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Natural Migraine/Headache Remedies
This post links to a recent study that looked at efficacy of alternative solutions for migraines. They found good evidence for “melatonin, vitamin D, higher dosages of vitamin B 6 (80 mg)/folic acid 5 mg combinations, and the combination of magnesium 112.5 mg/CoQ10 100 mg/feverfew 100 mg”. From patient Jamie, (thanks!!) 200 mg Riboflavin is also recommended.
Migraine sufferers should jot down this list, or if you know someone with migraines, share this information. Of course, acupuncture can be life changing also.
Doggie Acupuncture
Because we all love animal acupuncture here is a link to a video of an adorable pet getting acupuncture for spinal stenosis. The practioner does a great job of explaining how it works, and the dog owners describe the benefits "Trooper" has gotten from acupuncture. (Sorry about the ad at the beginning.) The practitioner always gives a treat after treatment. Maybe I need to implement that practice!
Celebrity Acupuncture: Meghan Markle Edition

Meghan Markle is using acupuncture to keep healthy during her pregnancy. If it's good enough for the royals, it can work for you too!
Acupuncture research

This study underscores the importance of the autonomic nervous system in irritable bowel syndrome. The gut is the "second brain" and so it is very sensitive to perturbation in the system. I have been measuring autonomic function for years, but in IBS patients I study it even more closely.
Green Tea to Offset Modern Diet
From Doctor Perlmutter. With so many benefits, it's a good time to incorporate green tea into your routine.

From Martha Stewart
30 minutes of exercise a day to avoid early death. Just do it! Walking is fine. Martha knows best!
Neuromodulation and Stress Levels
As readers know, I am exploring use of a simple ear stimulation device to supplement acupuncture treatment for certain conditions. Many subjects in studies have electroacupuncture every day. Using TAVNS in the home may be a way to mimic daily treatment. This data is from two patients where I added the TAVNS in addition to their routine acupuncture. In both cases they had a segment of with a prounounced drop in their stress levels.
Tales from the Clinic: Anxiety
This data is a picture perfect example of what I would love to see each and every time. This patient has always had great results with acupuncture, and started coming in again in November.
You see her "rest and digest" activity go up with each treatment and over time.

Conditions Treated
Allergies are a focus of my practice
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Acupuncture is very helpful for Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Migraine patients are a sizable portion of my practice
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