Tennyson High STEM Program
Motivates  Female Professionals

Janett Hernandez and Sandra Navarro are working with Xochitl Leon and Diana Albarran Chicas on a grant proposal to take their students to a conference on Saturday April 26th at Canada Community College in Redwood City. The conference is connected to a statewide program called LISTAS. LISTAS (Latinas in STEM to Achieve Success) is an organization headquartered in the Bay Area that encourages and motivates young women to prepare for professional careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math and management fields.)


LISTAS looks to provide exposure to high tech companies and career development in a professional

Janett Hernandez 

environment for both Students and Parents. They also introduce Students and Parent to local colleges and universities STEM programs. LISTAS continues to create awareness of industry and educational events and programs while partnering with mentoring programs to provide mentoring service for the young women in their program.


With the efforts of all, they hope to foster an experience that will ignite the interest and passion for STEM.


This year the Hayward Education Foundation will feature the LISTAS program at our annual Gala event and we will ask for support for their special College Prep program.  We are looking forward to a full house at this years Gala on April 4.  The students will be helping serve food and selling raffle tickets. This year's Gala is special because it will involve student bands and dancing.  


We look forward to your support in helping Ms. Hernandez and Ms. Navarro attend this exciting conference.  If you would like to make a contribution to assist Ms. Hernandez and Ms Navarro in providing transportation to the conference for their students, please email us.

buck a month

Deanna Costello
Welcome Deanna Costello
Hayward Education would like to welcome its new administrative assistant, Deanna Costello.  Deanna brings a fresh perspective to HEF.  Her business background in strategic marketing, event planning and customer service will be a great asset to this organization.
Deanna brings strong support to HEF.  She and her husband are very excited about the School Districts Bi-Lingual Program in which students can become fluent in two languages.  She will also assisting the Hayward Education Association.  Now Deanna is fully immersed in the Hayward School District.  
Preparing for the 2014 HEF Gala
  • Theme: "The Great Gatsby"
  • Date: April 4th, 2014
  • Location: Cal State East Bay, Student Union
  • Ticket Price: $50.00 

This years "Great Gatsby Gala" will feature live music from our local High School Music Groups, Roaring 20's dancing, Silent Auctions and Fund Raising Raffles. This is a new format for HEF and we are looking forward to a rousing good time to be had by all.  Remember all the money raised at this events will go into the classroom of Hayward Schools.

Making Alameda County Stronger

Wells Fargo bank is the single most generous donor to the Hayward Education Foundation. HEF has been able to double the number of grants given to the Hayward schools because of Wells Fargo's recent county wide grant programs. The Hayward Education Foundation is proud to share that we have received $69,000 from Wells Fargo during the past three years. Through this funding we have been fortunate to provide an additional 20 classroom grants a year to teachers.  HEF can now provide help to basic programs in the classrooms such as funding art and science supplies the schools may not be able to provide.  Due to budget cuts in recent years these programs have suffered and Wells Fargo Bank has encouraged the continuation of these programs with their generous contributions.

Wells Fargo has a deep commitment to help their customers and team members prosper and to 
Mayor Mike Sweeny  at a Wells Fargo Sponsored Event  
make our communities stronger. As part of that commitment, the bank granted more than $4.1 million to schools and nonprofits in Alameda County last year. This financial institution's commitment to education and the young people in the community is phenomenal

Wells Fargo announced last year their commitment to lend a cumulative of $55 billion to women-owned businesses by 2020.  Nearly 30 percent of businesses in the U.S. are owned by women today and financial institutions, like Wells Fargo,  are adding services and programs specially geared towards women entrepreneurs. Wells Fargo announced last year their commitment to lend a cumulative of $55 billion to women-owned businesses by 2020.   
In Hayward, recent grant requests from programs like Puente, Avid and STEM address
Mayor Sweeny  helping serve Thanksgiving dinner at Eden Housing 
the same issue of women in business and have encouraged young females to major in business related fields when they attend colleges.  The Hayward Education Foundation is committed to continuing their partnership with Wells Fargo in encouraging these programs.

The bank's commitment to education is met with equal support for other non-profits as well. Just recently, a team of Wells Fargo team members joined Hayward Mayor, Mike Sweeney, during the Thanksgiving holiday to prepare lunch and feed seniors at Eden Housing's Josephine Lum Lodge in Hayward. Truly a family and community affair Wells Fargo team members had the opportunity to bring their children to this festive event, share a nice meal and engage in wonderful conversation about their holiday wishes and what they were thankful for at this festive event.

Recently Wells Fargo has also partnered with the Hayward Chamber of Commerce to sponsor a series of business luncheons and downtown street parties, where the famous Wells Fargo Stagecoach was present. The bank always is interested in supporting local businesses in the Hayward area.  

Another Hayward High school graduate who was "made in Hayward" is  Tim Silva, Vice President Community Development Manager with a team serving the San Francisco Greater Bay Area graduated from Hayward High School in 1974 and received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Cal State Hayward now known as Cal State East Bay. Tim has worked for Wells Fargo bank for 40 years and began his career at the Southland office in Hayward as a bank teller.  Tim is proud to support the Hayward Education Foundation and has expanded it's vision to include a
$9,000 scholarship in Wells Fargo's name for graduating seniors in the Hayward Unified School district.

Thank you Wells Fargo Bank for you continued support. 
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Named Grant  
The Named Grant is one of the best ways for organizations and businesses to 
participate with the Hayward Education Foundation (HEF). The Name Grant is 
one specifically given to education programs with the donor's name attached. 
Named Grants allow   the donors to designate their support to a specific  
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  Fairview Falcons Flying High! 
bruce robertsIn sixth grade, my Baywood School softball team traveled to Fairview School.   I remember making a good catch at shortstop,  but Fairview won the game.  
I mentioned this today, as a product of Hayward schools, speaking to an auditorium full of Fairview students about Made in Hayward, the pride  project pushed by Hayward School Superintendent Stan Dobbs. 

Fairview's assembly was just one of similar events going on all over the district on January 24, 2014, as Hayward students and staff took the "Made in Hayward" pledge.

Everyone was treated to a school district video, with local leaders such as Superintendent Dobbs and Mayor Mike Sweeney urging everyone to endorse this program.


Those reciting the  "Made in Hayward" adult pledge vowed to provide the leadership necessary to give kids the preparation and access to college.  The students pledged to do whatever was necessary to be prepared, to gain that access.  

What ties both pledges together is the dominant theme that Hayward schools can take determined students through a successful education leading to a successful career-all the way from pre school through elementary, middle school, high school,  junior college,  college, and graduate school.   At Cal-State East Bay,  they can even achieve a Ph.D.


Thus as the students loudly and proudly followed Principal John Melvin in saying the pledge aloud,  the whole huge room rose to a crescendo at the last line:



Talk, of course, is cheap.   There's much work to be done between pledging and achieving.   But a program that generates such mental enthusiasm for education is a terrific place to start


Bruce Roberts

Born in Hayward

Graduated Hayward High in 1964,

B.A. and Reading Specialist Credential from Cal-State Hayward

Retired from teaching after 35 years  

Made in Hayward! 

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