Chesapeake Academy's mission: to inspire each student to approach learning with curiosity and creativity, pursue excellence in all endeavors, and act with integrity--so each can make our community and world a better place. 
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Head's Heads UP
As parents, you may be approaching summertime with a mixture of relief (routines loosen up!), excitement (new activities are on the horizon!), and maybe even some trepidation (how will you account for all the time?). I've enjoyed posts on Facebook about the last school lunches packed and the comparisons of physical growth from the first to the last days of school.

So much child development occurs during the school year, and it is easily measured on height charts, in reading progress, and with math skills. Summer affords families the opportunity to spend more quality time together and to connect--all of which can keep the academic, social, ethical, and emotional growth on track.  

I offer a few reminders that will help you and your child have a wonderful summer and be ready to hit the ground running in September:
  • Provide time and space for open ended exploration and unscripted activities. Boredom is the basis of creativity--expect your child to fill his/her time with self-guided play.
  • Get outside!
  • Maintain expectations (or start building them) that children are participating members of the family and can contribute. This means they should have daily responsibilities, even in the summer.
  • Balance media use. Give structure and limits to how and how often students are plugged in.  
  • Build reading, writing, and math into everyday activities for the whole family.  
Here is a great article with ideas for summer family fun:

I wish you a safe and happy summer!

"Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air, and you." Langston Hughes

United we stand!  Kindergarten reaches 100 percent participation!  Thank you, Thank you!
Congratulations to second grade!  100 percent support for the Bell Tower Annual Giving Fund shouts that we believe in Chesapeake Academy.
Class Acts...
What's Happening on the Halls?
Second grade bluebirds strike a "Tu Ti Ta" pose!
CA Celebrates an ARTStravaganza!

The ARTStravaganza, one of Chesapeake Academy's signature events, was designed to showcase student's musical, dramatic, artistic, and media arts achievements. Fifth grade students take the lead on the planning and production of the event.  After developing an understanding of important display considerations, fifth graders considered how to set a theme or mood for the show, organized the background music, designed the layout of the displays, organized publicity, contacted CAPPA to ask for refreshments, and called judges. They even collected feedback on their project that could inform future efforts. Fifth graders also worked throughout the year to develop and curate their own collection of artistic work as they reflect on the fifth grade theme of transition.

The ARTStravaganza evening began with a reception and art show for parents and guests showcasing art from every student in the school. "We are so proud of the range of medium and the depth expression represented in this show. This is a very professional show, and it demonstrates a growing capacity to communicate more and more sophisticated ideas. I was also delighted to see the correlation between the pieces displayed and other studies throughout the school," commented Head of School Julianne Duvall. The art gallery portion of the ARTStravaganza featured tone chime performances by the middle school students and and an original composition called "Katherina" performed by Jarett Platsis on the piano.

"Bugz," presented by Chesapeake Academy's pre-kindergarten 3&4 through fifth grades, featured choral songs, student narratives and enthusiastic dance routines. The costuming was inspired and the characters were creepy and crawly!

Chesapeake Academy third and fourth graders performed a trilogy of recorder pieces that provided a tuneful transition from lower to middle school performances.

"The Chesapeake Academy Version of Beauty and the Beast," rewritten and presented by the sixth, seventh and eighth graders, was a hilarious and often rollicking rendition of this classic story that employed song, narrative, excellent characterization and acting, and some slapstick to highlight the motifs students chose to promote related to the school-wide theme of "empathy."

Special thanks to the arts team at Chesapeake Academy: Mrs. Sonja Smith, Art Teacher; Mrs. Barbara Hays, Music Teacher; and Mrs. Robin Blake, Performance Teacher. Mrs. Barbara Hays provided piano accompaniment, diving in upon occasion to provide dramatic effect as needed. Light and sound were managed by middle schoolers Jarett Platsis and Ap Pollard with support from Middle School Teacher Hillary Smith. Andrew Fulmer and Julius LaSalle-Bryant provided a seamless and efficient stage crew.  And the Chesapeake Academy Parents and Patrons Association (CAPPA) pulled out all the stops to provide a delightful repast for the reception.

