Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student 
to approach learning with 
curiosity and creativity, 
pursue excellence in all endeavors, 
and act with integrity-- so each can make our community and world
 a better place. 

                                                                                                                      September 22, 2018

The Head's Heads UP!

Chesapeake Academy's mission is to inspire each student to approach learning with curiosity and creativity, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and act with integrity--so each can make the community and world a better place.  Our mission statement connects us to a common purpose--to make the community and world a better place.  

Connection is a powerful word, and it is our character theme for this school year. Connection means that each one of us is important because each one of us impacts everyone else. If we're living our mission to make our community and world a better place, then we know that what we do affects our friends, our classmates, and our teachers.  

We ring the school's bell each morning to honor the six innovative founders who started Chesapeake Academy 53 years ago. Each morning when we ring the bell, we get a fresh start together, but we also feel the connection to the school's history.  We exist as a community because of the ways people have supported and sustained our school. Our love for Chesapeake Academy connects us to their efforts, and it connects us to all the ways we too will step up to serve our school community now and in the future.

Connection can be communal, broad, and deep. But, at its most powerful, it can also be personal. Creating connection means that you are reaching out to help someone else and to include them. You are finding out what you have in common with them and building a good relationship based on that.
Connection is a word that demands that we do something. P ositive connections  don't just happen: We have to create and maintain them.  

I have asked each homeroom to find a way to represent connection in their classroom, using their creativity and curiosity. Projects are emerging...sculpture, door decorations, bulletin boards, and perhaps a movie. Most important, our community has embraced our connections and is actively reaching out to create and maintain them.  It is going to be a very good year.


Julianne Duvall
Head of School 

We are Glad You are Here!

Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, extends A VERY WARM WELCOME to our new students and their parents! "We are delighted that you joined Chesapeake Academy! If you are a seasoned Osprey, please be sure to introduce yourself to anyone you're not familiar with and help us make these new families feel adjusted, included, and part of the Chesapeake family."

Pre-kindergarten 3&4:
  • Walter Abbott, son of Kylie and Travis Abbott
  • Ben Shelton, son of Whitney and Steven Shelton
  • Alana Rafael, daughter of Lena Okun and Allan Rafael
  • Peyton Herrington, daughter of Kim and Cole Herrington
  • Zoe Plakas, daughter of Ainslie Hodges and Mark Plakas
  • Alec Sterrett, son of Becca and Nick Sterrett
  • Jamie Lang, son of Whitney and Art Lang
  • Easton Minor, son of Lisa and Brandan Minor
  • Sam Rowe, son of Laurie and Chris Rowe
  • Rainier Smith, son of Elsie Delva-Smith and Nick Smith
  • Oliver Wolfe, son of Tiffany and Timothy Wolfe
First grade:
  • Kailyn Allen, daughter of Niki and Richard Allen
Second grade:
  • Chelsea McMahon, daughter of Reva Smith
  • Zoey McMahon, daughter of Reva Smith
Fourth grade:
  • Brynleigh Allen, daughter of Niki and Richard Allen
  • Corty Mumma, son of Babs Mumma
Fifth grade:
  • Joel Patton, son of Vivian and Curtis Patton
Sixth grade:
  • Namiyah Andrews, daughter of Racquel Hodges-Andrews and James Andrews
  • Reagan Harding, daughter of Nicole and Rich Harding
  • Auriannia Henderson-Jones, daughter of Aureiah Henderson and Christopher Veney
  • Lawrence Veney, son of Doristina Reese and Larry Veney
Seventh Grade:
  • Stella Patton, daughter of Vivian and Curtis Patton

