Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church
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You can access our recorded resources via  www.hayshills.com/recorded-resources

You can access our livestream via  hayshills.live

Our weekly schedule:

9:30am - Worship Outside and Livestream! Weather Permitting (decision will be made by 8:30 a.m. Sunday morning - text @hayshills to 81010 to get the text notification) and if we are unable to worship outside, we'll see you on the live stream at hayshills.live!

11:00 am - Bible Life Livestream w/ Pastor David

Lessons for preschoolers, K-5th, and students available on recorded videos

Noon - Systematic Theology w/ Pastor Aaron

Lessons for preschoolers and K-5th available
Women's Bible Study on Wisdom
6:30pm - Youth Group Livestream

Noon - Systematic Theology w/ Pastor Aaron

Bible Life Teachers are also creating opportunities to gather virtually.  Please contact david@hayshills.com if you need more information about how to be part of that.

It's time to fill those virtual baby bottles!   CTLC's goal is $45,000. Please consider donating and sharing this link with your friends and family. Thank you for your support!

If you choose to send a check, please mail to 
Central Texas Life Care
PO Box 304
San Marcos, TX. 78667

Click here to virtually fill a baby bottle for Central Texas Life Care! 

If you have any questions please call 512-396-3020 or email whitney@txlifecare.org

Thank you for partnering with us to save lives!

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From Pastor Aaron

What a great time of worship on Sunday! My heart overflowed with joy as we assembled to praise the name of Jesus.  Lord willing, we'll be gathering outside on our campus again this Sunday, May 24th, to worship the Lord together.

Service will start at 9:30am. We will be livestreaming the outdoor service at 9:30am as well. Pastor David will stream a Bible Life lesson at 11:00am and our small group Bible Life classes will host their Zoom calls at 11:00am as well.

We will meet in the parking lot behind Bldg. D and Bldg. C. This area of our campus affords us the most shade and allows us to meet even when the ground is wet.

Parking will be available in the front parking lot as well as along the side of Bldg. D and Bldg. A.

We will designate some parking for those who would like to attend the service while remaining in their vehicles. In addition, we hope to have a golf cart to help shuttle people from their parking spaces to the area we are assembling to worship.

How Long Will the Service Be?
Our target is 45 minutes.

How Will We Sing Outdoors Without Screens?
We have lyrics posted to the songs we'll be singing on our website: hayshills.com/sing

What Do I Need to Bring?
Bring lawn chairs to sit in if you have them. We will have folding chairs available for those who would like to make use of them as well. 

Bring printed song lyrics or a digital device you can use to access our website to assist you in singing.

Bring your bible to use as we study God's word together.

Bring your offering to present in worship as we'll have a box you can drop your offering in either before or after the service.

Will We Have Access to Restrooms?
Yes. We will have Bldg. A and Bldg. E open for bathroom use.

Can My Children Play on the Playground?
No. We want to encourage everyone to worship our Lord together. We'll be asking parents to keep their children with their family at all times.

What if it Rains?
In the event that weather prevents us from gathering outside, we will notify you via email as well as text if you have registered to receive text notifications from us.

In the event of inclement weather, we'll livestream the service as we have been except the livestream will occur at 9:30am.


Utilizing Money to Fund Ministry

Due to the present circumstances we are unable to have regular members' meetings. As a result, the church voted to authorize the administration committee, budget & finance committee, and the elders the ability to make decisions on behalf of the church. We do not take this responsibility lightly and want to make you aware of those decisions we make. I'm excited to be able to share with you the recent actions we've taken to utilize money to fund ministry.

On Sunday, May 17th, we voted to move $58,445 from our cash accounts to fund the following ministries:

$16,000 to Missions Possible

Several ministries depend on funds from our annual Missions Possible offering. Due to the current circumstances we have not been able to have our typical push for this offering. However, some of our members give regularly to this offering and we currently sit just a bit above $14,000 given so far. By using $16,000 of these cash reserves we are able to fully fund this offering without requiring a special designated call for funds.

