Headliners for Dialogue on Diversity’s
Welcome Webinar in a Strange Season
Set for Wednesday afternoon, April 22nd, 2020,  from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Friends of our Dialogue, and the tireless phalanx of policy and social justice aficionados — all are invited to sign up for this event here , the first in a series of programs exploring the stressful and potentially dangerous COVID-19 health environment, the state of affairs few of us would have believed in and few, having gone through these weeks and, we fear, the months to come, will be apt to forget.
The Webinar scheduled for this week, moderated by Dialogue Board member Roberta Rincón, aims the insights of three experts, each a fruitful source of analysis in a distinct policy-related field, to the tangle of puzzles and menaces that have emerged before a somewhat bewildered government and populace for a none too welcome springtime greeting. On tap are four broad, all worrisome, policy fields.  See below...
An Agenda — the Urgent Questions Surviving the isolation – kids learning and with family intact — The Symptoms, and your Wariness as the Saving Grace — Research into the Mysteries of the Toxic Invisible — Is $2tr an Over-Reaction to a Comprehensible Problem, or is it Fending off the Tyrannosaur with a Pop-Gun? The Thirties social earthquake, the 2008-2014 limping recovery, another story of too little and too late?
Hosted by Dialogue on Diversity

Wednesday, April 22, 2020
3:00pm - 4:30pm
(a Zoom Webinar)
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