John Baker, Academic Dean

From the Academic Dean....
I am excited to join the CA community not only as Dean, but also as a  math teacher in Algebra I! Last year, Chesapeake Academy conducted a study of our  math programs. The review has given us some great direction and helped us understand where we need to communicate more effectively about our  math curriculum and student progress. In light of that, I am excited to let you know about the following initiatives for the 2018-2019 school year:
  1. We are increasing communication home with regular updates on current  math units as well as updates on student progress on standards covered in the previous  math unit for first through eighth graders. These unit outlines will provide all parents and students with a clear understanding of the expectations and topics covered, and the progress reports will let you know where your child is performing against benchmarks.
  2. We have purchased an online program called IXL for  math and language arts, which provides a quick and objective "checkpoint" for students to demonstrate mastery on a sequence of skills. This also provides teachers with another tool for assessment useful in differentiating instruction and planning for acceleration or remediation as necessary.
  3. We have created an integrated fifth and sixth grade  math class to support skill development of fundamentals prior to launching into Pre-Algebra in seventh grade. Hillary Smith and Katie Parker teach this course. Structuring in this way will allow students to work from where they are and build skills on a "ladder" as far as they are able to go on given topics. Depth of knowledge and skills are emphasized. The teachers will describe this program in more detail at Back to School Night. 
  4. We will host a parent informational meeting for sixth grade parents in the spring to outline our well-established plan for accelerating students who are able to complete Geometry prior to graduating from Chesapeake Academy so that parents and students can better understand that option and how decisions about qualifying for that course of study are made. 
  5. We are investing in professional development for teachers to continue to fine-tune differentiated instructional strategies in their  math classes.
  6. We will be hosting several "Muffin mornings" in lower school classes in the fall and spring to invite parents into the classrooms to participate in lessons and activities with their children, in  math and other subjects. 
  7. Julie and I will be hosting two roundtable discussions for interested parents to learn more about the approach we have to  math at Chesapeake Academy. The two dates are on the master calendar: October  16 and October 26 at 8:30 a.m. at the Residence. We will send out more information closer to those dates but hope that you will attend.
We know that excellent  math education involves a combination of skills: procedural knowledge, strategic and logical thinking, and the  math confidence to apply knowledge to new and open-ended situations. Our program teaches and reinforces each of these skills. We are proud of the work we have accomplished, and continue to look for ways to evolve and improve.  

I am so thrilled to have joined this community and look forward to working with CA families.

Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?

Back to School Nights

Lower School Back to School Night, on September 2 5,  will be a great chance for you to hear from your child's teachers about all that they have planned for the year. It's also a great chance to see school from the life of your child and to see all that they will get to do this year! We will start at  6:30 p.m in Academy Hall .

On  September 27 we will be having our Middle School Back to School Night. We will start at  6:30 p.m. with your child's first period class and you'll get to travel through their daily schedule. If you'd like to meet your child's advisor you may do so starting at  6:15. Class schedules and locations will be posted in the lobby.

We understand that our lives are quite busy, and as this is just for parents it does make it more complex to find childcare. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage that at least one parent from each family attend.

Patterns Are Things that Happen Again and Again!

There is no joy like the wonder of a small soul discovering the patterns all around! Butterflies, tadpoles, stripes, schedules: patterns abound and delight! Pre-k 3&4 is busy acclimating to new friends and a new school year while discovering patterns EVERYWHERE!

Matman Makes His Debut in Kindergarten

Kindergarteners begin their handwriting adventure with an introduction to lines and curves with Matman. Matman is a classroom character who  embodies Learning Without Tears' unique approach to drawing and writing with multi-sensory activities and strategies that help young learners develop drawing and cognitive skills, as well as important readiness skills. 

  Room Parents Rock!

Hilary Scott, Director of Admission, would like to thank CAPPA Room Parent Coordinator Lauren Leo for organizing her crew of volunteers to make welcome calls to the new families in each grade! Room parents made phone calls to families to answer any last minute questions, extend a heartfelt welcome, and coordinate social opportunities prior to the start of school. In addition, room parents attended our New Family Orientation to welcome new parents to the class. Room parents for 2018-2019 are:
  • Pre-k 3&4: Becca Sterrett
  • Kindergarten: Charlotte Charlton, Whitney Shelton
  • First grade: Margot Angstrom
  • Second grade: Kristy Higgins
  • Third grade: Kate Carey
  • Fourth grade: Cassie Hohensee
  • Fifth grade: Trish Monge-Meberg
  • Sixth grade: Robin Cunningham
  • Seventh grade: Mariah Mears
  • Eighth grade: Amy Britt

Birthday Books are a Gift that Keeps Giving!

The school year is off to a fantastic start, and students at CA are excited about reading!  Honor your Osprey with the gift of reading!  By donating a book to Chesapeake Academy's library in your child or grandchild's name, you help foster the love of reading in your Osprey and for all Ospreys!  Simply fill out the Birthday Book form attached below, denoting your special Osprey's name and the amount you would like to contribute to the cause. Our school librarian and reading specialist, Kenzie Manetz, will select a special book for your growing learner and affix a name plate detailing your gift. The books will be presented to Birthday Book recipients at a school assembly later this year then added to the library's permanent collection.  

Parents or grandparents who are interested can just go to the Chesapeake Academy website to find the Birthday Book Donation Form!

Wait, What Happened to the Osprey Nest?

Have you noticed something missing? Poof! This summer we said, "Goodbye" to the Cottage. Thank you for your patience as the Osprey Nest re-organizes. We are currently looking at options to offer spirit wear in an on-line format. Until then, please email or text Lara Brown if you have any needs or requests, and she will be happy to meet you at the school to make purchases. 

