Global Pyramid Network Features:
2nd Global Pyramid Conference:
September 20th-23rd, 2018

**Be sure to reserve hotel rooms early to get our Attendee Discount!**

Our Healer Spotlight:
About Jason Stiles
In 2012, Jason founded iPyramids, a New Earth tech-based company devoted to promoting personal growth and healing. He and his staff research, develop and create self-help tools that aid in accelerating the hidden potential of every human.
His flagship product is the A.R.C. Series, structures built with sacred geometry and electromagnetic vortex coils to create designer magnetic fields.  These BioField devices are often referred to as time machines because participants having short 25 minute sessions have profound experiences, transformations, out of body experiences, time travel, dimensional awareness, third eye activations, pain relief, and spontaneous remissions, just to name a few common reports.
He works tirelessly to introduce the world to next level healing pyramids and domestic sacred geometry.

The Health Re-Creation 

About AleXANdra Von Waaden
AleXANdra is a Light Worker. She connects with Pyramid-energy to download the frequencies needed for her clients or a group of people to inform the subtle bodies and etheric field of that person in order to start a healing process or a correction of spinal imbalances like a scoliosis for instance.
Her purpose is helping humanity in re-awakening the Global Heart within to help the planet to shift into the next dimension. She is able to do most of her work remotely.
Therefore, she founded the Global Heart HealersĀ® and teaches the Global Heart Awakening process, which helps people to connect with their heart and move out of the mind, which leads to a more conscious way of living on all aspects of their lives.  

Michael Smith 

Ancient Egyptian Healing Technique
Shaman Michael Smith of the Chicagoland area offers healing practices for intuitive shamanic clearing from emotional and physical negative energy, ancestral repair, gem and crystal light therapy, reiki, sound healing, and soul balancing. 
In-person and remote sessions are available with free initial consultation. Contact him by phone at: 773-459-3091


Looking for a roommate during the conference? Need transportation after the conference to visit the 'King Spa' on Sunday evening? 
Contact Maryann:

May 2018 Horoscope
This month the planets are speaking to us about getting ourselves out of situations we are "stuck" in in order to make way for the new. The fire and transformation energies brought in by the Full Moon on April 29th are given a push as Uranus comes into Taurus mid-month. Uranus is erratic and fast moving. It doesn't like the status quo and won't stand for stagnation. It will unleash your heart from a place of complacency and dissatisfaction when it enters Venus' home. The situation that has left you feeling under valued or where you've settled for crumbs, maybe in a love relationship will experience a shift. 

Jupiter and Neptune are in harmonious flow. They rule the sign of the other realms and govern our relationship with our higher self, subconscious mind and things that go on beyond the veil. This speaks to Spirit being in charge of what is to come. 

All of these energies together are sending a message that the Universe is coming together, conspiring to bring us into balance individually and collectively. We are entering a period of "sustained change" as Metatron says. He describes it as a "thrill ride". The Earth herself is about to make the shift into higher consciousness. This will play out through mountains moving and what he shows me a as a seed cracking open to give birth to the Divine Feminine consciousness. 

Jenny Burak of "Astrology for Ascension" - Astrologer, Energy Healer, Channel of ArchAngel Metatron

Bosnia Pyramid Tour ~ June 15-22, 2018
If interested, contact:

Events Around Chicago:
Thursday, May 17th, from 7 - 9pm
*This month only, our meetup is the 3rd Thursday of the month
Special Guest Speaker:
Radio Host, Bob Trzeciak
"The Egyptian Book of the Dead" 
Bob's presentation on The Egyptian Book of the Dead explains this fascinating literary work; for the Egyptians, it was the guide to the next life. 

Bob greatly enjoys presenting this information for others. He also gives lectures and does events at libraries around the Chicago area.

Date: Thursday, May 17th, 7-9pm
The Gathering Lighthouse (630-415-5842)
: 26 N. Park Ave, Lombard, IL 60148 
Cost $20 

June 14-17, 2018 Retreat in Rochelle, IL
"The Woven Path" Holistic Retreat
This four-day event is awakening a renaissance of peace and compassion for the wholeness of humanity. This retreat is where you can get re-centered, reconnected, and hear and learn from like-minds.

Our mission as a group is to awaken a renaissance of peace and compassion for the wholeness of humanity. This holistic retreat/ conference will take place on a family-owned farm in Rochelle, Illinois.

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Dates: June 14th-17th, 2018