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Healey International Relief Foundation News: November 2017
--Turning Scars Into Stars--

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can change the world.
--Nelson Mandela 

This #GivingTuesday help us change the world by donating to our orphan and vulnerable children program in Sierra Leone.  Funds are needed for school fees and supplies for the 40 children we support and the dreams they have for their future.

Sallah wants to be a banker and Yusufu wants to be a doctor.  Abu wants to be the President of Sierra Leone.

So we are asking for your help. $300 will pay for all school expenses for one child for one full year, $50 will pay the school fees for one year for one child, $15 will provide the needed textbooks and supplies for one year, and $5 will help with socks and other incidentals needed by the children throughout the year.

Please click here to support our efforts and if you would like additional information on this efforts please use this link to read about some of the children you would be helping with their education and hopes for a bright future.  

Father Dan Sullivan Clinic Initiates Hypertension Program 

Mana Father Dan Clinic

Monsignor Daniel Sullivan Clinic's Community Health Officer (CHO), Manjia Taylor, has begun a program to begin tracking and treating the growing cases of high blood pressure in Sierra Leone. 
Primarily just a concern in Western countries, hypertension is now on the radar screen in developing countries.  Hypertension causes heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure.  
That is why we are so pleased with Manjia's initiative at the Father Dan Clinic.  Manjia explained, "I have started to screen all patients that visit the facility at the age of 20 years and above.  I give treatment to those who have high blood pressure and advise them on behavior and life style changes to bring down their blood pressure."
CHOs, such as Manjia, receive 3 years of medical education and are the front line for primary care in Sierra Leone.  Sierra Leone has a shortage of doctors and CHOs are a critical component to health service delivery in rural areas.

Under Manjia's leadership the Father Dan Clinic is very well respected in the community of Newton and continues to provide excellent care for pregnant women.  Last month there were 14 successful deliveries and with the addition of the 'keke' for transport, two cases of obstructed labor were able to be taken to a larger health facility for life-saving care.

Clarissa Hilton Program
Hilton Program Enters Second Year

In May 2016, HealeyIRF received a 3-year $525,000 grant from the  Conrad N. Hilton  Foundation to educate Catholic Sisters in Sierra Leone in non-traditional roles to support our Charity Healey Network . Now over a year later, we are happy to report the program has 15 sisters from six Congregations enrolled. Ten are enrolled in Universities in Sierra Leone and five at other learning institutions in Africa and the United States.

Pictured above right is HealeyIRF Executive Director Ben Parra with the  Clarissan  Missionary Sisters in Lunar, Sierra Leone.  Participating in the program is Sr. Pauline Dike who is attending the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences at the Sierra Leone University in Freetown.  Already a nurse, Sister Dike is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Medicine which will help her to  further her medical career and support the HealeyIRF Charity Health Network.

  2017 St 2017 St. AnthonysAnthjonys
St. Anthony's Clinic is located in one of the poorest areas of Freetown and serves a catchment area of 39,000.  A part of the HealeyIRF Charity Health Network, the clinic has a heavy workload and treats an average of 1,000 patients each month.  As the chart indicates, 54% of those treated at St. Anthony's through September 2017 were children under-5.

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