Clarence Jordan: The deep thinker who inspired Millard Fuller ... and a movement
Millard Fuller's quote about Clarence Jordan sums up what he thought of the theologian who founded historic Koinonia Farm as a "demonstration plot for the Kingdom of God."

Millard admired Clarence's commitment to building a better world. He was impressed with his concern for others, especially the poor. He was inspired by Clarence's courage to stand up for what was right in a world that accepted many wrongs, such as segregation and violence.

But most of all ...

Millard deeply respected this theologian who not only knew the Bible inside and out but who also tried to live as he believed Jesus wanted us to. Clarence talked the talk, and he walked the walk.

We sat down for a conversation with Fuller Center President David Snell to talk about Clarence's life and the principles he established for uplifting and empowering the poor — the same "enlightened charity" principles that continue to guide our ministry to this day.

Linda Fuller has said that Millard's final years on Earth after founding The Fuller Center in 2005 were some of the happiest years of his life. That's because they launched The Fuller Center as a return to the roots that can be traced much further back than 2005 — roots that trace back to the 1960s to Koinonia Farm and a deep-thinking theologian who was also a man of action, a man many saw as the Christian's Christian.
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New Nepalese homeowner families express their gratitude

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Summer ride has final build day today; journey ends tomorrow

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New York City Mayor Eric Adams volunteers at build-a-thon

The mayor of America’s largest city showed up at John F. Kennedy High School in The Bronx on Saturday to swing a hammer and run a chop saw during a build-a-thon at which volunteers built furniture for formerly homeless veterans to thank them for their service. The event was held by The Fuller Center of Greater New York City in partnership with the New York City Department of Veterans’ Services.
VIDEO: President David Snell discusses Clarence Jordan