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Calendar at a Glance

8/18 Dogwood Pizza Night

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your patience as we work out all the kinks in digital learning. We have appreciated the feedback, suggestions and positive comments from our parents. As I walked around the building, popping into Zoom sessions, I saw students that were excited to be learning, laughter, conversations all taking place. I am so proud of the work our teachers are doing to engage students in this digital world. We are thankful for the parent support of their children. Even though this is not the way we envisioned our school year to begin, we will work to make it the best experience possible.
Here are a few reminders about digital learning.
  • Students should log into all Zoom live sessions.
  • Students should be seated at a desk or table.
  • Students should not be eating during their live sessions.
  • When students log into a session, they should mute themselves until called on.
  • It might be helpful to write down the live session times at the start of the day. You could set an alarm to help you keep track of the times.
  • All students should be on their own device. If you are in need of a device, the school has them to loan out. You can request one on our web page under digital learning.
Lunch will be served daily Monday through Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00. Parents can order lunch daily on our web page. This will help our cafeteria staff to make sure we have enough food prepared.
The Million Word Challenge has begun! Who will beat Ms. Johnson to a million words? To compete, students read a book and take an AR test. The words in the book are recorded if the student passes the test. Students can read books online or check them out from the media center. Parents can also compete. Parents that are interested in joining the completion can simply sign up for AR on MyPaymentsPlus.
Are you looking for volunteer opportunities? Look no further! We are in need of representatives on our School Council board and our safety committee. The School Council meets four times a year and the safety committee meets every other month. Please email me at lisa.marie.johnson@gcpsk12.org if you are interested in joining either of these groups.
I look forward to working with all of you throughout this year. Please feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns you may have. Have a great weekend.

Welcome back to school!  While it looks a little different than we are used to, PTA is excited to be back with our favorite students, teachers and staff!  Have you renewed or joined PTA for the 2020-2021 school year? For just $6 you can help provide our students with amazing programs, activities and enrichments.  
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Your support directly benefits our school!

If you would like to volunteer, please contact any PTA Executive Committee member, we would love to have you!



Media Center
              Summer Accelerated Reading Champion
Congratulations to all students who read over the summer! 
Our top reader was Biniam Deneke with over 4 million words!
The top 25 summer readers from May 26-July 31, 2020 were:
  1.  Biniam Deneke
  2.  Ji Zhang
  3.  Caitlyn Pinheiro
  4.  Samanyu Chaudhary
  5.  Kasey Stallworth
  6.  Max Carnathan
  7.  Maria Branch
  8.  Abigail Solomon
  9.  Amran Solomon
  10.  Lauren Weigle
  11.  Gustavo Rico
  12.  Carlos Sanchez
  13.  Alinda Griffith
  14.  Lisa Johnson (our principal!)
  15. Penelope Sanchez
  16.  Tristan Velarde
  17.  Annamaria Sutojo
  18.  Edan Shiferaw
  19.  Ranye Zhao
  20.  Eleanor Knapp
  21. Noah Teshale
  22.  Xinye Zhao
  23. Maliyah Jones
  24.  Charles Trumbull
  25.  Brandon Griffith 
We have started a new reading challenge, so read on, Broncos!  Here are the results from last school year! 


 5/23/2019 - 5/25/2020

Schoolwide Champion
Biniam Deneke   10,736,705 words

Million Word Club
Biniam Deneke
Mrs. Maria Branch
Nobel Yemane
Kasey Stallworth
Gavin Zhang
Reashme Rai
Caitlyn Pinheiro
Ji Zhang
Brewer Baker
Brielle Phillips
Brady Johnson
Sofia Chacon
Keegan Shaw
Mrs. Shann Griffith
Michael Iby
James Watson
Samanyu Chaudhary
Jacob Phillips
Alice Croke
Max Carnathan
Mrs. Lisa Johnson
Madelyn Kang
Tomela Miller
Max Gold
Jayden McKibben
Melat Zelalem
Astrid Bruneau
Amy Nguyen

Half Million Word Club!
Baer Bailey
Abigail Solomon
Levi Clark
Evonne Guyton
Asher Hezlep
Caleb Hailu
Isaac Newton
Karim Shaikh
Rama Yalew
Nathan Reh
Sydney Acord
Ethan Bui

