May 4, 2018

The Head's Heads Up

"STEM tells us what to do and how to do it; the humanities tell us why we should do it and why it is important. Ingenuity cannot flourish without both."

Thanks to the generosity of very special donors who believe in all that design and innovation accross the curriculum can do for our students, Chesapeake Academy's  Arts and Innovation Initiative will find a home base in the Arts & Innovation Hub alongside the James Library.  

Thanks to seed money donated to the school in Dianne Monroe's memory, from grants, and from the generosity of Fund-An-Item donors at our auction in 2018 and 2019, this dream will become a reality outside of the Chesapeake Academy school budget.

The school's Bell Tower Annual Giving Fund, along with student tuition, and grants from  charitable foundations
 will continue to fund the school program.

Arial View of the Plans for the Arts & Innovation Hub and James Library

What will Chesapeake Academy learners be able to do in the Arts & Innovation Hub?
Design and redesign
Think critically about possibilities
Test and refine
Solve problems
Plan and organize
Apply skills to new situations
Develop skills with tools--technological, creative, and manual
Present work
Program and code 
Take risks
Ground View Plans for the Maker Space Area

What tools and equipment do we anticipate using in the Arts & Innovation Hub?
recording studio for podcasting, sound mixing, and video production 
3D printer
laser cutter
large screen desktop computers with Adobe Creator software and other software subscriptions for use across the curriculum
hand and power tools
safety goggles
electronics tools and supplies
Little Bits Coding and STEM kits
paper electronics kits
Arduino CTC program
storage for Lego Robotics
large screen Apple TV for instruction 
textile arts tools such as a sewing machine and a loom
flexible furniture for collaborative and individual work
space dividers 

View from Entrance of  Plans for the Arts and Innovation Hub and James Library

How will this benefit my student? 
Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with curiosity and creativity, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and act with integrity--so each can make our community and world a better place. This Arts and Innovation Initiative fits right in.

STEAM and design thinking prepare students to take advantage of opportunites in their future. Industries that embrace innovation are thriving in a constantly changing world. Students who can design and innovate become the resilient, independent thinkers that are broadly hireable.

Jobs that involve developing technology or coding are growing 12 percent faster than the market average, and j obs across all fields require critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration skills that can best be developed through inquiry. It makes sense to prepare our students to chart their own course in this climate.


Ospreys!  Who doesn't love milkshakes?  
Northern Neck Burger, who has fabulous milkshakes, is supporting Chesapeake Academy throughout the month of May.  For every milkshake sold, they will donate $1 to our school.  
Support the businesses that support CA!
Chesapeake Academy Classes Showcase Auction Projects!

One-Of-A-Kind Apron, Char-Griller, and Accessories
This priceless Blue Apron has been hand-painted by Chesapeake Academy's own fourth graders just for you!  Included with this one-of-a-kind purchase is a Wrangler Char-Griller #2823 featuring cast iron grates, heavy duty steel construction, easy dump ash pan, 453 square inches of primary cooking area and grill cover, one large bag of charcoal and lighter fluid, three-piece stainless steel tool set, grill meat thermometer, Taste of Home Ultimate Guide to Grilling Cookbook, one bottle of Kris 2016 Pinot Grigio, one bottle of 2016 Enate Rosado Cabernet Sauvignon, $25 Gift Certificate to Something Different in Urbanna and much more to make your grilling experience complete! Trellis for display not included.
Chesapeake Academy Fourth Grade Class

A Window with a Purpose
A golfer will enjoy this Antique Window Frame decorated with a golfing theme that includes cubbies to store your golf balls, hats, etc. The frame includes a magnetic white board where you can display that great score card or pictures with your golfing friends. Included with the Window Frame are 4 dozen golf balls (2 dozen Avant, 1 dozen Nike RZN Speed White and 1 dozen Nike RZN Tour Black) and a 4" x 6" picture frame with a golf design. 
Chesapeake Academy Seventh Grade Class

Another Window Frame with Another Purpose
If you have a green thumb you can enjoy a unique Antique Window Frame decorated with a gardening theme that includes cubbies to store your gloves, sun screen, bug spray, hat, etc. This one-of-a-kind window frame includes a magnetic white board where you can write reminders and notes to yourself.
Chesapeake Academy Seventh Grade Class

S'More Fun
You are invited to enjoy S'more Fun!  With this offering, you will find a Custom Made Fire Pit created by Chesapeake Academy Alumnus Drew Ransone. The fire pit is adorned with iconic Chesapeake Academy images including an osprey in flight and the Founders Oak.  Along with this beautiful fire pit you will be provided with everything you need for a cozy night by the fire.  Includes 2 camp chairs, blanket and all the fixings for S'mores. This bundle will provide S'More Fun for years to come. 
Chesapeake Academy Eighth Grade Class

Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?
Absorption!  Saturation!  Perfection!

