Headache on the Hill

12 of 18 Clusterbuster Advocacy team members gathered in front of the capital prior to our appointments.
Progress comes in many forms.

Dear Representative Template

Senator Max Baucus Support Letter

Help make a difference.  Please download the documents above then write, email or call your representatives today.  

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2013 "Headache on the Hill"
Informational report and action request
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Thank you for your continued support of Clusterbusters Advocacy.  Many gave generously to our event fundraiser.  These funds went to provide travel scholarships to members of the advocacy team who became your voice on "The Hill"!   Your support helped ensure the efforts of the "Headache on the Hill" event success. 

This is very exciting for our patient group.  Join us to continue to emphasize the message to congress that primary headaches are prevalent, costly, debilitating and neglected.  We are asking for immediate help from all US citizens.  Please send letters to your representatives today!

Template documents (located to the left) are provided for continuity, ease and expedience.  Download the template letters and be sure to add your own personalized cluster headache stories or experiences before sending to your representatives.

Write, email or call today.    
We have a real opportunity to effect change when we act together! 

Below is a brief outline of the 3 asks.  Inside the template letters are links to view the detailed language for both the house & senate.
  • Recognize disabling headache disorders with a listing in the official Social Security Administration listing of Impairments (Blue Book)

  • Increase NIH research on disabling headache disorders

  • Renew and support funding for research of Chronic Migraines and Traumatic Brain Injuries within the Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program







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