin Disaster Relief Network
Central Texas Life Care
Cathey Family - Turkey
Placke Family - Tanzania
Construction of 3rd Floor of Bible Training Center - Mirik, India

I am once again asking God to do something that cannot be explained apart from the Holy Spirit. I am asking for God to give us such an excitement about giving that we would once again not only set a record for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, but also be able to direct funds to additional projects. May God use us to bring life-changing hope, to an ever-changing people, through the unchanging gospel!
Prayer Updates

Our Christian sympathy is extended to Cindy Rector in the loss of her mother, Jane Dukes, who was also a church member.  The memorial service will be December 8 at 2 PM at Hays Hills. 

Our Christian sympathy is extended to David Munnerlyn in the loss of his father.

Our Christian sympathy is extended to Stanton Bridges in the loss of his father.

Eric Van Natta's brother suffered a massive stroke and is not expected to live long.

Lynnette Junkin's, Elaine, sister-in-law received a kidney transplant from her husband--Lynnette's brother, Scott.  For two weeks there was no functioning so she was moved to rehab in hopes that that may help her recovery and she had to begin dialysis.  Saturday Lynnette heard that the kidney was showing signs of waking up which has raised hopes!  They are not sure if she will have to have more dialysis.

Gerald Shirey's brother, in Houston, is very poor health with cancer and recent heart attack.  

Gloria Shelton has moved to Blanco to live in an Assisted Living facility nearer to her daughter.  

NEED:  single mom needs to buy a good used car.  Contact Pastor David.

12/01 6:00 PM Heart of Christmas Women's Event
12/08 10-11:00 AM
6:00-8:00 PM
Q&A Followup for Children and Students
Junior High Christmas Party in the High School Room
12/09 Both Services Baptism
12/12 6:45 PM HHSM Holly Jolly
12/15 6:00-9:00 PM High School Christmas Party at the Burney's House
12/16 Both Services The King is Here Christmas Musical
(No Bible Life this Sunday)
12/23 Two Services Two Services
(No Bible Life this Sunday)
12/24 5:30 PM Christmas Eve Service
Candlelight and Carols
1/04 2:30-4:30 PM 5th Grade Movie Hangout - Bldg A
College/Career Retreat
For more info: david@hayshills.com
1/13 12:30 PM Journey to Manhood: 5th Grade Boys' Lunch
Bldg A, Lunch Provided
HHSM Winter Retreat
Child Dedication
Contact jennifer@hayshills.com
1/26 2:00-4:00 PM HHFM Present Swap
Jr High Room
Silver Servant Banquet
Bldg D
2/23 7:00 AM
5:00 PM
Mom to Mom Garage Sale
Journey to Womanhood: 5th Grade Girls' event