The Beast...and Beauty!

Perfect Attendance Awards for 2017-18

Parker Brown
Anna Carey
Annabel Claire
Larkin Denton
Miles Hollingsworth
Evan Hinton
Ryann Kenner
Kathryn Kenner
Weston Kenner
Leona Li
Calista Nelson
Brooks Parker
Nolan Pittman
Madison Ritter
Marcus Sanders
Malcolm Sanders

Congratulations to these committed students!

Goldilocks and Three Bears Inspire Kindergarten Inquiry

Kindergarten students have enjoyed a variety of themed weeks that organize the curriculum around a central theme. Recently Kindergarten enjoyed Goldilocks and the Three Bears week. Students read six versions of the story, retelling and sequencing the plot. They planned escape routes for Goldilocks and wrote apology letters from Goldie to the bears. They made and tasted porridge, describing it with adjectives. Acting out the story dramatically, students also made puppets! Where can we sign up for this fun?

Describe It!  Adjectives Rule!

Budding writers in second and third grade used their five senses to build adjective lists, and then they set out on the open road to Holly Point, Mrs. Manetz's house on the Chesapeake Bay, to expand these lists. The kiddos dipped their feet in the water, dug on the beach, and raced across the grass. Each time they switched activities, they took notes in their adjective notebooks so that they could remember interesting adjectives to use in their writing back in class. 
Mini-Economy Auction Delights

As part of the Mini-Economy program at the end of every year, there is an auction held where students have a chance to spend their hard-earned mini-economies money. This year we held a silent auction and students had the opportunity to bid on different items donated by the teachers. Some examples of things that were auctioned include biking around Irvington, a day of swimming at Indian Creek, various gift baskets, a ping pong tournament, and even feeding Olive the pig! One of the most popular items was an after-school movie special donated by Ms. Benson. Fourth graders loved their movie night watching that all-time classic The Sandlot! And the fifth graders loved that fantastic tale Holes. 

Yearbook Dedicated to Kim Dynia!

The eighth grade class dedicated the 2017-18 yearbook to Ms. Kimberly Dynia for the many hats she wears at Chesapeake Academy.  

"It is so fun to 'nerd out' with Ms. Dynia talking about dumb memes, quirky coding projects, redundant photoshop skills, and so much more. She is smart, hilarious, and fun to be around. I am very fortunate to have had her as a teacher for so long."    Larkin Denton

"Ms. D is always an enthusiastic teacher, making it easier to learn difficult subjects.  She also helps student council stay on task and advises us about how to do certain things.  Without her, Student Council would never be as great as it is now."  Rebecca Meberg

"Ms. Dynia is our 'Cool Aunt' not only in advisory, but all throughout the school. She does tons of jobs that often go unrecognized.  She pushes students to do their best and makes each of us better, and for that I am thankful to have known her for so long."   Adair Stanley
Economics of Chocolate Give Sixth Grade Pause to Ponder!

To end the school year on a sweet note, the sixth grade Advanced Geography students examined the economics and social impacts of chocolate. They began by plotting the location of the top 20 producers of cacao to determine where in the world cacao grows best and why, including where the trees are native and how they spread through trade. Next, the students watched videos to better understand the work that goes into preparing the raw materials and the process of turning cacao into chocolate. Students watched the documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate and discussed how the film encouraged consumers to be more thoughtful about where chocolate comes from and the way the film presented the stance of several large chocolate producers on the Fairtrade label.

Fourth Marking Period Academic Awards

Fifth Grade 
Most Improved Student - Elizabeth Smith
Teachers' Award - Tayloe Emery

Sixth Grade 
Most Improved Student - Martin Smith

Seventh Grade
Most Improved Student - Ryleigh Hornsmith
Teachers' Award - Spencer Cammarata

Rocket Science and Quadratic Equations....