With sunshine on their backs and smiles on their faces, kindergarteners  spray painted t-shirts to observe the absorption and mixture of colors in the fabric. Students worked until the shirts reached their saturation point and their creations were perfect!

Embryology Unit Scores Baby Quail

May Day hailed baby quail hatching from the first grade's incubator! Quail hatch after 18 days of incubation, and chickens hatch after 21 days. If all of the eggs went in on the same day, when should we expect to see baby chicks?  Fingers crossed.
Faye Society Heroes Support CA!

The Faye Society, founded in 2001, recognizes contributions and charitable bequests for the long-term growth and sustainability of Chesapeake Academy. The society is named in honor of Captain and Mrs. James Faye who generously included Chesapeake Academy as a beneficiary of their estate in 1987. Their foresight, thoughtful consideration, and charitable planning made a tremendous impact on the Academy's future and fiscal stability.

Head of School Julianne Duvall Keesee explain s, "Members of the Faye Society have made a personal commitment to help ensure the economic, educational, and social vitality of the Northern Neck community. Maintaining an independent educational option allows parents the opportunity to seek the best match in learning settings for their child and helps to ensure that the region remains an attractive professional destination. Chesapeake Academy's vigorous and dynamic curriculum focuses on authentic, place-based learning that develops vital 21st century skills. With a priority on developing good citizens who answer the call to leadership, the Academy has been a strong contributor to the local community for fifty-two years."

When You Live in the Land of Many Waters ... 
Every Child Must Swim!

Here in Virginia, drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death among children, so the Peninsula Metropolitan YMCA is taking a stand to stop drowning by offering all second-graders the opportunity to become water-safe free of charge. Chesapeake Academy's second graders are growing fins and swimming skills at the Kilmarnock YMCA while having a ball. Every afternoon for two weeks they are venturing out to swimming class to develop stroke and safety skills. "This is a wonderful program," comments second grade teacher Kenzie Manetz. "I can see individual skills developing steadily, and the kids are having fun. Swimming is so important for all children in our area!"

Historic Christ Church History Fair Awards

Chesapeake Academy third graders were excited to participate in the Northern Neck History Fair sponsored by Historic Christ Church and open to local Virginia history students. Students selected topics and created projects that dealt with some element of Virginia history from 1607 to 1789. Projects included models, dioramas, or displays created by the student individually or with a partner.  "Since Virginia history falls in the fourth grade curriculum in Lancaster and Northumberland Middle Schools and in third grade at Chesapeake Academy, our students really step up to compete. It is a good reach for them," explains third grade teacher Martha Rogers.

Chesapeake Academy third grader William Weddle earned second place for his entry on Powhatan Indians, and Delaney Bowman earned a third place for her entry on horses in early Virginia. Eliza Leo's work on the real first Thanksgiving and Joshua Hall and Quenton Harding's work on John Smith earned Honorable Mentions. "We have long appreciated the opportunity for our students to compete in this fair!"  Head of School Julianne Duvall Keesee enthuses, "Mr. Robert Teagle of Historic Christ Church brings an infectious enthusiasm for history and for student scholarship that is an inspiration to our young learners. This work builds strong research and communication skills, and we love to see our students prove themselves."

Exhibits are on display at Historic Christ Church and Museum until April 29, and they will be displayed at Lancaster Community Library from April 30 through May 13. All participants were entered in a random drawing to win two tickets to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA in Williamsburg. Chesapeake Academy third grader Brooks Parker was delighted to win this drawing.

Osprey About Town

An avid student of the classics, fifth grader Lorry Manetz reads widely and works weekly with Latin tutor Linda Montross. The pair explores the Latin language, word roots, and  
Greek and Roman mythology and its many literary connections.  Lorry Manetz earned a Silver Medal on the National Mythology Exam. Passions become competencies!

Ancient India Illuminates World History

In fourth grade's Ancient World History class, students are learning about ancient  India,  exploring the geography, culture, and religions of this robust civilization. Last week, fourth graders were surprised by a presentation from music teacher Barbara Hays who lived a significant portion of her life in Yadgiri,  India as a missionary doctor's daughter from 1951 to 1969 !  