Just FYI: Hang on to your gently used and still wearable outgrown uniforms.  We have planned a used uniform exchange in January.

Many of you have asked for CA belts. If you will let Lara Brown know what size you need, she will make sure it is added to the school's order. Belts come in sizes: XS (26-28"), SM (30-32"), MD (34-36"), LG (38-40"), XL (42-44"), and XXL (46-48"). The belts come in two closure options: D-ring and tab/buckle. Grown-ups can wear CA belts too! Plus they make great Christmas gifts! Email Lara at  with your size, quantity and style (D-ring or tab/buckle) or give her a call at 804. 436.2752.

Journaling Jumpstarts Writing Process in First Grade

First grade started the year talking about "reflections." After much discussion involving mirrors, glass, etc. students learned that  reflection can also mean " to think about. " To kick off journaling in first grade, the class discussed daily written reflections in their own reflection journals. Pictured are some students that found personal space, took their tool boxes, and spent time reflecting about what will be great this school year.

Taking on Responsibilities....A Rite of Passage

As fourth graders grow into the leadership of the lower school, they are ready to assume a greater role in the school with more responsibilties. Fourth grade students volunteered for storm prep and are learning  how to fold, raise ,  and take down our flags . They also learned about what it means when a  flag  is lowered to half-staff . This is an important rite of passage for the fourth graders as they begin to assume new roles. 

As a Chesapeake Academy parent, you are invited to participate in the Referral Program which could earn your family a $1000.00 tuition credit! 

Wait! WHAT? Did you catch that? 

Yes, you did! A  $1000.00  tuition credit will be applied to your account should you refer a family who upon being accepted, enrolls at CA! Now, tell me....who wouldn't want to participate in the Referral Program with such a fine reward for participation? 

Referring a family is a super great way to grow Chesapeake Academy with students you want seated next to your own child! So take a moment and think about a family that may be a great fit for our community! If you are interested, and of course you are, complete the 2019-2020 referral form and submit to Hilary Scott, Director of Admission. 

Once the form is received, you will work with Hilary to provide the prospective family with a brochure packet and you are on your way! Questions? Contact Hilary at or 804.438.5575. 

CA's Community Oyster Roast: Best Party in Eastern Virginia

It is time for our annual Oyster Roast, and parent chairs Chris Cammarata and Michelle Ritter announce that our 17th Annual Community Oyster Roast will be held on campus on October 13, 2018 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. This event was voted the Top Annual Charity Event in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and again in 2018 by the readers of Virginia Living Magazine.

Our Community Oyster Roast is based on the popular "roll-up-your sleeves" southern tradition, which features sacks of fresh, local oysters in the shell roasted over outdoor grills until juice starts to bubble out of the shells, then delivered to tables where they need just a nudge from an oyster knife to release the top shell and seductive aromas. Attendees are urged to bring a favorite oyster knife. 

The menu includes all of the roasted local oysters you can eat, fried oysters, clam chowder, french fried sweet potatoes, hot dogs and hamburgers with all the fixings, and dessert. Beer, wine and soft drinks are included. You must be 21 to attend. Tickets purchased in advance are $60 per person ($70 at the door, if available).  All proceeds benefit Chesapeake Academy's academic and co-curricular programs and support financial assistance.

Volunteers are needed for October 12 and 13 to set up and work the event. Parents are asked to help for one hour during the event, but all hands are needed the day before, the day of, and the day after. Please see Chris Cammarata, Michelle Ritter, or Catherine Emry to volunteer!

Watch for raffle tickets that came home with your child last week to purchase or sell. As you read in the memo with the raffle tickets, two event tickets are reserved for each family to purchase or sell. However, event tickets not paid for by September 28, 2018 will be sold to the general public. Sponsorships are available, and each level has unique benefits and opportunities. To become a sponsor or to purchase tickets, contact Catherine Emry at Chesapeake Academy at 804.438.5575 or

Legacy Students Keep a Good Thing Going!

The growing number of Chesapeake Academy legacy students is a compelling statement on the vitality of the Chesapeake Academy school community. Pictured here are students who have a parent or grandparent who attended Chesapeake Academy. Two students, Ben and Mason Shelton, are the sons and grandsons of Ospreys! Pictured here on the front row:   Alec Sterrett, grandson of Mrs. Gayle Haynie Sterrett '71; Ben Shelton, son of former Osprey Steven Shelton and grandson of Mrs. Louisa Rogers Shelton '74; Walter Abbott, son of former Osprey Mrs. Kylie Robbins Abbott; June Nichols, daughter of Mr. David R. Nichols '94; Nora Charlton, daughter of Mrs. Charlotte Cornwell Charlton '98; Lane Abbott, son of former Osprey Mrs. Kylie Robbins Abbott, and Jamie Lang, son of Arthur Grandison Lang IV '99.

