May 26, 2017
Sending a powerful and positive message, 
we reached 
100% Parent Participation 
in the 
2016-17 Annual Fund!
Ospreys Rock!

A Class Act
The Head's Heads Up
As we head into the summer months with the celebration of Memorial Day on May 29 followed closely by Independence Day, it is a good time to talk with your children about what makes our country special. So often, the meaning behind the patriotic holidays is lost in the haze of retail sales and picnics. Our children simply do not know why some days are set apart to be recognized. So, as you plan your family's traditional celebrations this summer, take a moment to talk about why Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day are important to you and your family. These are simply not days that mark the beginning and end of summer. Why do Americans choose to remember and celebrate these patriotic holidays?

In many countries, citizens share a common culture or ethnicity. But in America, we share a common idea that all people should have particular freedoms. This promise of freedom has inspired people from all over the world to journey to America. These special days help Americans remember how truly fortunate we are. We remember the brave men and women who have served in the military and lost their lives to protect us. We celebrate our country's birthday and the determined men who declared our independence in 1776. We also celebrate the achievements and contributions of America's workers. These are important lessons; and at this time of the year, these special days provide teachable moments for you to share with your children your own beliefs.

Children become patriotic gradually as they learn about our country's history and your family's place in America's history. They need to learn about the significance of the flag, to understand why we stand (and take our hats off) during the singing of the National Anthem, and feel gratitude to those who volunteer to protect us, and so many other things about our great country. America's national holidays provide the perfect time to teach so many of life's important lessons.

My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.    John F. Kennedy

May 25, 2017

Dear Friends,

Please accept my deep gratitude for your support during the past ten years. The Chesapeake Academy community embraced Ted and me from the first moment we arrived at the Northern Neck and then welcomed my mother when she relocated to be with us six years ago. We found a neighborhood of very good people who care deeply about a gem of a school and are willing to work side by side to see it succeed.

I have shared with some of you that I practiced my entire career to be ready to lead Chesapeake Academy through some challenging times. There were times when difficult professional decisions needed to be made. I used the mission statement of the school as a yardstick against which every decision was made. Your belief in the importance of the continuation of an excellent school and your never ending support helped guide my decisions. But at the end of each day, it was deciding what was best for our students that made the answers clear.

Personally reflecting on the past ten years, you helped us celebrate our daughter's wedding, the birth of four grandchildren, and the high school graduations of our two older granddaughters. Such joys! And you comforted us through the loss of our son. Your strength sustained us, and we were encircled by your love. We will never forget your care and compassion.

My hope is that in some small way, the students who have passed through the doors of Chesapeake Academy since 2007 know how much they fill my heart with joy. How fortunate they are to attend Chesapeake Academy; a school where they are well educated not just academically, but by the character lessons they are taught. I have great expectations for them.

To each and every one of you, thank you. It has been an honor and pleasure to serve Chesapeake Academy.


Virginia Living Magazine votes CA camps top rated in Virginia!

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Intel on the End-of-the-Year Ceremonies:
Closing Assembly:  June 2 at 11:00 a.m.  
Parents are invited to attend our Closing Assembly on June 2 at 11:00.  We will recognize Middle School academic awards for the fourth marking period and athletic awards for Kids on the Run and tennis in the spring season.  The new Student Council officers will be inducted, and we will announce all our summer birthdays. Dismissal is at noon following the assembly. There will be no extended care.

Graduation:  Tuesday, June 6 at 5:30 p.m. 
Graduation is particularly special! Graduation is a community event, in which we honor our graduates, as well as recognize special award winners and Middle School academic awards for the year. All students in grades kindergarten through grade eight are required to attend.  It is a "state occasion" so all kindergarten through seventh grade students should wear dress uniform and dress shoes. 

Graduation Day Schedule
9:00 a.m. All eighth grade students are expected to arrive at school at 9:00 a.m. for set-up and rehearsal. We will not begin until every person is here, so please be on time!  Set-up and rehearsal generally take about two hours. Parents should plan on picking up students following the rehearsal.  

