I am sooooo thrilled to be shooting and preparing for Xtraordinary TO Dances.

The #XTOD team has been brilliant: Karen Kaeja, Co-Visionary / Hernan Morris, DOP and Camera Op / Olya Glotka, Camera Assist and Production Documentation / Drew Berry, Production Coordinator / Olivia Faveri, Administrative Coordinator / Sue Edworthy and Lauren McCauley, Publicity and Marketing / Graham Curry, General Manager

All 22 dance artists involved are truly extraordinary and will be joining me via Facebook Live on June 30 at 8PM for the project reveal and
 the stunning mosaic of our TO dance community.

We will keep you posted on all things #XTOD, so stay tuned!
See you on the web,
Xtraordinary TO Dances

Join us at @kaejaddance  via Facebook Live
on June 30th at 8pm for the launch of Xtraordinary TO Dances! #XTOD #kaeja

 22 Xtraordinary TO Dance Artists. Fully Improvised. Streamed Live Online.

Peggy Baker, Nova Bhattacharya, Shawn Byfield, Michael Caldwell, Robert Desrosiers, Esmeralda Enrique, Jasmyn Fyffe, Roshanak Jaberi, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja, Benjamin Kamino, Hari Krishnan, Mi Young Kim, Emily Law, Claudia Moore, Pulga   Muchochoma, Roula Said, Ofilio Sinbadinho, Santee Smith, Brian Solomon, Robert Stephen, and  William Yong

Michael Caldwell takes home a Dora!

We are over the moon for  Michael Caldwell  who took home a Dora for outstanding male performance last night.  Kaeja c ongratulates all the Dora winners, and in the Dance Division, w e salute  Lina Cruz for Choreography, Jennifer Dallas for Outstanding Performance- Female, Naishi Wang, Luke Garwood and Michael Caldwell for Ensemble Performance of What it's like, Simon Rossiter for lighting and Benjamin Barrile for sound.  What a beautiful night it was to celebrate all the artists and all the Dora winners.
 Crave's Journey Thus Far
Our new Crave trailer
Crave has been blessed with an incredible journey in and out of Canada, 4 Dora nominations, stunning performances by Michael Caldwell and St├ęphanie Tremblay, a breathtaking score by Sarah Shugarman  rigorous insight from dramaturge  Pil Hansen  and so many wonderful people supporting the work through it's 5 year journey thus far -  Allen Kaeja, Rebekah Wolkstein, Praise Lam, Anna Atkinson, Lydia Munchinsky, Kennedy Brooks, Simon Rossitor, Cheryl Lalonde, Kimberly Purtel, Sharon Digenova, Lisa Lambert, Lana Morton and Yvonne Coutes, Mairi Greig, Ana Claudette Groppler, Jaclyn Rodrigues, Shana Hillman, Nadine Villasin Feldman, Graham Curry, Olivia Faveri, The Theatre Centre, La Red Noroeste de Festivales de Danza, MOonhORsE Dance Theatre, Wind Down Dance, Dianne Weinrib and so many more people including all the Crave prelude community members who danced with us.
Seaton Village

All volunteers receive: 
 "Dance With Me" T-shirt
Complimentary viewing to our main stage production in 2018
...and a pizza party to celebrate! 

Contact Olivia at outreach@kaeja.org for more information.

This year's PVD includes choreography by Alison Cummings, Yvonne Ng, Lua Shayenne, Karen and Allen Kaeja. 
You won't want to miss it!

Long Branch
Porch  View  Dances: Long Branch, in partnership with Lakeshore Arts, was a huge success!  Led by tour guide, "Colonel Samuel Smith" through the streets of Long Branch, audiences witnessed the stories of their neighbourhood unfo ld through dance and music. We are excited to have PVD in New Toronto next year!

NOW MAGAZINE: Reader's Choice Awards
It's that time of year again... NOW Magazine's Readers' Choice 2017 nominations are open and if you like what we do, we welcome YOU to nominate us!

Nominate us here for  Best Dance Theatre in Toronto!  Voting is open until June 30th at 5pm.

We salute the amazingness of Nadine Villasin Feldman  as she heads from  Kaeja  to  VIBE Arts . In fact, she has made her way into the hearts of so many here at the Company, with her exquisite outreach touch. The whole Kaeja team  will dearly miss her!

We're Hiring a Production & Outreach Coordinator!

If you have a passion for arts management, developing audiences, forging connections, community engagement and contributing directly to the success of an innovative arts organization, this job is for you! Interested? Check here for more details.
Contact Dance International Film Festival

Catch Karen and Allen in Farewell to Honest Ed's created by our friend Olya Glotka, in the  Contact Dance International Film Festival  on Saturday, July 1st at the Revue Cinema! 

 Use the discount code  KaejaFans  at the online box office to receive 20% off! 

Buy your tickets here
Toronto Fringe Festival: Dance

With its largest show line-up in its 29-year history, the Toronto Fringe runs from  June 5-16  with live performances across the city. Toronto Fringe continues to be the feeder-system for the performing arts sector in Canada, built upon principles of inclusivity and accessibility.
Dance programming highlights include: New York dance company Heather Eli and Dance Co.,WILD/WALLED from Alison Daley, Half Second Echo, and Tracey Norman. and Pineapple Cluba mash-up of sketch comedy and comedic dance from Robin Henderson Productions.
Justine Comfort and Denise Solleza in WILD/WALLED choreographed by Alison Daley,  Half Second Echo, and Tracey Norman. Photo by Craig Chambers.

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