May 6, 2021
Dear Northland Families,

Thank you all for your generosity and support during an unusual 2020-21 school year--for adapting to a campus with COVID protocols and for your contributions to Northland's Annual Fund and last month's Black & Gold fundraiser.

As we get ready to close out the school year, we have been given a wonderful opportunity of which we would like to take full advantage.
A generous donor has offered to match and double all donations given between now and the end of May up to $25,000, which would turn that $25,000 into $75,000 for Northland.

We have a lengthy list of campus improvements that we still want to accomplish at Northland. This includes securing new laptops for faculty--by our calculations, 46 of them need to be updated. We are ordering signage for the DeAnna Graves Building (Building 7), but, before we install the signs, we would like to clean, seal, and paint the exterior of the building. We also need to restore the walkways in front of Buildings 6 and 7 with a non-slip surface and replace several exterior doors on campus.

Any gift given to Northland between now and the end of May is eligible for this match. Please consider how you could be a part of helping Northland finish 2021 strong!

To donate, click the green button below or text 2for1 to 281-730-8204 to receive an automated text with a link to the payment form.

I also wanted to remind you about another way that you can help Northland after an unusual year. Earlier this spring, we launched a program called Northland Connect to encourage current Northland families to connect us to other families who could benefit from an experience at Northland.
From now through December 2021, if your family is instrumental in connecting us to a new family, and if that family is accepted and enrolled at Northland, you will receive a $750 tuition credit. You may have multiple families that you think should join Northland—you would be eligible for a $750 tuition credit for each new family that enrolls in Northland because of you.

Several families have already taken advantage of this opportunity and brought new families to Northland.

We have recently launched a new Northland video (below). Please share this video with those in your community to help us spread the word about the extraordinary place that is Northland.
Thank you for your unwavering support this past year and for being part of the Northland Family,

In gratitude,
David Pruett
Head of School