Mrs. Hays helped students dress in the Indian outfits, touch Indian dolls and crafts, smell Eucy leaves, and see a slide presentation of her parents' work as well as the boarding school in Kodaikanal she attended. She concluded by singing the National Anthem, "Jana Gana Mana."
Have you Considered Faces and Our Culture's Cultural Exchange Program?

Faces & Our Cultures is a cultural exchange experience between Guatemala and the U.S. that partners with 100 schools in 13 different states. Each year more than 160 cultural ambassadors from Guatemala travel to the U.S. to share their culture with school communities and learn from the American culture. 

This year, we hope to welcome Guatemalan students to the Chesapeake Academy campus through the Faces and Our Cultures Program for the third year. These young participants spend nearly two months (7.5 weeks) living with a host family while attending classes and participating in extracurricular activities at school. The program has led to wonderful friendships and has provided our students and our Guatemalan guests with valuable cultural experiences.

In order to participate in the Faces Program, Guatemalan students apply to be Cultural Ambassadors of their country and are carefully selected by the Faces & Our Cultures Team. They go through a preparation process during the year and also prepare cultural projects to share with their host family and school. Parents in Guatemala cover the cost of their child's program.

This sort of cultural exchange has innumerable benefits.  Aside from the exchange of cultures, students expand their world view beyond our narrow shores, accomodate and celebrate diversity, and get valuable practice showcasing the best of our way of life. Children of host families have the option to participate in a Guatemalan Cultural Exchange Program which can be customized from two up to four weeks during the summer. Should we find interest in hosting this cultural exchange, young cultural ambassadors would arrive October 16 , stay with their host families and join our school community for the following 7.5 weeks, and depart December 9, 2018 .

If you are the parent of a rising sixth, seventh or eighth grader who is interested in hosting a student, contact Hilary Scott to find out more. Jackson Pyles' family hosted Julian in the fall. Jackson's mom says,
 "Hosting Julian was a great experience for our family. Faces of our Culture helped to faciliate communication with Juli and his family before his arrival so we were all very comfortable when he arrived. Julian was enthusiastic about practicing English and he enjoyed the students in his class at Chesapeake Academy. He also enjoyed playing with the kids in our neighborhood. Juli's favorite activity was fishing. Donny and the boys were able to get on the river several times while the weather was good. We have been in touch with Julian and his famliy since his departure and hope to connect more in the future. Hosting a student through Faces of our Cultures allowed our family to show the best of our place and learn more about Guatemala." 
 Kim Olsen

Fifth Grade Catches a Wave!

Fifth grade's science class is learning all about the electromagnetic wave spectrum. Determining the temperature of various substances as they studied microwaves in the wave spectrum, students worked through all seven types of waves and learned the entire spectrum! They even made up a mnemonic to remember the waves included in the spectrum!

Resources to Polish Your Parenting

Curious about how best to support your child's retention of this year's learning?  Check out some interesting statistics behind summer learning loss.

Here is a link with tips to prevent literacy loss over the summer months.
This article explains why students lose math skills over the summer and what can be done.

Are you thinking of summer reading to polish your parenting? Here are some suggestions for parents that will focus your thinking on the  real sources of good self-esteem!
  • Carol Dweck, The Growth Mindset
  • Wendy Mosel, Blessings of a Skinned Knee

As you help your students find interesting and engaging books to fill those long summer days, check out the Chinaberry Book Catalog! Worth reading cover to cover!


"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."

Bless the Rains Down in Africa!

Sixth grade Advanced Geography students are putting their mapping skills to the test by putting together a large political map of Africa and labelling each region in a different color. They are now working on drawing in physical features and creating a key for those symbols. Mental mapping and spatial perspectives are stretched as students transfer information between different maps. 

Learning and Sharing the Classics

Selecting a topic related to ancient Rome--from entertainment to clothing to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius--students researched using primary sources and artifacts, and shared their findings with the class. Maddie Ritter added a model of Vesuvius, complete with a victim preserved in ash and flowing lava, to round out her presentation.

Eighth Grade Explores Absolute and Comparative Advantage

Economics makes a lot more sense when you can get your hands on a simulation. After deciding who holds absolute and comparative advantage in lawn mowing, LeBron James or his neighbor Scotty, the eighth graders formed countries that manufactured cars and planes. After determining their comparative advantage in round one, they spent two more rounds specializing and testing the theory that overall output increases when producers specialize.