4:45 p.m. All eighth grade students should arrive in the library no later than 4:45 p.m. for pictures.  

5:15 p.m. All kindergarten through seventh grade students should arrive in their homeroom classes.

5:30 p.m. Graduation ceremony begins.  The ceremony generally lasts one hour.  Following graduation, we will hold the eighth graders for additional pictures on the stage.  Students will be released when photos are done.

6:30 p.m. It is our tradition for seventh grade families to "pay it forward" by taking down the chairs and cleaning up following graduation.  Seventh graders are not dismissed from graduation until the venue is clean.  

Class Acts ....What's Happening on the Halls?
Kindergarten Visits Maymont
From fields to forests, all animals and plants are part of a life cycle. Chesapeake Academy Kindergarten students visited Maymont Park's 100 acre classroom and investigated different Virginia inhabitants and their varied life cycles. 

Engaged immediately, kindergarten biologists were excited to stretch their skills, and they acted as peer teachers as they quizzed their classmates and invited them to come forward for hands- on demonstrations.

Mrs. Vanderpool's favorite people expressed impressive knowledge and enthusiasm in this area of science, and they were delighted with an opportunity to handle many of the nature center's critters:  a corn snake, toad, beetles in two stages of their life cycle, and a bullfrog of tremendous proportion!

First grade and kindergarten focus on showing appreciation to Ms. Catherine Emry, somebody that loves the children and works tirelessly for our school.  They created two banners to decorate her office.

MOO, WOO, & Art, Too:  The Artstravaganza Simply Sang!
The arts are ALIVE at Chesapeake Academy! And the Artstravaganza showcased creative and talented Chesapeake Academy students beautifully!  A reception and art show for parents kicked off the event with art from every student in the school. "We are so proud of the range of medium and the depth of expression represented in this show. This is a very professional show, and it demonstrates a growing capacity to communicate more and more sophisticated ideas," commented Head of School Debbie Cook. The presentation portion of the evening was kicked off by Early Childhood students who offered a unique musical performance with handmade props of "The Animals on the Bus."

The "Barnyard Moosical," presented by Chesapeake Academy's Lower School, featured choral songs, student naratives, and enthusiastic dance routines. The costuming was inspired! "The CA Version of the Wizard of Oz," rewritten and presented by the Middle School, was a hilarious and often rollicking rendition of this classic story that employed song, narrative, excellent characterization, acting, and some slapstick to highlight the motifs students chose to promote related to the school-wide theme of "kindness." 

Check out the Artstravaganza slideshow. is a wonderful source for tools to minimize your ecological footprint and store and serve food for families in non-toxic and sustainable ways!  And this company returns 15% of your purchase price to Chesapeake Academy!   Visit and see what you need!

Lost and Found
Time is running out to retrieve lost items! Remember that you need to bring a canned good as tariff to reclaim misplaced belongings!  The canned goods go to a good cause as well. 

By the way, many of these items do not have names to identify owners. Labelling your child's things will save you money in the long run!

My School Rocks!
First grade student's reflection journal responses about Chesapeake Academy....

Ingrid:  It is fun.
Alex:  We learn. I love to learn.
Izzy:  There are  a lot of kind people here.
Parker:  It is nice. I love kindness.
Ryann:  It is kind. I love the teachers here.
Liam:  It has music.  I love Chesapeake.
Baylen:  It has jobs. I love the playground.
Logan: The teachers and students. I love everyone here.
Evan:  I learn math. I love Chesapeake Academy.
Lyla:  It  is fun. I love art.
Jacob:   It has art. I love doing math.

John Wesley

Revolutionary War Museum Excites Second Grade!
" Chesapeake Academy second graders can not stop talking about their trip to the new Revolutionary War Museum at Yorktown! The real-life artifacts and hands-on exhibits deepened our study of the time period, and students delighted in taking part in computer generated combat scenarios and enjoyed a lively movie that detailed The Battle of Yorktown--complete with the scents and sensations that complete this immersive experience. All the while, second graders annotated their interactive notebooks to spawn further discussions and reflections," explains Kenzie Manetz, team teacher in Chesapeake Academy's second grade.

