Headliners -- Modern Communications & the Structures of Privacy: The Unique Human Faculty
2022 Data Privacy Colloquium Webinar
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2022,
1:00pm - 2:30pm
A Zoom webinar hosted by Dialogue on Diversity &
D.C. Mayor's Office on Latino Affairs
Privacy, a central concept of any discussion of information, of the kind especially that is electronically sent on its way — this the companion virtue to the relentless steps to speed and refine the corpus of information that is relentlessly sent on its way to pierce the privacy shield. With your data, your secrets of hearts, and more. The communication of information is, after all, the not so subtle step up from its forerunners — the articulate grunts and cries of a pre-history in the order of social interchange as verbs and pronouns came to coalesce.
Ma. Cristina Caballero, Dialogue on Diversity President/CEO, poses the query: “Have we hit on the key to a freedom to forge ahead with new departures in excellence in a recovering society? Do we grasp the dimensions of a new complexity in the intricacy of the social bond? One may suspect, in this coming year of recovery, a rearranging of the institutional and ideological furniture that has comforted an often negligent society along the way.”
As the very able facilitator, IT manager, and moderator for this opening 2022 Webinar is James Robb, Managing Director of Data at MSCI, one of the major financial information firms in the lower Manhattan center of world commerce and finance. He has the responsibility of creating the complex and powerful IT systems that digest the vast quantity of data on worldwide commerce and monetary affairs, generating statistical products that are essential to Wall Street. Dialogue on Diversity is fortunate to enjoy his contribution to our programing and presentation.
The current Webinar leads off with a trenchant account, formulated by the distinguished S. Jenell Trigg, a Washington lawyer specialized to the nuances of an increasingly, perhaps dangerously complex world. She discusses the tendency of sophisticated communication and “hearing” devices as perils of the Internet, relentlessly impinging on a never definitively marked out sphere of Privacy. This is one facet of the more general problematic of contemporary societies: the realm of Civil Rights, in the expansive sense of an easy commerce of ages, of ethnicities, of innate tastes and desires, of productive skills, etc.
The day’s notably expert panel features Gregory L. Rohde, former Administrator at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, now the Technological Entrepreneur par excellence at e-Copernicus, an IT system architect for new business enterprises worldwide. The aggressive achievements of information technology challenge even specialists, and the rest of the population may try to keep up with some of the markers of progress, if not with the logic that makes all the wheels go around.
Rachele Hendricks-Sturrup, now a prime mover in the project underway at Duke-Margolis — a co-venture of Duke University and the Margolis Foundation — one of whose lines of investigation, aimed at the crux of the pharmaceutical-medication complex, has come to be quite front and center in the last two years. Ms. Hendricks-Sturrup’s ongoing theme in these investigations, as they merge with the ever more urgent question of policy guidance, is that, even more centrally, education of families and communities to an awareness of sickness and remedies of self and family is essential.
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