If you were left feeling triggered by your family during thanksgiving, it's not too late to have those issues healed in time to enjoy Christmas and Hanukkah.
Who are the people most likely to upset you yet again this next holiday?
Your resentful sister... demanding mother...critical father? Inappropriate uncle?

How do you feel around the person who triggers you? Does your energy field expand or contract? Do you get flashbacks of painful memories?

Do you become agitated or start to regress around certain people and end up feeling like a 5 year old? Do you start feeling angry when your intention was to feel good because 't'is the season?

How about your mother who didn't believe you when you told her you were being abused by the neighbor/relative?
These are just a few examples of un-resolved issues that linger in the unconscious, no matter how much personal work you have done.

After I work with you, by phone or will feel completely NEUTRAL toward anyone you feel upset by, or a conflict with currently.

For the next week, take an additional 10% off one or more already discounted sessions rates and enjoy the holidays from now on.

Love, Ellie