The American Revolution Museum tells the story of the nation's founding, from the twilight of the colonial period to the dawn of the Constitution and beyond. New indoor galleries feature period artifacts, immersive environments, interactive exhibits and films, including "The Siege of Yorktown," with a 180-degree surround screen and dramatic special effects. In the outdoor living-history areas, visitors can witness artillery demonstrations, drill with wooden muskets at a re-created continental army encampment and explore a revolution-era farm based on a real-life 18th-century family.

Fourth grade Hoplites brandish their shields and display their battle faces. .
Ancient Greece Takes Center Stage in Fourth Grade
Fourth graders have been learning about ancient Greece this month. This week students learned about the H oplites who were the elite foot soldiers of ancient Greece.   The hoplite soldier's prized possession was his shield.  Each hoplite was able to choose a unique design for his shield--the scarier the better. 

Chemical Reactions In A Bags?
Why in a bag, you ask?  Because you would rather not have the reactions happening all over you!  

Combining ingredients to test conductivity created chemical reactions in the eighth grade science labs!  Some mixtures were acidic, others basic, some conductors of electricity, and still others produced a gas, changed colors, or changed temperatures. One even produced light!  Who knew? Exciting!

Eighth graders offer thanks to the guy that keeps this place sparkling...his smile never droops...Welford Bromley, the man behind the scenes!
Teamwork makes donning a costume for a relay race faster!
CAPPA Sponsors Creative Field Day in the Gym
Not letting a little rain spoil their fun, students, parents, teachers, and an intrepid Coach York, gamely moved the Field Day festivities into the gym!  And what a surprise! Many loved the day even more in that format!  More cross-grade interaction, more cheering for others, and loads more noise and excitement added to the fun!  Hat's off to flexibility and teamwork in the CA community!  And, thank you to Coach Ian York!

Play to practice! Learn for keeps! Spanish pronouns written on an old volleyball cue students to provide the proper verb conjugation. A student calls out a verb and throws the verb ball to another student, who must conjugate the verb according to the pronoun facing them when they catch the ball. This uses all learning modalities, and as repetition reinforces learning, the game gets faster and faster.
Shakespeare Never Loses Relevancy
We love the Bard in Middle School! Spring is a perfect time to explore Shakespeare's lush language and exciting plots. Seventh graders experienced their first full Shakespearean play-- A Midsummer Night's Dream--mixing paraphrased modern text and the original language. Students chose to perform "the play within a play" and brought the cast of comedic characters to life, memorizing the original language and creating their own blocking. 

Meanwhile, eighth graders tackled the iconic Romeo and Juliet. From reading the language aloud to creating character maps and paraphrases to comparing scenes from multiple adaptations to recreating the balcony scene, students dove deeply into Verona and its characters and discovered how Shakespeare combined humor, beauty, and tragedy to create a tale that doesn't grow old.

Julianne Keesee
Why Chesapeake?
I am honored and proud to be a part of this community of learners at Chesapeake Academy. 

We are truly a small school with a huge classroom. I love that as a school, we live this. It's not just a tag line, but a valid descriptor of our approach. Teachers and students continually develop connections with local and regional organizations, explore our environment and history in the Northern Neck (and beyond), apply our classroom work to new situations, and approach real world problems with confidence. When our students present their work before public audiences with their Seacamp Symposium projects, for the local Audubon Society, at the National History Day Fair, to local architects, or at Mini-Economies Market Days, they are nothing short of impressive. 

Yet, Chesapeake Academy is not a special environment just because of the instructional approach. We have a special learning environment because the culture at CA is one in which each person contributes toward a common purpose--to create and sustain an environment where each person can thrive. The teachers are a wonderfully collaborative bunch of innovators, risk takers, and explorers who make so many amazing things possible. I have never worked with a faculty that so willingly takes on new challenges and looks for meaningful connections for students. They are experts, and still always striving to improve, adapt, and extend learning for students. 

