A Recovery News Update from the Healdsburg Recovery Task Force a partnership between the City of Healdsburg & the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce.
Healdsburg Small Business Sustainability Loan Program
A good Friday morning to you. We've got the Small Business Sustainability Loan Program information up on the City's website here . The loan application form is there, too, and is now accessible. It's not too high-tech -- you can download it, fill it out (ink is just fine) and then make a scan/PDF of your completed form + the other documents (there are not many). Then send that PDF back to us as a packet. If that doesn't work for you, you can drop the packet off in an envelope at the City's utility bill drop-box at City Hall.  

You'll want to get your completed application in soon - the first review happens after 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 30th. It's possible that all funding will be allocated during that first review. If you have problems getting any of the information, call us at 707-431-3319 (we're working from home too, so leave a message if we don't pick up right away).

One more thing: don't forget about the PPP Loans with US SBA. Right now, the linked page speaks still to a "lapse in appropriations" -- but Congress just allocated the SBA another $310BN for the PPP program (the President is expected to sign it very soon). So the PPP page could be more active over the weekend and by Monday morning. PPP loans can be forgiven (all or part) if you're able to continue your payroll and hold onto your employees. This time around, the PPP and SBA are supposed to focus more on helping actual small businesses.

We wish you all the best as we try to navigate through these very challenging times. It sounds trite, but please hang in there. You and your business are important to us, and to the whole Healdsburg community.

The Healdsburg Recovery Task Force is an informal partnership between the City of Healdsburg and the Healdsburg Chamber of Commerce to help us all navigate through the COVID-19 crisis of 2020.  Members are: Mayor pro Tem Evelyn Mitchell, Council Member David Hagele, William Seppi (Costeaux Bakery), Alan Baker (Cartograph Wines), Jason Liles (Senator McGuire's office), Shelley Anderson (HUSD), and David Mickaelian (Healdsburg City Manager). Tallia Hart of the Chamber and Dave Kiff of the City help write and revise this document. Nothing in this document is a specific endorsement by the Chamber or the City of any action, financial path, or business practice.