"The Hayward-Centric"
from former Hayward City Council Member Anna May

-Farewell Reception for two of our favorite people
-Red White & Blue Pit Bull Adoption Event
-Housing Development Approved for Downtown
-What's next for the Mt. Eden High School Alumni Association & Educational Foundation?

Al Parso _ Andy York
Farewell Reception! Wednesday June 21st 
7-9 p.m.

How wonderful it is to have folks move into a neighborhood, dive right in to help improve it and the community at large and step up to serve in positions of leadership. 

That's exactly what Al & Andy did. They served on the Historic Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association as President/board members and on the planning committee for SantaCon Hayward to help raise money for pet adoptions. Both of them have helped get local grass-roots candidates elected to public office. My husband Greg and I have had the personal privilege of serving alongside Al & Andy for these efforts.

Al also served as City of Hayward Planning Commissioner, bringing his much-needed frank and honest opinions to the table. 

If you've had the opportunity to meet Al Parso and Andy York, now (Al & Andy Parso-York), then please join us to wish them a warm farewell!

Red, White & Blue Adoption Event! Show your patriotism and adopt a pet by Independence Day!

Pit bull adoption fees are PAID for qualified homes during the Saturday June 24th adoption event! 

Sponsored by the SantaCon Hayward fundraising efforts,  nearly a HUNDRED pet adoptions have been sponsored by the fundraising efforts of SantaCon Hayward. 

The 6th Annual SantaCon Hayward is on Saturday, December 2nd, 2017. Join us!

Anna May speaks about the housing development approved for Downtown Hayward
Anna May speaks about the housing development approved for Downtown Hayward

All the energy and activity in Downtown Hayward is exciting! Since this news story aired, the project ran into a snag.

Hopefully any delays won't cause an already expensive housing market to end up costing people more to live here...

Fingers crossed! 
Tina Le
Mt. Eden High School

Tina Le of Mt. Eden High School recently received the first Danny Montenegro Memorial Art Scholarship.

Danny Montenegro (Class of 1987) was a very popular and well-loved artist in Hayward. He passed away suddenly recently and in his memory, his family has funded an art scholarship with the support of the Hayward Arts Council.

If you're interested in donating, please reply to this e-mail or visit the website at   www.MtEdenAlumni.org for more information about the programs the alumni association supports at any given time. 

Anna May, President
Mt. Eden High School Alumni Association & Educational Foundation