Breaking news from the eighth grade Algebra class! After much work with the quadratic formula and graph analysis, students tested their predictions for rocket distance and height during flight. Rebecca Meberg's rocket made it through a hoop with a mathematically determined location in only two tries. Everyone else needed a few extra launches, but all eighth graders completed their trials with a better understanding of quadratic application. What a great kick-off to high school math!

CAPPA  Update
It is not too late to make an impact with a gift to the Bell Tower Annual Giving Fund!  

Chesapeake Academy needs to show prospective grantors 100 percent support again this year! 

Let's skid together into the finish line...for our kids!

Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." Henry James
Student Council Officers Installed

Chesapeake Academy inducted new Student Council Officers at the closing assembly on June 1. Calista Nelson will serve as President of the Student Council.  Callie Souders will serve as Vice President, and Spencer Cammarata will be the Student Council Treasurer. Claire Beitel will serve as Student Council Secretary.

Chesapeake Academy Scholar Athletes Announced

Chesapeake Academy's Scholar/Athlete Awards for the 2017-18 year go to the seventh or eighth grade boy and girl who balanced excellent academics with playing three sports, contributing effectively to both their academics and each athletic setting. Spencer Cammarata, Class of 2019, and Adair Stanley, Class of 2018, earned these accolades for this school year.

Ian York, Athletic Director
Coach's Corner
Congratulations to our spring athletics participants and to these students who gave their best to their teams.

Spring Athletics Awards

Jack Porter, MVP, Kids on the Run
Miles Hollingsworth, MIP, Kids on the Run

Tayloe Emery, MVP, Golf
Jarett Platsis, MIP, Golf

Jackson Pyles, MIP Tennis Club
   Spencer Cammarata, MVP, Tennis Team
Elizabeth Stanley, Coaches Award, Tennis Team

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in the fall!

THE Attitude is Gratitude

  • Thanks to Kim Dynia and Katie Parker for producing a wonderful yearbook that captures all of the growth and learning of this action-packed year!
  • Congratulations to our performers, stage crew, tech crew, teachers and specifically to the arts team for a wonderful ARTStravaganza. Barbara Hays sends out a heartfelt thanks: "I am so grateful to the Arts team,  all the faculty and, of course the students, for pulling together in the pursuit of excellence." Thanks to CAPPA and all their parent volunteers for the glorious feast. Thanks to all the students who helped out with setting up. Sonja Smith sends out abundant gratitude, saying: "Thanks to Catherine Emry, Shelley Ritter, and Robin Blake for all of their help in preparing for the art gallery. Another huge thank you to Rosetta Struse for her help with hospitality for the event- she was feeding people all day- from hot lunch, to pizza for the kids in the classrooms and lots of great food for our guests, all the while dealing with the book fair excitement. Thanks, too, to Louise Branflick, Janet Smith and to the Okuns for helping set up the food and cleaning it up afterwards. I am sure there were others that I missed or didn't see, so thanks so much to you all who helped make the night so much fun!"
  • Thanks to all the sponsors and donors for making the 41st Annual Roaring 20s auction a SOLD OUT success!  Special thanks to the leadership team of Kelly Denton, Michelle Ritter, Johanna Carrington, Betsy Stanley, Lara Brown, Chris Cammarata as well as Travis Abbott and all the volunteers who worked tirelessly and made our auction a spectacular event!
  • Thanks to the Hinton family for the delicious treats in the faculty study!
  • Thanks to Jim at The River Market for his kindness to teachers!

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness." 
John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Don't Miss the Dates!

6/4  Eighth Grade Board Dinner, 5:30 p.m. at Adrift
6/4 Faculty Workday
6/5 Graduation--K-8 Students should be in classrooms by 5:15 p.m., dress uniform and shoes, ceremony begins at 5:30 p.m.

"And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer." 

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