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Healey International Relief Foundation News: October 2017
--Turning Scars Into Stars--
 Report From Sierra Leone

Love and compassion are the feelings that fuel hope, courage, and inner strength.

Our October Report from Sierra Leone , is a special report from James Nyamawa, social worker for Caritas Freetown and HealeyIRF.

James shares a heartwarming story about the love and compassion young children of trauma feel to one another.  Please click here and read , it is a lesson for us all.
Nutritional Program Receives Continued Support
From Vitamin Angels

Vitamin Angels
A pregnant woman visits clinic to receive supply of mutlivitamins
A key component of our efforts to improve health outcomes in Sierra Leone is through better nutrition for children under-5, pregnant women, and new mothers.    
In Sierra Leone, according to the World Bank over one-third of child deaths are due to undernutrition.  Providing  Vitamin A and albendazole  to children under-5, we are able to improve their health and quality of life.  Vitamin A helps increase immunity against illness, and albendazole rids children of parasitic worms.  Through the support of Vitamin Angels we will be able to reach 14,000 children ages 6 - 11 months and 14,500 children 12 - 59 months.   
With high maternal mortality rates in Sierra Leone, it is critical to support the health of the mother during pregnancy and after.  Multivitamins will not only improve the health of the mother but will support the growth and development of her child in the womb.  After giving birth, multivitamins help the mother remain strong and able to breastfeed.  In our partnership with Vitamin Angels, we will be able to provide 6,800 women with much-needed multivitamins.
Not only do we appreciate the support from Vitamin Angels but our beneficiaries in Sierra Leone do as well.  Here is how one mother described what this program means to her, "These vitamins are of good quality, they increase our appetite, make us strong, well, fit, healthy and we have healthy babies."  
Thank you Vitamin Angels for helping us 'turn scars into stars.'
Mobile Clinic Providing Care to Flood Victims

HealeyIRF continues to support the efforts of Caritas-Freetown in providing mobile clinic healthcare services to the communities hardest hit by the floods and mudslide.

A large percentage of those utilyzing the services are the vulnerable populations of women and under-5 children.  Of the 6,604 patients seen, 71% are women and under-5 children

HealeyIRF has been working with German Doctors for Developing Countries since 2010 at Serabu Hospital.  They provide doctors to the hospital that both treat patients and help train local health personnel.

Serabu is a beautiful, yet remote area in Sierra Leone, and the services provided by German Doctors are much valued and appreciated by the community. With a focus on the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, they are improving health outcomes for those in Serabu and the surrounding communities.
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