he knows that his mother didn't want him, he seems sure of that.
he knows that the person who was to care for him, made him work. 
like a slave.
he knows hunger. and pain. 
he knows that life is hard. 
he can curse like a sailor.
he showed me scars and I know i didn't hide my horror at the  how .
he reassured me he was okay. 
he reassured me.

and then after some discussion, 
he trusted me.
he gave me a chance.
he let me hug him.
and he listened to my promise of love and safety.
and with big brown eyes, he took my hand and walked in the big doors of this home.

and I am amazed...

At the sheer gravity of his little life.
and at his strength and resilience.
He is lovable. 
He is worthy of care.
He is worthy for me to fight for his rights to have an identity 
and to have someday,
a Family of his own. 

And that is my prayer. 
That I can honor him. 

Charity Graff
Executive Director
Taekwondo Update
Nine competitors from Gentle Hands took part in the 2020 Quezon City Development Taekwondo Championships at St. Patrick School of Quezon City on February 2, 2020

These representatives competed in the Gradeschool, Cadet and Junior Women divisions.
Our children came away with six medals including three silver and three gold medals.
Our taekwondo instructors are amazing with our children and provide excellent instruction, encouragement and support for all members of our Taekwondo team. They inspire our children to be the best that they can possibly be and we are so proud of all their efforts.
Staff feature
Whatever you give, will make a difference as we work in bringing care,
healing and hope to children in crisis.
Please email us at nathan.wheeley@gentlehands.org for more details.