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Healey International Relief Foundation News: July 2017
--Turning Scars Into Stars--
 Report From Sierra Leone

Who doesn't love the beach at summertime?

This month's report from Sierra Leone is a video report.  For those who haven't gotten to the beach yet here is your chance!  If you have already been to the beach hopefully this will bring back good memories. Either way enjoy our July Video Report From Sierra Leone of the beach at River #2 on the Atlantic Ocean.
Rice Distribution to Ebola Survivors

With our partner Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation we are continuing delivering rice to Ebola survivors.  Rice is a staple of the Sierra Leone diet, yet costs $25 to $35 for a kilogram bag.  In many cases, this can take up to one-half of a family's income as 78% live on less than $2 a month.

Distributions for June and July included

Calaba: 118 beneficiaries  
Goderich: 67 beneficiaries
Interfaith: 1,251 beneficiaries
Kingtom: 134 beneficiaries
Mt. Aureol-Moyiba: 160 beneficiaries
Portee-Rokupa: 181 beneficiaries
Orphanges: 695 beneficiaries


Pictured left, our new truck was put to good use in delivering rice! 
Laboratory Equipment Delivered to Holy Spirit

June 2017 During our March trip to Sierra Leone we visited Holy Spirit Hospital in Makeni.  As you might remember, last November a fire destroyed the laboratory and all the equipment was lost.  We asked Dr. Patrick Turay if there was one piece of equipment he needed right away and he said yes, a reflotron analyzer.

A small machine but it provides a lot of diagnosis services and helps improve health outcomes.  We were able to deliver the analyzer to Dr. Turay during our June trip and pictured right is a  happy doctor with his new reflotron analyzer!

A big thank you to all those who helped us with donations that allowed us to provide this equipment to Holy Spirit Hospital.  Dr. Turay told us it is "very, very helpful, and a real life-saver."


July 2017
Father Peter Konteh (left) with Chairman Chris Smith (right) 
We are happy to welcome Father Peter Konteh back to the U.S.  Father Konteh, Executive Director of Caritas-Freetown and our partner in Sierra Leone, is in the U.S. to update our donors on the status of our programs and also to reach out to new supporters.

First on the agenda was  briefing Congress and U.S. government agencies on our progress in Sierra Leone to establish the Charity Health Network. A highlight of our meetings was with Representative Chris Smith, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Human Rights, and International Organizations.  We really appreciated his time and interest in the issues affecting Sierra Leone.  He asked Father Peter to keep him updated on our work.
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