National Spanish Exam Debut

Chesapeake Academy's eighth graders took the National Spanish Exam for the first time during the last week of March. This demanding 80-minute exam took place during two class periods and tested students' grasp of vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening. Judy Ebner is delighted to report that Rebecca Meberg was singled out for national honors for her performance on the exam. Elizabeth Stanley came within two points of the honor category.  This is particularly commendable, as these students have Spanish twice a week for 45-minute classes, and they were competing with students who have more frequent or 90-minute classes per week.
Student Council Update

We are quickly approaching that time when we elect the Student Council Executive Committee for 2018-2019. Elections are open to rising seventh and eighth graders. The president and vice president must be elected from the eighth grade class, but the positions of treasurer and secretary are open to seventh graders. 

In order to run in the election, the candidates must be in good academic standing and be enrolled for the 2018-2019 school year. Candidate speeches are due to Ms. Dynia by  May 11 , and elections will take place on  May 18 .

Ian York, Athletic Director
Coach's Corner

Friday the tennis team will travel to the College of William and Mary tennis center for an afternoon of tennis, pizza, and fun! On  Monday, May 7,  the tennis team will be traveling to New Kent High School for a tennis match against New Kent Middle School.

A hearty thanks to all the runners and friends who registered and ran in the Run Northern Neck Earth Day race!  We received our check for $1,000 from the NNK running club today and will put this to good use supporting Chesapeake Academy's athletics program!

 "There is no substitute for hard work." 
                                                   Thomas Edison

Announcing: The Bell Tower Annual Giving Fund Spirit Day, Wednesday, May 23, 2018

To kick off the final phase of giving to the Bell Tower Annual Giving Fund, CAPPA is sponsoring a spirit day to raise awareness for the effort and to show our commitment to reaching 100 percent parent participation! 

Individual classes will choose their own way to celebrate our commitment to our school, and teachers will let parents know the theme for each class in plenty of time to plan.  On May 23, all classes at Chesapeake Academy will rock their finery to launch the final campaign for 100 percent!  This should be a fun day!

As this campaign comes to a close and each class reaches 100 percent participation, that class will ring the bell to share the news!  We have until June 1 to ring that bell 10 times--once for each class!  First grade is nearly there!

Total participation is critical--any amount can help us send a strong message about our belief and support for Chesapeake Academy!  Let's ring that bell!

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." 
 Benjamin Franklin
THE Attitude is Gratitude

  • Heaps of gratitude are extended to the hoards of volunteers, sponsors, donors, bidders (bring it on) that support Chesapeake Academy's annual auction.
  • Room parents have been in overdrive getting auction projects ready and canvassing the community to encourage participation in the Bell Tower Annual Giving Fund. This important role is vital to classroom teachers and the school as a whole!  This is a big job, and we appreciate all you folks who are doing it so well. 
  • Thank you to the trusting parents who loaned tents for Washington, DC Field Study. 
  • We wonder if Mr. Ted Cook knew he would engender such gratitude for bequeathing his speakers to the middle school faculty!  Sharing is so much easier with more to go around!
  • The mini-economies teachers want to thank CA faculty who donated items for their closing auction.
  • Who braves the elements, showers endless patience and encouragement, designs and implements interactive and exciting learning opportunities, and acts as a vigilant watchdog as students interact and grow (even when wet)?  We are so fortunate to have a talented team of teachers every day:  But a special dollop of kudos is due to Kim Dynia, Hillary Smith, and Ian York for chaperoning the recent DC Field Study. You are super heroes.

Go the extra mile.  It is never crowded!

Don't Miss the Dates!

5/4 Tennis at William and Mary
5/5 Auction
5/7 Tennis @ New Kent Middle School
5/9 PALS, The Ugly Duckling, Virginia Repertory Theater
5/11 Field Day
5/16 PALS, Flumpa
5/18 through 5/24 Book Fair
5/18 Student Council Event
5/18 Memorial Day, no school
5/24 Artstravaganza
5/25 Eighth Grade/Board Chair Dinner
5/28 Memorial Day-School Closed
5/29 through 6/1, Exams, seventh and eighth grades
5/30 Tag Day
6/1 Last Day of School, Noon Dismissal
6/4 Faculty Workday
6/5 Graduation

"Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." 
                                                                                               Nelson Mandela

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