In turn, our students engage! They are loved, nurtured, stretched, and challenged to be strong students, but also good people in our community. They plunge right in to new situations, gaining confidence in their ability to own their learning and to recognize their own gifts (and those of others).  They respect adults in their world and trust the faculty and staff. Students help each other out, resolve conflicts, and seek out help when needed. Leadership and compassion unfold in small and large ways: a third grader ties a kindergartener's shoe, a seventh grader dissects a worm with a fourth grade partner, a sixth grader creates a Dr. Seuss character with a first grader, an eighth grader writes daily affirmations on the bathroom mirrors, Student Council proposes a service project, the whole school has a dance party full of joy! Lifelong relationships with each other form in these moments. Ospreys soar together.

So, Why Chesapeake? Nowhere else has captured my heart like this little place.  

"Rights' are 'privileges,' and if I am arrogant enough to demand the former without respecting the latter I will lose both."

Ospreys About Town...Biking 56 Miles? Congratulations, Jarett Platsis!
On May 13, Jarett Platsis woke up at  5:30 a.m. to a cold, rainy day. Though the weather was crumby, he and his parents drove to Charles City, VA to participate in a bicycling event to raise money for the CAP2CAP, Rail to Trails organization. The race offered the choice of  a Century (100 miles), a Half Century, a Quarter Century or a short fun ride. At  8:30 a.m., Jarett and his parents departed on a 50 mile journey. The rain finally stopped after Jarett had cycled 15 miles, but he still had to contend with the wind. After about forty miles, the three cyclists decided to bypass the last rest stop since there were only ten more miles to go...and Mom was hungry for lunch! Unfortunately,  they missed not only the last rest stop, but also missed a  turn! They didn't realize the mistake until they had gone three miles in the wrong direction. That little error added six miles to the journey along with the rain and wind; but Jarett persevered! He finally crossed the finish line around  2 p.m. with hands stretched high like he was finishing the Tour De France! Jarett was the youngest cyclist completing that tough 56 miles. His parents couldn't be prouder. And neither could Chesapeake Academy!
Oprah Winfrey

Student Council Election Results
The 2016-2017 Student Council Executive Committee would like to thank everyone who participated in our events and fundraisers this year, as well as the class representatives who put in hard work all year long. We are pleased to announce the new Student Council Executives for the 2017-2018 school year:
President: Larkin Denton
Vice President: Rebecca Meberg
Treasurer: Elizabeth Stanley
Secretary: Adair Stanley

Students in fifth through eighth grade will be able to run for class representative in the fall. So this is a good time to be thinking about whether this is something of interest.

Student Council and CAPPA are teaming up for one last fundraiser this year. We are collecting left-over school supplies to be sent to schools in Haiti. So as students clean-out their cubbies and lockers, they should hang on to any used, but in good condition, supplies that they do not intend to use again next year. Those supplies can be brought to Ms. Dynia's room! Please contact Shelly Ritter or Ms. Dynia if you have any questions!

Student Council Sponsors Bubble Soccer
If you drove by Chesapeake Academy on Friday, May 19 and saw giant  bubbles bouncing about on the soccer field, your mind wasn't playing  tricks on you! It was Bubble Soccer, Student Council's final after  school activity for the year, and it was a smashing success!

Summer-like weather didn't stop kids from grades four, five, six, seven, and eight
from strapping themselves into giant beach balls and playing fast and  furious rounds of six on six soccer from inside inflatable bubbles. As  is tradition, fourth graders are invited to join in the fun of the  final Student Council activity as part of the bridge to Middle School.  Popsicles and watermelon were part of the excitement and a welcome  cool treat! What a great way to end the school year!

Get in the Scrap!
Inspired by the scrapping efforts of students during World War II, Get in the Scrap! is a national service learning project for students in grades 4 through 8 all about recycling and energy conservation. Chesapeake Academy students have the power to affect positive change on the environment; much like students 70 years ago played a positive role on the Home Front in securing victory in WWII. Sixth graders will be teaching vital lessons on sustainability and good stewardship across the school in these final days of school.  Everyone will learn something new and "Get in the Scrap!"