We were able to notify the missions committee of these funds and they have rejoiced with us in God's provision and have voted to allocate the total of $30,000 in Missions Possible funds as follows:

Wade & Denise Strickland (Missionary Partners in Indonesia) - $6,000
Mirik Bible Institute (India) - $4,000
Village of Hope Uganda - $4,000
Help One Now Haiti - $4,000
Benin - $4,000
Central Texas Life Care - $4,000
Transitional Housing for Single Moms - $4,000

$20,000 to Crisis/Benevolence

We are blessed to be able to provide financial assistance to those in our membership as well as those in our community. Due to the present economic circumstances, many are out of work or are facing financial hardships. We believe these are the times in which God would have us to be one of His means of providing for His people. By setting aside an additional $20,000 to our Crisis/Benevolence account we are provided the opportunity to come alongside to assist more in our membership and in our community.

$10,000 to Himalayan Hunger Crisis

Due to the shutdown of the economy, day laborers are often without access to food and without the funds to purchase it. Our missionary partners in the region have been delivering food under government escort and we want to continue to testify to the grace of Jesus Christ in primarily Hindu and Buddhist regions by providing food for the hungry.

$5,000 to Village of Hope Uganda

Food costs in Uganda have risen exponentially due to the locusts terrorizing crops. Village of Hope students have been sent home due to the covid situation, but Village of Hope has been given permission by the government to continue to distribute food to the orphans in the program by delivering it to their guardians. The government has been escorting this food delivery in much the same way as in the Himalayas.

$5,000 to Capital Reserve for AC, Roof, and Parking Lot Maintenance

$2,445 to Central Texas Life Care Baby Bottle Fundraiser 

Central Texas Life Care depends on two primary fundraisers each year: the baby bottle fundraiser which runs from Mother's Day to Father's Day and the annual fundraising banquet in the fall. Unfortunately, due to the present circumstances the baby bottle fundraiser has had to transition into an online fundraiser. At Hays Hills we believe in the mission of Central Texas Life Care to educate, support, and empower women and men facing pregnancy decisions. CTLC exists to encourage parents to choose life for their child and embrace eternal life through salvation in Jesus Christ. 

By sending these funds to CTLC, we help further their mission in our community. You can help as well by giving to the baby bottle fundraiser HERE.

We feel confident in disbursing these funds thanks to the added security we've received through the government aid program. We were able to receive approximately $85,000 in aid, that in partnership with your generosity, provides us the ability to fully fund all of our staff and ministry partners both here and abroad.

Furthermore, while under no obligation to do so, we are praying that at the end of the year the Lord will have provided for us so abundantly that we will be able to send a check back to the United States Treasury Department in the amount of the funds we have received. We believe it will serve as a testimony to the way in which our God has provided for us in the midst of uncertain circumstances.

Would you rejoice with me in the ability to disburse these funds? What an opportunity we have to be used by the Lord to bless our neighbors and the nations! Not us, LORD, but to your name be the glory!

How to Give

You can give online by clicking GIVE

You can give through the ChurchCenter App on your smartphone

You can give by mailing a check to the church office:
Hays Hills Baptist Church
1401 N FM 1626
Buda, TX 78610
How to Give
How to Give

Prayer Requests

Our missionary Scott Placke in the loss of his mother.

Esther Wilson in rehab for injured back.

Patty Thayer hospitalized and may have to have open-heart surgery. Patty deals with a number of health conditions. 

Gloria Holmgren having surgery May 27 on her hip due to malfunctioning hardware.

Dawa and his team in the Himalayas is seeking to feed the many who are going hungry in the region due to economic slowdown. Pray we're able to give generously to help meet these needs.

We know of members who have lost jobs and income.  Please keep the staff and elders aware of your situation so we can pray for you.

Wade & Denise Strickland - large church where many of their students attend had virus spread. Pastor & wife dead along w/ many others.

Matt & Breanna Armand under quarantine in Charlotte, NC.

Village of Hope in Uganda as the virus is now making an impact.

Orphanage in Haiti we support through Help One Now, as Haiti is now having impact of the virus.

Heather Johnson diagnosed with stage 2b triple negative breast cancer and undergoing chemo.

West Oaks rehab/nursing has cases of Covid-19.  

We are sorry if we have missed any prayer needs among our members.  Please let us know: david@hayshills.com