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Salutations and Munificent May! 

In this Edition:

  • Pizza Fundraiser + Upcoming Pup-Comedy Fundraiser
  • Pets of the Month
  • Event Results
  • Dedication of Small Animal Room to Late Volunteer Glenn
  • Animal Control Corner
  • Around the Shelter
  • Just For Fun Links To Enjoy From Home

If you have any questions regarding an animal or event featured here, please contact the shelter at (510) 293 - 7200 or contact Volunteer Coordinator Alyse Lui at [email protected]
Did You Know?

You can fill out Lost/Found Forms, Adoption applications, and Foster applications online?

To learn more visit our website: www.haywardanimals.org
Pizza Fundraiser!
TODAY - Thursday May 20th
11am - 10 pm
Round Table Pizza
24704 Amador St. Hayward

Mention Hayward Animal Shelter when you order and 20% of your purchase will come back to the shelter animals.

(510) 783 - 5300
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Pet of The Month
We have a lot of adoptable animals looking for homes at the Hayward Animal Shelter.

Below we shine our adoption spotlight on our Pets of The Month. 
There are LOTS of great rabbits looking for good homes at the Hayward Animal Shelter!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting call the Hayward Animal Shelter (510) 293 - 7200 or visit www.haywardanimals.org/adoptions
Dottie is 7 years young, spayed, and ready to soak up some sun by the pool this summer!

Dottie is an absolute belly rub queen who loves getting attention from her favorite people and chillaxing on a comfy couch or by your side. She likes being the center of attention and would prefer to be the only pet in the household. We think she'd do great in a home with older children and adults.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting call the Hayward Animal Shelter (510) 293 - 7200 or visit www.haywardanimals.org/adoptions
Nena is a sweet, smart, 7 year old girl who knows “sit”, “shake”, and “down”. She enjoys playing fetch and going on walks, and would love a home with older children and adults.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting call the Hayward Animal Shelter (510) 293 - 7200 or visit www.haywardanimals.org/adoptions
Daicca Blue is a 5 year old female who is very shy and very sweet. Daicca takes all things at her own pace and does not like to be rushed. She is looking for a family that is patient, gentle, and kind to help her build her confidence up.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting call the Hayward Animal Shelter (510) 293 - 7200 or visit www.haywardanimals.org/adoptions
Small Animal Room Dedicated
to Late Volunteer Glenn Pedersen
Last year, after the passing of beloved volunteer, Glenn Pedersen, the decision was made to dedicate the Small Animal Room in memory of Glenn.

Generous, creative and incredibly talented volunteer, Wendy T. , stepped up to create the signage which was completed recently and is installed outside the Small Animal Room.

We want to say an extra big and special THANK YOU to Wendy for the absolutely beautiful job she did on Glenn's memorial sign, renaming the room "Glenn's Haven" as it was one of his favorite places to be.
In Memory of Glenn L. Pedersen

Glenn became a pet pal volunteer in 2016 and quickly became a staple at the shelter. Glenn was extremely dedicated coming in 3+ days a week to help enrich the lives of countless rabbits, cats, and all small animals. He was incredibly compassionate and observant of the shelter animals and was often the first to alert the staff of medical or health concerns. Glenn was enthusiastic and was always willing to offer his time and assistance.

The Hayward Animal Shelter is forever grateful for Glenn's kindness and service. He will be forever missed.
Bissell ETS Event Results
May 5th - 8th was our first adoption event of the year: Bissell Empty the Shelter!

The Hayward Animal Shelter had 3 cat adoptions.

Nationally 4,417 pets were adopted and 249 pets went into foster-to-adopt.

We were glad to be part of such a fantastic national event!
Animal Control Corner
Spring has Sprung!

Our Animal Control Officers have been busy with all the usual calls- dogs running-at-large, welfare checks, bite reports...and lots of wildlife calls!

Below is a photo of a snake rescue done by Animal Control Officer Kulas earlier this month. This poor gopher snake was tangled in mesh from tail to teeth.

As the weather warms snakes become more active. Many people are afraid of snakes, but snakes actually make great wild neighbors! They are fantastic rodent control, they never bark or make a lot of noise, and they like to keep to themselves.

The Bay Area only has one species of venomous snake, which is the Pacific Coast Rattlesnake. Gopher snakes like the one in this photo often mimic rattlesnakes in coloration and behavior to try to scare predators away. They will even shake their tails and rustle leaves to mimic the sound of a rattle!

If you come across a snake in your yard, don't panic. Most of the time if you simply give the snake some space, it will move along on it's own and no additional action will be needed by you. If it is a rattlesnake and you are worried it presents a safety concern you can call your local animal control to remove it. However, please note that like other snake species, rattlesnakes usually move along on their own if you just give them some space.

Rattlesnakes are not known for being aggressive and they are much more likely to rattle their tails and look for an opportunity to slither away than to bite. In fact, well over half of all snake bites that occur are due to people not leaving the snake alone, even after the snake uses body language to ask for space.

Less than 221 people in ALL of California are bitten by snakes annually, which is just 1.4 bites per 100,000 people. That makes snakes less dangerous than ladders, trees, dogs, or even large TV's and lightning strikes to humans.

So let's celebrate and not fear our incredible and wonderful wild snake neighbors!

Also a big round of applause to ACO Kulas for helping to free this gopher snake!
New From Around the Shelter
Student Spotlight
A big THANK YOU to generous student Andalyn who decided to use her service project for the shelter animals! She gathered in-kind donations of pet food, litter boxes, toys, and more and brought them to the animal shelter! We have already started using many of the toys she brought for the shelter cats and kittens.

THANK YOU, Andalyn!
Kitten Season is in FULL swing at the Hayward Animal Shelter!

Many people have asked "where are all the kittens?" when they come into the shelter and only see a couple kittens available for adoptions.

The answer? In Foster!
Many of the kittens that come into the Hayward Animal Shelter are too young to be adopted, so they go into foster homes where they can grow strong and healthy, become socialized to people, and learn to be great cats!

When they are old enough to eat on their own and big enough to be spayed or neutered (usually around 2 months and 2lbs of weight) they are brought back to the shelter to be adopted!

Sometimes, the kittens don't need to come back to the shelter at all. Often our rescue partners pull straight from our foster homes OR sometimes the foster falls so in love with their foster kitten they end up keeping it!

Interested in become a kitten foster or adopting a kitten?
Visit our website using the buttons below or call (510) 293 - 7200 to learn more.
Some of our fosters have Instagrams where they track the progress of their kittens.

Check out the Instagrams of some of our fosters:


Please note that the kittens on these accounts are NOT available for adoption, they are too young and that is why they are being fostered.

If you are interested in adopting a kitten please visit www.haywardanimals.org/adoptions to see available kittens.
Things for you to enjoy and explore!
Rabbit Safe Toys, Clumping Cat Litter, Newspapers, Redbarn Meat Logs, and Dog Kongs of All Sizes are high on the shelter Wishlist. So are front-tie smocks and Sensi Petsafe Easy Walk Harnesses Sizes Medium and Large.

Check out our wishlist below, or visit our Amazon Wishlists: