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Healey International Relief Foundation News: January 2018
--Turning Scars Into Stars--
Report From Sierra Leone

It has been four months since the devastating floods and mudslides in Freetown.  Families are still getting back on their feet and cleanup is ongoing.

Our January Report From Sierra Leone highlights a late 2017 project to clean up contaminated community wells.  Click here to read about this effort.

December Rice Distributions Support Thousands  

June 2017 Along with our partners Caritas-Freetown, Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation, and the Lanyi Foundation, much-needed bags of rice were distributed during December. 
In total, 23 distributions were made throughout Sierra Leone.  From Makeni and Bombaili in the north, Kono and Kenema in the east, Bo in the south, and key areas around Freetown over 24,000 bags of rice were handed out by volunteers and workers. 
Approximately 13,500 people benefited from this distribution  with over 24,500 bags being provided.  Fifty-two percent of the rice went to flood and mudslide victims as they remain in great need of assistance.  Thirty-two percent of the rice supported vulnerable populations including orphans and abused children. Ebola survivors represented 16% of the beneficiaries. 
Salamatu Kabia from Waterloo told HealeyIRF, "There was no food in the house to eat for my family and me.  This rice helps us a lot." Ebola survivor Memunatu Koroma said about the rice, "The rice is good for us because just a small quantity cooked can be able to feed the family and if we cannot afford money for sauce it can be very tasty with just butter. Eight of us ate the rice."   
December 2017
Hospital Beds  Distributed Throughout  Charity Health Network  
During our June 2017 trip to Sierra Leone one of the items most requested throughout the Charity Health Network was hospital beds .  Some facilities needed additional beds and others needed replacement beds.   

HealeyIRF immediately began reaching out to our partners in search of beds and were very happy when we found that the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation had a supply.  Facilities requested non-electric beds as they are more practical; however, these beds can be difficult to locate.
Sixty beds will be delivered throughout the network.  A delivery of 16 beds has been made to Christ the King Hospital (pictured above right) and  James Lahai, Hospital Administrator at Serabu Hospital in Bo, came to pick-up the beds from our warehouse in Kingtom.  HealeyIRF Program Manager Ishmeal Charles noted that Mr. Lahai was very appreciative of the 15 beds Serabu received as many of their beds and mattresses were so worn out they badly needed replacing.  
June 2017

USA Today selected its 10 "off-the-radar cities" to visit in 2018.  Among them our favorite --- Freetown! They call Freetown "West Africa's most beautiful city, with unmatched beaches and oceanside cliffs."  We couldn't agree more.  Click here to read more .

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