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Healey International Relief Foundation News: June 2017
--Turning Scars Into Stars--
 Report From Sierra Leone

HealeyIRF was pleased to welcome Headwaters Relief Organization to Sierra Leone.  It was their first trip but we hope not their last!!

In 2015, in response to the Ebola epidemic, Headwaters Relief volunteers and interns developed the illustrated book When the Great Sickness Came  to help children in West Africa understand their fears and anxieties about the epidemic.  Their June 2017 visit to Sierra Leone is detailed in our June Report From Sierra Leone.

Needed Outreach V ehicle Delivered To Fr. Dan Clinic

During our March 2017 trip to Sierra Leone, HealeyIRF President, Robert Healey, Jr., asked the healthcare staff at the Fr. Dan Sullivan Clinic what was their top priority need. Without hesitation they said a motorcycle in order to conduct outreach in the surrounding areas.  Community outreach is a critical component in Sierra Leone's healthcare delivery model and healthcare workers will go door-to-door and village-to-village to encourage vulnerable populations to come to clinics and hospitals to access maternal care, malaria and diarrhea treatment, and nutrition services.  Pictured below is the vehicle that was recently delivered to the clinic for use in their outreach program.  Called 'keke' it can also be used for limited emergencies such as the transport of pregnant women to the clinic. Personnel at the clinic are very excited about this new asset and how it will help them bring quality healthcare services to more people in need.

Fr. Dan Clinic Outreach
Photo: Nic Corbin
Fr. Dan Clinic Outreach
Photo: Nic Corbin

Another Container Of Supplies On Its Way!

A fully-loaded 40 foot container left our storage facility in Lumberton, NJ in early June and is on its way to Freetown. Through our partnership with Goods360 items for our Orphan and Vulnerable Children Program, such as educational puzzles, toiletries, linens, clothing and of course some toys, are on their way! For Loreto Clinic in Makeni we are providing a requested microscope for their laboratory. A recent donation of medicines and medical supplies from Catholic Medical Mission Board will be distributed to clinics and hospitals in the Charity Health Network but these items are especially needed for the new Christ the King Children's Hospital in Waterloo.  Computers for the participants in the Hilton program are being shipped and these computers will help the Sisters in their education studies.

Also a very special thank you to the Notre Dame Tabernacle Society in Ohio. For many years they have been providing beautiful new vestments for priests in Sierra Leone. Vestments from the Society are in the current container and will be very much appreciated and valued.

Spotlight on InterAction

InterAction 2017
Ben Parra (left), Vicki Middleton (center), Pascal Masuba (right)
HealeyIRF is a member of InterAction, an organization of over 180 members of international NGOs that work to eliminate extreme poverty, ensures dignity for all people and fosters economic and social development. Members adhere to comprehensive Private Voluntary Standards that establish principles  and ethical guidelines for all members.  

An annual forum is held each year and pictured left is the HealeyIRF team with Pascal Masuba.  From Sierra Leone, Pascal has been in the US as an Atlas Corps Fellow and was volunteering at the Forum. He sends his best wishes to friends and family back in Sierra Leone!
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