He Defended Us, Let's Defend Him!
Decorated combat-disabled Veteran being sued by a lawyer for exercising his constitutional free speech rights - the very rights he fought so bravely for us to keep!  

A 100% combat related disabled veteran is being sued by a family law lawyer for "defamation" for posting a courtroom video of her online showing how disrespectful he thought she was to the judge in the case.  Concerned Americans are rallying to his cause by setting up a defense fund to support his efforts.
Steve Sanson is a 6 year Marine veteran of Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and served another 6 years as an active army reservist.  He is 100% combat-related disabled.  He heads a non-profit group called "Veterans In Politics International, Inc." ("VIPI") that has worked tirelessly, and for no pay, for over 15 years to root out government corruption and to lobby for the rights of veterans.  Through VIPI, Steve writes a blog and hosts a weekly internet radio show to shed light and to educate the public on these topics. 
Why does he do it?  Because he refuses to sit idly by and watch our brave soldiers, air force, coast guard, navy and marines put their lives on the line to protect our rights around the world only to have them gutted by corruption and unscrupulous behavior back home.  He believes that our democracy depends on speaking out in the face of injustice.  His motto is "if you turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to corruption, you are just as guilty as the perpetrators committing the injustice."  And his work has paid off - VIPI lobbied for the establishment of Veterans Court in Nevada, got the state to identify veterans on drivers' licenses so that police can de-escalate potential problems with victims of PTSD, lobbied and got mandatory veteran de-escalation classes to be part of the police curriculum, helped set up a USO lounge at the airport for traveling soldiers, etc.  But Steve is not a wealthy man.  He takes no salary for his work.  He and VIPI need our help to defend against this lawsuit. 
The family law lawyer who is suing him threw "the kitchen sink" at him in the complaint, including "emotional distress" (really?? what family law lawyer suffers emotional distress when described as overzealous?), harassment, and ridiculous racketeering claims.  See a copy of the complaint here .  She even sued everyone on the VIPI charter and they had nothing to do with what the lawyer is complaining about!  Frankly, if anything corroborates Steve's characterization of this lawyer as overzealous, it's her very own complaint! 
Let's help Steve and VIPI defend themselves against this sad lawsuit.  Protect our free speech rights -- the very rights that Steve fought so bravely on and off the battlefield to defend for us. 
Any amounts raised over the amount used for the lawsuit will be donated to Opportunity Village, a non-profit established in 1954 that helps adults in Southern Nevada who have intellectual and related disabilities.  Click here
for the website. 
Please donate today and pass this along to others who can help.  God bless you, our veterans, our freedom of speech and America!  Steve, "we've got your back!" 
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