September 19, 2018

Dear Northland Family,
Classes are already well underway, and we are looking forward to another excellent year, thanks to the efforts of our committed faculty, staff, and administrative team. They all planned, prepared, and executed an exceptional start to our 2018-19 school year.
At Northland, we continually give our best in the present while also investing in the future. A few years ago, Northland launched a capital campaign called “One Family – One Mission – One Campus.” After evaluating Northland’s immediate and long-term needs, we will restart that campaign, but with an updated vision for the future.
In the summer of 2017, we temporarily hit the “pause” button on the capital campaign, mainly because of our concern that campus consolidation was not due to occur until the third and final phase of that project, indefinitely keeping the elementary school at its current location. We felt we needed to reevaluate the project, and that our priority should be a plan that would unite Northland onto one campus in the first phase. With campus consolidation as our primary objective, we relaunched our capital campaign.
After several months of negotiations and a number of property assessments, the decision was made to purchase the property adjacent to the secondary campus. We will be finalizing architectural plans and getting permits, with the goal of beginning renovations around December 1.
The building when completed will have eight secondary classrooms, administrative offices, and our international student center. Building 1 will become the high school administrative office and contain additional classrooms. Building 7 will be renovated and become the new elementary and preschool.
In addition to these plans, we have a team designing a new playground and assessing class assignments and student traffic. We also have plans to replace aging air conditioning units and update fire safety and security across the campus. We are making arrangements to use off-campus gymnasium facilities until we are able to add a new gym, weights and conditioning room, and locker rooms in the next phase of development.
Our goal is to complete our campus consolidation project by the beginning of next school year, with all the renovations and additions completed. We will continue to raise strategic funds to complete these projects, so that we can start next year as one campus, with the elementary school moved into their new classrooms. Accomplishing this will take a great deal of planning and commitment from everyone in the Northland family.
We will be kicking off our annual fund, beginning in late September. The annual fund is a crucial part of the Northland budget, bridging the gap between tuition and expenses. Consequently, we rely on the support of Northland families to supplement tuition dollars so Northland is able to continue providing an excellent educational experience for our students.

This is a very ambitious plan to accomplish in one year. Making the timing work on the construction and renovation, moving classrooms and offices, and receiving the financial gifts necessary to keep our projects moving, while meeting our August 2019 deadline, will require God’s help. It will also require the commitment of the Northland Family. I believe we are up to the challenge. If we have to extend the timeline, it will not be for lack of effort on our part.
Join us in making Northland one campus, where excellence is expected every day. More details will be coming soon!

Have a blessed year,
David Pruett, Head of School