Come and join us for an
Overall Cardiovascular Health CHECK UP ! 
Date: Saturday Sept.3rd Time: 10 am-3:00 pm for consultations and  
 "HEALTH SEMINAR" will follow at 4 pm at
SPN Herbs  Health 
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Vendors will be available -Angela Powers-Premier Design Jewelry...Derrick Thomas with Meek Miracle Organic and more... come and check us out...

Free Blender . . .
Bio-scans will be available for $30 dollars{$60 dollar value} from Aug 24 until Sept 4.enter to win a Free Blender and  Door prize
Drawing Sept. 3rd Sat.     

Click here  for more "Information on a Bio-Scan" and available gift certificates at "This weeks special" for the month.
Group of Diverse Hands Together Joining Concept

Empower your life workshop every second Thursday of the month...
Find answers, learn how to be a positive change agent or role model, ...Change starts with you, your community. Empower, Enhance, Enable, Engage.
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Free Workshop, Lets Talk...

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