Multi-grade activity period participants tried their hands at dissecting a cow's eye, a sheep's heart, a human heart, and a perch!  Whole lotta learning going on!
Yes, Indeed!  You saw that right!  Our own eighth graders are published authors!  NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) projects are arriving, and the books are amazing!  Check out these treasures in the library!
Trigonometry Putt Putt Course
As a part of their exploration of trigonometric ratios, angles, and the Pythagorean theorem, seventh graders turned their eyes to miniature golf and course design. They began with pre-made courses, planning out various available paths from starting point to the hole, and then they moved into planning their own. Course designers had to consider overall shape and obstacle/hole placement to create a course that had at least three unique paths to the hole, which they measured and mapped out using trigonometric principles. Their final scale models represent both creativity and rigor--through fun themes such as Christmas in July, 80's Rock, and "Surf 'n' Turf."
Fourth graders recently set their sights on learning about the world around them. They have been participating in a cross curricular project with their Language Arts, Spanish, and Art classes to create a presentation about a Spanish speaking country's flag. They will presenting their flags to the whole school during assembly in Spanish! Muy bien!
CAPPA Update!
As we near the end of the school year, CAPPA sends out thanks to all the parents who supported our school by volunteering. Whether it was cutting out Box Tops, serving lunch to the students, cleaning the campus, or helping with the school auction or oyster roast.  Any help makes the biggest impact on all aspects of our school community, and our own children are the ones who benefit in the end. What a win, win situation!  As we look forward to the next school year, please consider giving some time back to the place that gives so much to our children!

Speaking of giving, Student Council and CAPPA  will be collecting items for school children in Haiti. No purchase necessary!  We are looking to collect gently used backpacks, pencils, crayons, pens, notebooks, binders, and reusable water bottles. We will also be sending gently used uniform items that may be a bit passed their prime, but are still usable. All donations we collect will be taken to Rockville, MD and delivered to the directors of The Life Connection Mission, who in turn, personally deliver supplies to schools in Haiti. All our donations will go straight to the children who need it. The collection date is Thursday, June 1.
Thank you.
Michelle Ritter

Admissions Update:  Mrs. Scott has Been Busy!
Chesapeake Academy is excited to share news of the following children enrolled for the upcoming 2017-18 school year! You will remember that feeling of first joining CA and being new to the community...a re you interested in reaching out to a new student in your child's class? If yes, contact Hilary Scott at Over the summer, Admission will be in touch with room parents to assist with the community welcome to all new families!

Weston Kenner, pre-k 3&4; joins siblings Ryann and Kathryn
June Nichols, pre-k 3&4
Mason Shelton, pre-k 3&4
Violet Edmonds, pre-k 3&4; joins sibling Valerie and new student, Veronica Edmonds
Colten Mothershead, pre-k 3&4
John Stephen Weddle, pre-k 3&4; joins sibling Will Weddle
Benton Miller, pre-k 3&4; joins sibling Baylen Miller
Lucas Rafael, pre-k 3&4; joins sibling Nathan Rafael
Noel Wessinger, pre-k 3&4
Finley Burke, kindergarten
Nolan Pittman, kindergarten; joins sibling Porter Pittman
Veronica Edmonds, kindergarten; joins sibling Valerie and new student, Violet Edmonds
Emory Simmons, kindergarten
Brendan Beuchelt, kindergarten
Madison Howell, first grade
Khloe Ridgell, second grade
Eliza Leo, third grade
Joshua Hall, third grade
Delany Bowman, third grade
Nathan Meberg, fourth grade; joins sibling Rebecca Meberg
Layla Leo, sixth grade
Gavin Simpson, sixth grade

Coach's Corner
Another year of Osprey athletics has come to an end which gives us a chance to look back over all we have accomplished this school year. In the Fall, our golf, volleyball, and soccer teams all pushed themselves to improve, competed for ISAC championships, and had fun while being great representatives of Chesapeake Academy. During the Winter season, the basketball teams put 
Serving water balloons made the last day of tennis practice into a  celebration
in long hours in the gym which paid off with several victories for the teams. Highlights include the JV team beating Ware Academy twice, the girls team making the ISAC championship game, and the Varsity boys team winning on a buzzer beater in overtime at Ware Academy. 

