Quick updates from Hays Hills Baptist Church
Wednesday Activities

6:45-8:05 PM
Children Activities (A), Rite of Passage (for 6th graders) (D) Women's Bible Study(E) Men's Bible Study will not meet, Celebration Choir (D), Together in Prayer - Prayer Meeting (D-FH)
6:45-8:30 PM 7th - 12th Grade Bible Study and Worship

On July 7 and 14 Rite of Passage students will be in the Hub collecting food and socks for the Baptist Community Center in Austin.  Here are the items needed:   Socks, Pasta-spaghetti  or noodles,  Spaghetti sauce,  Canned Tuna,  Canned Chicken,  Canned corn,  Canned green beans,  Canned fruit,  Cereal,  Packaged cookies

Please consider donating on July 7 or July 14 - thank you!


Supply List is in the Hub!
We hope you'll join us - please RSVP

Children's Ministry
by Ethan Graves

If you had 1 Hour to work on your to-do list without any interruptions, image all that you could get done! Dishes clean, clothes folded, yard mowed, dogs walked; man, you are on a roll  :)!

In 1 Hour @ HHCM, God is also working mightily! Kids are memorizing scripture, learning how the Bible is one, unified story that leads to Jesus, building a rock solid foundation of faith, making lasting friendships, enjoying crafts, playing games, and so much more  :). Do you have 1 Hour on  Sunday morning or Wednesday night? We would love to have you join the kingdom-building work of HHCM 1 hour at a time. You could serve in a Bible Life class teaching kids Bible lessons, help AWANA clubbers memorize verses, or use your administrative gifts to help keep us organized. The list of opportunities keeps growing because God continually blesses with children in HHCM! 

Visit www.hayshills.com/serve to find out more about how 1 Hour @ HHCM can change a lifetime for our children.

Discipleship and Education
by David Sweet

What are you doing this Sunday at 8:30 or 10:45 AM?
The following are classes which folks attending the 9:30 service can join.  We've got outstanding teachers and great fellowship!

8:30 am Sonrisers class taught by Bill Waller meets in Bldg. D fellowship hall.

At 10:45 am:
Truth Seekers class taught by Bill Deane in Bldg. D, Fellowship Hall.
New class taught by pastor David, D-103 (behind library)
Believers class taught by Ken Rector, Bldg. D, upstairs in the high school room.
Walking in Faith class taught by Jeff Hudgins, Bldg. D upstairs #201   
Alpha & Omega class taught by Eric Patterson, Bldg. D upstairs #202        .
Women of the Word class (W.O.W.)  taught by Glennell Strawn, Bldg. E, E-2.
Top Dead Center Men's class taught by Shawn Lehman and Darryl Swann, Bldg E, E-3.

From Pastor Aaron

" Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain." The opening words of Psalm 127 have been etched upon my heart. When I think about building a new sanctuary and remodeling our existing Bldg. D the hurdles seem almost insurmountable.

Not only are buildings expensive, have you ever tried to redecorate a room with a spouse or a roommate? Arriving at a decision even two people are happy with is often difficult. We're looking at project in which we're not simply considering the desires of two people, we're considering the desires of over 500. On top of that there are fire code restrictions, water quality restrictions, and city code restrictions. And did I mention buildings are expensive?

Every time I look at this project, I see there is no humanly way for this thing to be completed. But that's exactly where the Lord wants us, isn't it? If we could build this in our strength, we'd be building a monument to ourselves. As Luther's old hymn states it:

If we in our own strength confide
our striving would be losing

There's a way to build a church building by your own strength and undermine the mission of the church. So, I'm encouraged by the difficulties I see in our path, because I know that if this project is completed it will be a testimony not to our strength but to the Lord's, a testimony not to our resources but to the Lord's provision, a monument not to our own pride but to the Lord's glory.

Lord, we desire to see our neighbors continue to come to know Jesus and want to provide the room for them to hear of you and join us in worship.

Lord, we desire to see men and women, boys and girls, continue to grow in their understanding of your word and are seeking the room to continue to enlarge our ministries of Bible Life, Bible Study, and AWANA.

Lord, we desire to worship you together as a family. Worshiping you with one voice, together as one people, in one service.

Lord, we thrust ourselves at your feet and readily acknowledge, " Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain."

Brothers and sisters, I pray you'll join us at our members' meeting at 6pm on Sunday, July 21st, to see the latest schematic design and provide important suggestions and feedback.

Titus Women Nominations
The elders are receiving nominations for Titus Women through Sunday, July 14th. You can send nominations by email to me via aaron@hayshills.com

Purpose: Women's discipleship through teaching, counseling, mentoring, and developing future female teachers and leaders

  • Ability to teach and counsel women from the Bible
    • Strong grasp of doctrine
    • Able to communicate well
    • Humble and empathetic spirit
  • Desire to mentor and develop future female teachers and leaders
    • Time to meet weekly with women
    • Passion for identifying and investing in future leaders
Prayer Requests

Bill Hergotz is recovering from heart surgery. 

Julie Clements recovering from breast cancer surgery.

Gary Thomas recovering from spinal surgery.

Kay Hammack recovering from heart surgery
7/19 6:30 pm Single Adult Family Picnic
7/21 12:00 PM Student Ministry Leader Lunch, D-FH
7/26 6:30 PM Women's Paint Night, Bldg A
2-7 PM
8 AM - 4 PM
Donations accepted for Garage Sale for Haiti, Bldg A
Contact Beverly Shelton: sheltonb1954@hotmail.com
8/3 7:00 AM Garage Sale for Haiti
Contact Beverly: sheltonb1954@hotmail.com
8/4 12:00 PM Women's Congregational Meeting
8/21 9:30 AM

6:45 PM
Women's AM Bible Study: Covenant
Women's PM Bible Study: Hosea
9/21 9:00 -11:30 AM Women's Blue Jean Breakfast
10/6 4:30 PM The Major Cults - Study by Bill and Kathy Waller
Women's Communication Styles Event
Registration open: Run for the Hills 5K/10K/Pumpkin Dash

Save the Date: HHCM Mission Camp
Save the Date: Heart of Christmas