Quarter Million Word Club!
Samiya Padaniya
Hunter Ward
Amran Solomon
Nathan Cox
Aaron Vu
Alaina Sampson
Llondin Dawson
Andrew Glover
William Sheppard
Alisha Monger
Kian Nikoupour
Ava Savage
Matthew Nguyen
Dhyan Patel
Carlos Sanchez
Ezra Sorensen
Iretioluwa Oyerinde
Christine Samuel
Lauren Weigle
Camden Britt
Annamaria Sutojo
Gustavo Rico
Murphy Baratto
Baylie Ryals
Jasmine Fevrier
Lillian Tundidor
Roberta Paul-Tafur
Kristian Wimbly
Vincent Tuck
Jocelyn George
Gabriella Woodall
Will Hummer
Jett Roberts
Tammy Biruk
Joann Skaria
Sarah Ramirez
Gabriella Gatewood
Micah Grim
David Shogbesan
Brennan Shaw
Kara Hilario
Mohammed Lallo

Here is new information on how to put a book on hold. This is a change since the decision was made to have in-person instruction. The former times conflicted with car riders. In addition, the link to the media catalog was down so please try again if you were unable to get to the catalog. Thank you and happy reading! 


Usernames & Passwords
Returning students have the same username & password as last year. Can't remember your username & password? 
Please contact your child's teacher instead of calling the Front Office: https://www.gcpsk12.org/heades/staff
New Students & Kindergarten Students: You should have received your login information during In-Person Open House. 
If you were unable to attend, please contact your child's teacher: https://www.gcpsk12.org/heades/staff

Need help getting to the Student Portal and your teacher's eCLASS page? https://bit.ly/2PwDM8Y

Student Portal Temporary Change
In order to assist in Portal traffic flow, a temporary change has been made to the Student Portal. Therefore the icons your students may be used to seeing are currently not there.
To get to your teacher's eCLASS Course page, click on My eCLASS Course Pages.
To access your student's G Suite (Google for Education) account and Google Classroom, click on G Suite for Education.

The district will restore the standard Student Portal as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Accessing G Suite & Google Classroom
This year, many of our teachers will be using Google Classroom.
Please follow these steps for setting up your student's GCPS Google account for the first time.

Submitting Assignments in Google Classroom: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYj22tGk4v

Additional Google Classroom Resources: https://bit.ly/3kJ5wWk

Mobile Devices & Digital Learning
If you will be using a mobile device for digital learning, please make sure to load the following apps to your device.

-Google Chrome
-Google Classroom
-Google Drive
-Google Docs
-Google Sheets
-Google Slides

All of these apps are free and can be found in your device's app store.

Once you have downloaded these apps to your device, use these directions to guide you through connecting the Google apps to your child's GCPS Google account: https://bit.ly/3itCMyV


Personal Chromebooks
If you are using a personal Chromebook, it will default to your personal Google account when trying to open Google items which can cause issues when trying to open items that are restricted for GCPS accounts only.

Please follow these directions for adding the student GCPS account as a separate profile on their Chromebook.

School Chromebooks
Directions: https://bit.ly/30OHpgZ
IMPORTANT - You must connect to your home WiFi network FIRST before logging in. View the help guide above for directions. (Note-If the Portal is down like it was today for a time, students will not be able to log into the school Chromebook until the site is up & running again.)

Adding Zoom to School Chromebooks: https://bit.ly/2PNMEHr

Tip: Please make sure to download Zoom instead of trying to use the web browser.

Unfortunately, YouTube videos will most likely not work whether on a personal computer or school computer if the student is logged in under the GCPS G Suite.
This is due to district restrictions that are placed on student Google accounts.

There's an App for That!
eCLASS Access via the Pulse App (both iOS and Android): https://bit.ly/3iEiMK3

StudentVUE Mobile App for GCPS Students: https://bit.ly/2Y3u9TX
New for the 2020-2021 school year, GCPS students can use their smartphones to access StudentVUE to find grades, schedules, and more!

Digital Learning Information
Please visit our website for additional information on Digital Learning: https://www.gcpsk12.org/heades/digitallearning

BOX TOPS ARE GOING DIGITAL - Be sure to register with the NEW Box Top app. Choose R.D. Head as your school (friends and family can do it too! Near or far!) and scan your receipts to digitally send your Box Tops in to us. Each Box Top is worth 10ยข for our school. **You may still find the old pink Box Tops on items. When you do, clip the Box Tops from the packages and send them to your child's teacher. The old box tops are still good until their expiration date!** 

Check out this video https://youtu.be/Hh94b2BvFK4 for more details!

Visit MyPaymentsPlus to contribute.