This Spring we had our students running all over Irvington and the Northern Neck. Several runners of all age groups won medals and recognition for their hard work and determination. The runners competed in the REStrong 5K and 10K, the Lisa Spiers Memorial 5K, and the Northern Neck Earth Day 5K. The tennis program had a great turnout this Spring with almost 20 students participating. The students were able to have lessons from Pat Abernathy, the pro at Indian Creek, as well as make a trip down to the Nagelsen Tennis Center at the College of William and Mary.

The athletic program would like to thank the parent volunteers, teachers, and coaches for their time cheering, driving, and supporting everything we do. We would also like to thank the town of Irvington for the use of the tennis courts, King Carter Golf Club, and the Nagelsen Tennis Center. 
Rosetta Struse Organizes a Bookfair Fiesta!
An Attitude of Gratitude
  • Ms. Tonya Carter from the Lancaster Community Library visits CA regularly throughout the school year to share good books and crafts with our pre-kindergarten 3&4, kindergarten and first grade students.  She is one very special person and we are lucky to have her share her passion for reading with our students!  If you see her, be sure to thank her!
  • Thanks for all the ways this community recognized Teacher Appreciation Days!  We love what we do!
  • Thank you to CAPPA for providing a pizza dinner for CA students and an enticing reception for Artstravaganza.
  • Coach York is a hero for saving Field Day from nasty weather!  Thanks to all those folks who pitched in to help him!
  • Thanks to Terrie Benson for all the bags of goodies she brings the faculty from time to time! We always make good use of them!
  • Special thanks to the arts team at Chesapeake Academy: Mrs. Sonja Smith, Art Teacher; Mrs. Beth Somers, Music Director; and Mrs. Robin Blake, Drama Teacher. 
  • Thanks to Mrs. Barbara Hays who provided piano accompaniment for the Artstravaganza, diving in upon occasion to provide dramatic effect as needed. 
  • Light and sound for the Spring performance were managed by Jarett Platsis, Larkin Denton, and Callum Stander. Adair Stanley, Eden Stander, and Joness LaSalle-Bryant provided a seamless and efficient stage crew. 
  • Thanks to CAPPA, the Athletics Boosters, and Student Council for their donations to Chesapeake Academy's Annual Fund! This is what leadership looks like!
  • Hat tip to Jarett Platsis who accompanied the whole school and alumni who sang "Chesapeake, It's a Family" to honor Beth Somer's retirement.

Dates to Remember
5/29 School Closed, Memorial Day
5/30 through 6/2 Exams for seventh and eighth grades
5/30 Williamsburg Field Trip, third grade
6/2 Academics and Athletics Awards/Closing Assembly, 11:00 a.m., noon dismissal
6/5 Eighth Grade Board Dinner, 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
6/5 Faculty Workday
6/6  Graduation
6/14 Last Working Day for 10 month Staff
Ever-ready to try out coding skills on Lego Mindstorms!


CAMP CHESAPEAKE  Ages 4-6 June 19 - August 18, (8:15 - 5:30) 
c ost 250.00 per week
I spy a fantastic camp!  Led by Chesapeake Academy teachers Susan May, Hillary May Smith, and Katie Parker, this camp promises a dynamic and fun experience for young campers!  Camp Chesapeake is the perfect place for campers to explore new activities, discover new interests, and meet new friends. This full-day program for children 4 to 6 nurtures campers' curiosity and offers a wide variety of activities on and off campus -- weekly trips, arts and crafts, silly competitions, games, and more! Each week builds on a different I Spy theme, so no two weeks are the same!

