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at a Glance
Dear Parents, 

Thanks to all the parents who have participated in the Step-It-Up fundraiser. We have reached our goal of $16,000 for additional Chromebooks for the school. The more we raise, the closer we will get to having one-to-one computers. Congratulations to our first mini-fridge winner, Miriam Hallet from Ms. Auten's class. We still have one more week to go. All you have to do to get prizes is send out emails.

Please be on the lookout for a parent survey. The survey will be sent via email from the district. This survey is important to our school. Please take a few minutes to fill this out when it arrives in your inbox.

Please remember that our in-person students should not be joining our digital classrooms when they are out sick. The only time in-person students should move to digital learning is if they are quarantined due to Covid. We do want to make sure you are keeping your child home if they are sick, but this would be treated like a normal sick day and the student would just be out sick. Do not forget to email your teacher the reason your child is out sick. That way, they will be marked excused for the absence.

Have a great weekend! Don't forget to encourage your child to read every night and make sure they are taking AR tests.
GREAT job so far to all of our students working hard to raise money for Chromebook and classroom supplies for our teachers! We are making AWSOME progress and we cannot wait to see our final results. As a reminder, everyone who sends out 10 emails or text messages will be entered to win an iPad!!!! There is still time to register and raise money for our school at: www.stepitupkids.com/RDHead30047

As you may have heard, we are having an exciting yearbook this year, with submissions from parents making up the majority of the yearbook.  So far, we have two challenges for submissions.  
Our August challenge: Submissions are closed!
Our September challenge: Submissions are closed!
October Yearbook Challenge: Submissions are closed!
November Yearbook Challenge: Take a hike, walk your neighborhood, go on a bike ride, scooter ride, roller skating, roller blading
December Yearbook Challenge: Bake something fun and share it with a friend or your family, make a holiday card and share it, or capture an act of kindness!
January yearbook Photo Challenge- Visit a museum, find a piece of art or sculpture that you like or  Create your own art! Take a pic with it!

Submit full resolution photos to Rdheadyearbook@gmail.com
Follow us on Facebook for more information: https://www.facebook.com/HeadPTA

If you would like to volunteer, please contact any PTA Executive Committee member, we would love to have you!



Congrats to everyone who read and took AR quizzes in January!  Here are the top 3 from every grade. Overall, we read 8,294,649 for the month! We started the new challenge for February on 2/1/2021. Can't wait to see the top 3 in every grade at the end of the month! AR will be down from 8pm Friday to 6 am Sat THIS WEEK only for upgrades. If it is not working, that will be why and you can try again.  

London McKibbenTundidor38,379
Louis NguyenPetric13,362
Avery NocksOdum10,699
1st Grade
Yonaha AbateCochran58,273
William PieperCochran57,976
Sonia BehlmannStallworth47,729
Kaylee ZhuCochranalmost 3rd!     
2nd Grade
Annamaria SutojoLee183,421
Charles TrumbullBryant156,070
Noah TeshaleFenchak111,841
3rd Grade
Biniam DenekeLopez1,662,284
Caitlyn PinheiroMcAlexander836,876
Samanyu ChaudharyMitchell243,875
4th Grade
Jimmy ZhangCompton479,925
Brielle PhillipsWallace223,648
Gavin ZhangAuten146,479
5th Grade
Michael IbyNeighbors869,493
Gabriella WoodallSchaefer250,493
Kasey StallworthGalindo240,321
Mrs. Branch301,191
Mr. Nocks90,195
Mrs. L. Johnson41,257

Virtual Book Fair
Save the dates!  Online shopping will begin Feb 27 and run through March 12.  Click the link below or share with family and friends for them to add $ to your student ewallets to purchase books!  

Your child can shop with ewallet just like in person!   The new difference with eWallet is this feature will now act like a debit and anything not spent will carry over to the next book fair.   If you add $25 and only spend $20.50, the balance of $4.50 will be ready for the next fair.   If you switch to a new school that has Scholastic,  you will still be able to use it!  Or you can used it at the Scholastic store online (not eligible for the in-class sale flyers.)  This feature option will be available on Saturday, Feb 6 to share with family and friends!   Shopping opens Saturday Feb 27!  It's time to stock up on Spring reading!

Happy Reading! 

Looking Ahead... 
Next Week - Fundraiser Continues
2/12 Teacher & Student Holiday
2/14 Valentine's Day
2/15 Student Holiday
2/16 Dogwood Pizza Night
2/17-2/18 Early Release (Conferences) 12:50 PM