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Weekly Schedule


5:30 pm Wednesday Night Meal: Hot Meal, Fruit, Veggies, Salad & Dessert  (Adults/Teens: $4, Kids Under 10: $3, Fam Max: $14) (D-FH)

6:00 pm Crossover Fine Arts Ministry for Students (MS, Upstairs D)

6:45 pm AWANA for Kids, HH Students, Adult Discipleship, Choir


8:30 am - Adult Bible Life

9:30 am- Worship & Bible Life Classes for Children, Students, and Adults

10:45 am- Worship & Children's Worship in Bldg A, Bible Life Classes for Adults

(information on Adult Bible Life classes can be found at hayshills.com/adults)

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You can find a full listing of upcoming activities at https://hayshills.churchcenter.com/calendar

Lunch with the Pastor this Sunday

Come learn about Hays Hills Baptist Church and enjoy lunch, immediately following second service, D-FH

RSVP to jennifer@hayshills.com

Mission Focus

Sunday Songs
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Prayer Requests

Pray for the Holy Spirit to be at the center of all we do as a congregation and the animating power of all of our ministry (Ephesians 3:16.)

Tony Norris' dad passed away following a long illness. He was 90 years old. He leaves behind Tony's mom and Tony's disabled brother. Pray for Tony and Rebecca as they care for his family. Tony has been with his parents the past few months.

Jeannette Kramer still in rehab. Bill is home from a week in the hospital.

Chuck Green recovering from back surgery. He is hospitalized and there's a complication with leak of spinal fluid. He may go to rehab briefly before going home.

Barbara Crozier waiting for word on back surgery due to hardware issue from previous surgery.

Bob Straub on hospice care.

We are sorry if we have missed any prayer needs among our members. Please let us know: david@hayshills.com

From Pastor Aaron

The Ideal Woman

What should the roles of men and women look like in the home and how should household duties be divided?

What is a woman's responsibility in the workplace?

What should we be teaching our daughters about what they ought to be seeking in life and in marriage?

What should we be teaching our sons to look for in a spouse?

Join me tonight in the fellowship hall at 6:45pm as we continue our study of Proverbs by examining the picture Proverbs 31 paints of the ideal woman.

People and Ping-Pong Balls

I have been greatly encouraged by the opportunities the Lord is giving us to worship with people inside of our building and witness to people outside of it.

If you compare attendance from January through Easter of 2022 with January through Easter of 2023, our attendance is up 15% this year! I'm thankful for the many new faces the Lord has sent to worship alongside us on Sunday mornings and for the new members the Lord continues to add to our congregation. I'm thankful for the many reports I receive of your friendliness in welcoming guests and want to continue to encourage you to introduce yourself to those you have not yet had the chance to meet.

I've also been thankful for the ping-pong balls that are beginning to fill our Tell It To Two foyer display, giving witness to the way in which you are praying for non-believers in our community and speaking to them of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ.

I pray that as you walk in the foyer each week you would: be reminded of the call of Christ to make disciples, take a moment to pray for the salvation of non-believers, and place any corresponding ping-pong balls in the display to serve as a witness and encouragement to others.

May we continue to bring life-changing hope, to an ever-changing people, through the unchanging gospel as we worship with the people God gathers in our building and witness to the people God sends us to outside of it.

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