MYSTERY TOUR: June 26-30 and July 24-28  cost: $375
This camp is so popular that we offer two sessions a summer!  Each week of the Mystery Tour has completely new destinations and activities. Adventure and mystery are at the heart of this unique camp, which combines creative exploration with an exciting daily road trip. Journey with friends to five different destinations throughout the week. All activities and park entrance fees are included.

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: ARTS EDITION: July 3-7  cost: $275 (includes art materials)
Find adventure and creativity throughout the natural wonders of the Northern Neck! Campers enjoy daily trips to seek out interesting vistas and inspiring locations as they build and create their own art pieces.  Visits with local artists are sure to spark campers' imagination!  In addition, campers participate in the July 4 Irvington town parade.

MIDDLE SCHOOL SPORTS CLINICS: July 31 - August 4  cost:  $150 each clinic
The Sports Clinics are designed to focus middle school athletes on improving their skills in lacrosse, volleyball, and soccer. Working with high school and middle school coaches, athletes will hone strategy, teamwork, communication, and fundamentals in each of the intense and fun 2 ½ day clinics.  Beginners and experienced players welcomed! 
Coed Lacrosse OR Girls' Volleyball: July 31, August 1, August 2 (am only)
Coed Soccer:  August 2 (pm only), August 3, August 4

FARM TO TABLE: July 10-14 cost: $250
This is far more than a cooking camp! Campers travel to local farms, oyster companies, and visit with fishermen and other food source locations to see first-hand where our food comes from. In between picking berries and catching crabs, campers will learn how to prepare delicious meals with local foods with the advice of local chefs.  An exciting and delicious week is guaranteed!

SPORTS: July 17-21 cost: $250
Love to compete? Campers enjoy action-filled days of sports and sports related activities that emphasize the fun-damentals. This recreational program emphasizes sport specific fundamentals, fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and strategy. Campers acquire skills through daily practice and gain confidence in their abilities as they discover their individual potential. Sports include soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and more. 

NORTHERN NECK EXPLORERS: July 31-August 4  cost: $250
Find adventure by foot, bicycle, and paddle!  Campers enjoy all of the great outdoor activities the Northern Neck has to offer.  Daily journeys throughout the Northern Neck include fishing, swimming, kayaking, biking, and more. Each week of NNK Explorer Camp has unique destinations and activities.

Chesapeake Academy Philosophy...
Located in historic Irvington, Virginia, where the Rappahannock River meets the Chesapeake Bay, Chesapeake Academy is a school dedicated to preparing each student for future academic, ethical, social, and physical endeavors in an intellectually challenging environment.

Bound by common goals and aspirations, Chesapeake Academy students experience an academically challenging, traditional liberal arts curriculum taught by teachers who model creativity, commitment, flexibility, teamwork and a love of learning. Intellectual curiosity is valued, laying the foundation for a lifetime of learning, growth, and achievement. Our caring and supportive environment guides children to develop confidence in their abilities. In all aspects of school life, teachers know their students well. This relationship allows teachers to address differences in learning styles and teach in ways children will experience their greatest achievement. 
In keeping with our heritage, Chesapeake Academy students are an interconnected community of learners. 

 Our school, guided by a purposeful social and ethical curriculum, is a place where friendships and consideration for others thrive and responsibility and leadership develop. We embrace each other's beliefs and differences and discover that our diversity enriches us. The school's community, formed by a unique partnership of parents, students, teachers, alumni and neighbors, works together to help children achieve academic excellence and personal growth. We believe students learn best when teachers, parents, and children work in harmony.

From age 3 through grade eight, Chesapeake Academy students develop and articulate ideas. The inclusion of visual and performing arts in the curriculum encourages self-discovery and creative expression. The physical education and athletic programs promote life-long personal fitness and character development. School-wide experiences and community service opportunities encourage students to be comfortable expressing their ideas in front of others as well as assuming future leadership roles.

Chesapeake Academy believes that an enriched and challenging academic curriculum, within a nurturing, child-centered environment, provides the foundation for future successes.

Chesapeake Academy | |
 Post Office Box 8   107 Steamboat Road    Irvington, VA 22480