Holding the middle ground: Richard Beane, son of former Osprey Mrs. Amy Biddlecomb Beane; Jake Hodsden, son of Mrs. Ashleigh Lewis Hodsden '97; Jimmy Hodsden, son of Mrs. Ashleigh Lewis Hodsden '97;  Evan Hinton, son of Mr. Robert D. Hinton (Rob) '92; Izzy Dew, daughter of former Osprey Katie Horsley Dew; Elise Sterrett granddaughter of Mrs. Gayle Haynie Sterrett '71; Emory Simmons, daughter of Mrs. Susan Faulkner Simmons '87 and Mr. James Rawleigh Simmons '76; Mason Shelton, son of former Osprey Steven Shelton and grandson of Mrs. Louisa Rogers Shelton '74.

Bringing up the rear: Joshua Abbott, son of former Osprey, Mr. Richard C. Abbott; Celden Hornsmith, son of former Osprey Ms. Atalie Hornsmith; Robert Cunningham, son of Mr. Robert L. Cunningham '72; Stewart Hollingsworth, son of Mrs. Phoebe Rittenhouse Hollingsworth '90 and Mr. Mark Hollingsworth '86; Davis Bugg, son of Mr. Albert D. Bugg III (Tripp) '92; Harrison Hinton, son of Mr. Robert D. Hinton (Rob) '92; Miles Hollingsworth, son of Mrs. Phoebe Rittenhouse Hollingsworth '90 and Mr. Mark Hollingsworth '86; Ap Pollard, son of The Honorable Albert C. Pollard '80; Leyton Dew, son of former Osprey Mrs. Katie Horsley Dew; Anna Bugg, daughter of Mr. Albert D. Bugg III (Tripp) '92; Ryleigh Hornsmith, daughter of former Osprey Ms. Atalie Hornsmith.

Polish Your Parenting!

The craft of parenting demands an ever-evolving skill set. Here are two articles that may offer insights or strategies to help.
New Parent Round Table

Recently our newest parents received an invite to the  New Parent Round Table  which is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3 from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. in the James Library. We ask that our new parents RSVP by September 28 to Connie Smith at We look forward to your participation!

Full STEAM Ahead!

Sixth graders were excited to tackle their first STEM challenge of the year! Students were challenged to build a nest that would cradle an egg when dropped from table top. These collaborative STEM challenges stretch critical thinking and problem solving, draw heavily on curricular skills, and offer authenticity that prepares students for growing demands on their teamwork.

Launching Latin in Sixth Grade

Sixth graders are beginning their first forays into  Latin  with a review of English grammar. After all, vocabulary is not the only advantage of studying Latin! Studying Latin deepens student understanding of English grammar and vocabulary. A win/win advantage for this ancient language!

Up, Up, and Away!

Eighth graders embraced a STEM challenge to build a ping pong ball launcher, within a specified budget, and launch the ball at least 10 feet. Each item students selected to build their launcher cost a specific amount. Students learned how to write checks to the supplier, obtain their supplies, and stay within budget! Collaboration, design skills, distance, and planning were a big part of this challenge.

Student Council Scoop

Student Council is excited to have strong candidates for class representative positions in grades five through eight. Interested middle school students submitted their speeches to Ms. Dynia by  Wednesday, September 19 . Speeches and elections took place today . New class officers will be announced during Monday's assembly. 

Michelle Ritter, CAPPA Co-President

CAPPA  Update

CAPPA would like to welcome everyone to the 2018-2019 school year. As we get settled into our routines, I hope that everyone can make some time to volunteer at Chesapeake Academy. There are so many different kinds of opportunities to pitch in and make a difference. 

How do you know when help is needed? It is as easy as checking your email! We could send a school-wide email from Ms. Connie, an invitation though SignUp Genius, or a class email from your room parent. Another great way to know what is needed is through a personal conversation. That Chesapeake Academy, "I can pitch in" spirit makes all the difference!  
And speaking of people who pitch in....thanks to our CAPPA officers for this year:

Shelley Ritter, Co-President
Janet Smith, Co-President
Alissa Fulmer, Secretary
Katie Dew, Treasurer
Lauren Leo, Room Parent Coordinator
Rosetta Struse, Hospitality
Lara Brown, Osprey Nest Coordinator 

Here's to a great year!

