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June 2018
Global Pyramid Conference 
Speaker Hi ghlight
Dr. P. S
. Gopala Krishna
"Case Studies- Curing through Pyramid Energy as a tablet"

Dr. P.S. Gopala Krishna is a medical doctor and a 
spiritual scientist, is achieving the work of gaining complete health through holistic understanding. Spiritual science in the form of " Spiritual tablets " combined with Pyramid power and meditation is the  key to work on spiritual intellect as root  which in turn gives physical health as fruit.

He devised 350 Spiritual Tablets covering various ailments and chronicle diseases. Through Dr. GK, thousands of patients have cured their long term ailments permanently with no or very minimal medication. His approach has been very scientific and systematic. And, Dr. GK runs a non-profit foundation called "Spiritual Tablet Foundation" that runs Pyramid Spiritual health care centers across several states of southern India. All services are offered on voluntary donation.
What are Spiritual Tablets?
Spiritual Tablets Research Foundation (initially referred to as Dhyana Arogyam), is a non-profit organization which provides spiritual solutions for the physical, mental, intellectual and social ailments through Spiritual Tablets with its spiritual concepts.
* Wonderful Spiritual Concepts designed in various sets under one common name.
* The set of 350  Spiritual Concepts (Spiritual Tablets) will change our Internal Belief System and help us to transform ourselves in order to open to the Universe for its guidance under all circumstances.

Pyramid Yoga and Dance Academy (PYDA) and Spiritual Tablets Research Foundation Event, Rishikesh.   Visit his website here 


June 14th
, from 7 - 9pm
Guest Speaker: 
Dr. Heather Harder

Pyramid Power: A First-Hand Description of the Visions, Magic, and Mysticism of the Great Pyramid of Giza

When it's time, the Egyptian Pyramids will call you home, at least it did with me . To date, I have traveled to Egypt over 26 times and have logged in over 50 hours of quiet contemplation while sitting in the Great Pyramid of Giza either in the King's or Queen's chamber. In addition to this, I have spent countless hours sitting on the exterior stones and walking with my bare feet connecting with the sand surrounding the pyramids of Egypt I have also taken hundreds of visitors into these sacred chambers. I have experienced and, or witnessed energetic downloads, visions, revelations, past-life experiences, quantum transformations, and future life occurrences. I have seen people healed, and others emotionally ripped open by unresolved issues. With each traveler, the only promise that I make is that it will be an experience like no other and one you will never forget. In this presentation, I will take you on a virtual tour of this magnificent structure and energetically share with you my extraordinary experiences. We will close this presentation with a guided past-life meditation that will allow you to reconnect with your Egyptian roots.
  Dr. Heather Harder  has dedicated her life to empowering others spiritually, physically, personally, and professionally through her work.  She has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows across the country and such networks as CNN, CSPAN, MTV, NBC and CBS.

Date: Thursday, June 14, 7-9pm
The Gathering Lighthouse (630-415-5842)
: 26 N. Park Ave, Lombard, IL 60148 
Cost : $20 
Looking for a roommate during the conference? Need transportation after the conference to visit the 'King Spa' on Sunday evening? 
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Mars, who rules the self, war, aggression, sex, anger, inner drive, ambition and Fire is cozied up to the South Node of the Moon through the month of June.
The South Node rules the past and negativity. They are in Aquarius answering to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus brings about sudden change, shocking events, revelation and revolution. In the earth sign ruled by Venus he is poised to bring abrupt, revolutionary changes to love, value and the feminine side of each of us. Mid-month she will shift from Cancer into the Fire sign of Leo. That is a lot of combustible energy in the sky.
Mercury is speeding through Gemini, so fast talking and fast movement are in order.
Jupiter continues his move backward in Scorpio while in conversation with Neptune in Pisces, so we will still be feeling a bit sleepy but dream time will be rich and full of action. 
Jenny Burak of "Astrology for Ascension"
Astrologer, Energy Healer