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Healey International Relief Foundation News: April 2017
--Turning Scars Into Stars--
 Report From Sierra Leone

The March 2017 HealeyIRF trip to Sierra Leone included visits to the healthcare facilities and Interim Care Centers that we support. In addition, meetings with government agencies and other organizations were held in order to collaborate and coordinate our efforts with others.

Little Things Matter -- Water Deliveries to Fatima ICC

Only 9% of households in Sierra Leone report having water on their premises.  What this means for Fatima ICC is that when the rains don't fill water tanks the children must help with getting water. With 20 orphans at the Fatima ICC you can imagine that during the dry season (January - April) there are a lot of trips to get water to fill up the water tank -- almost everyday.  Pictured below the kids have returned from getting water and are putting it in the water tank.

While the children don't mind the work and have many chores that they are responsible for, this was one that we felt they didn't need!  That is why we have made arrangements for water to be delivered for the remainder of the dry season. Getting water took quite a bit of time and as you can see is not an easy task. Now the kids can spend more time on their studies and keeping their rooms clean! 

2017 Kids carry water prior to water deliveries 2017 Kids carrying water prior to delivery

HealeyIRF Launches Blog -- Stories From The Heart

One of the rewards of our work is seeing the benefit that a helping hand can offer.  We hope you will like to hear these 'Stories From The Heart' and subscribe to our blog.  
December 2015 Visit
Spotlight on 2016 Shipments to Sierra Leone

In 2016, HealeyIRF shipped 18 containers  to Sierra Leone. Worth nearly $5 million these needed medicines, medical supplies, clothing and food were delivered throughout the country.  The  infographic on the left summarizes these shipments.

Two shipments of donations have already arrived in 2017 with an additional 23 planned.

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