Ian York, Athletic Director
Coach's Corner

The Fall athletic season is underway! The Varsity soccer team moved to 2-0 on the season with a victory against Ware Academy with the final score being 7-1. The Varsity team will get back into action on 9/26 when they host Lancaster Middle School at 4 p.m. 

The volleyball team enjoyed a joint practice and scrimmage with the volleyball team from Light of the World Academy. The girls playe Aylett on September 19 and Dahlgren on September 20.  This game will be played at St. Margarets School. 

Because of rainy weather, the golf team is still struggling to get out on the course for their first match, but they are enjoying golf lessons from the pro at Indian Creek. Their next match is 9/24 at Hobbs Hole. 

Just a few helpful reminders: 
  • All student spectators at our athletic events must be accompanied by a responsible adult and must remain in the athletic venue as spectators. 
  • Also, please take measures to ensure that student athletes are picked up in a timely manner

This is one of the busiest athletics seasons of the school year and our athletes are pushing themselves to learn new skills, develop stamina, and find all the ways they can best contribute to their teams.  We are very proud of this hard work. Go, Ospreys!
THE Attitude is Gratitude

Many thanks to Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club and The Tides Inn for sharing their facilities with the Chesapeake Academy Golf Team.

Ms. Tonya Carter, Childrens' Librarian at the Lancaster Community Library, has agreed again to share her passion for books with Chesapeake Academy's pre-k 3&4, kindergarten, first, and second grades each week. This is a joy for all!

The Campus Clean-up Committee worked miracles on the Chesapeake Academy campus on one of the hottest August days. When you see Richard Abbott, Chris Beuchelt, Travis Abbott, Margot Angstrom, Kylie Abbott, and Alison Hart, please thank them for their campus magic.

Our favorite uniform fairy, Lara Brown, organized very helpful used uniform sales before 
school started! 

Maddie Ritter, Eliza Leo, and Layla Leo put their design skills to work supplying signs for our Board of Trustees to use as they greeted the Chesapeake Academy community on the first day of school. Thanks to the sign  designers and to the Trustees for this special greeting!

Many thanks to our faculty children, many of whom dove in to lend a hand with preparations for the school year! Joshua Abbott, a.k.a. "The Osprey," really put his muscle into cleaning the bus to get ready for school! What a great initiative and contribution!  Rya Struse and Maddie Ritter helped Mrs. Hays get her classroom ready to make music! And  Ms.  Kelly Antonio and Ms. Sonja Smith send a shout out to Maddie Ritter who reorganized the first grade student library.

Student Council officers have begun greeting students in carpool, and these student leaders have been invaluable in creating a smooth start to the day! This leadership, camaraderie, and positivity is a wonderful addition!

Ms. Hilary Scott took time out from her busy admissions schedule to add her sparkle to the pre-k 3&4 transition!  We are sure our terrific start can be attributed to her banana phone schtick. Laughter is the best transition grease!

First grade parent Ms. Devon Liner, RN, led the extended day staff through their annual required training in the  Daily Health Observations of Children. Many thanks for her time and talent!

We all know CA is special, but our kindergarten families proved it again as they led the way for us to become a peanut-free school zone. Kids first: All the way!

Finding a better way to tackle a complicated process, Ms. Connie Smith streamlined the extended day registration process, saving extended day staff many, many hours. 

Who doesn't love ice cream for lunch? Thanks to CAPPA  for making this dream come true with an  ice cream social! And how about that hospitality at convocation?! CAPPA rocks!

Ms. Vanderpool and the golf team would like to heartilythank Mr. Beitel for his support of the golf program! Thanks to him, the golf team is benefitting from lessons from the pro at Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club.

Don't Miss the Dates!

9/24 Golf @ Hobbs Hole, 3:30 p.m.
9/25 EC/LS Back to School Night, 6:30 p.m.; Volleyball hosts LMS, 4:00 p.m.
9/26 PALS presents Cathy Bollinger, 9:30 a.m.; sports photos with Yours Truly; Tag Day; Soccer hosts LMS,                   4:00 p.m.
9/27 MS Back to School Night, 6:30 p.m.
9/28 Volleyball @ LMS, 4:00 p.m.
10/1 Golf @ Indian Creek, 3:30 p.m.; VSoccer @ LMS, 4:00 p.m.
10/2 New Parent Roundtable; Volleyball hosts Ware, 4:00 p.m. 
10/3 Picture Day; Dress Uniform
10/4 and 10/5 Inward Bound for Middle School
10/8 Columbus Day, School Closed
10/13 Annual Community Oyster Roast, 5:00 p.m.
10/25 Richmond Symphony, "Top Ten," 11:30 a.m.
11/2 Grandparents' and Grandfriends' Day 

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